ZTE Venture

Update: As Phonescoop points out, it looks like this one's actually from Alcatel, a different manufactuer than we previously reported, though one that's pretty much as unknown here in the states as ZTE (though that'll be changing here shortly).

Looking for a physical keyboard on Virgin Mobile? The ZTE Alcatel Venture might just fill that void, and it's available for preorder now for just $99, and it's expected to ship on March 15. The Venture's got a 2.8-inch touchscreen in addition to the physical keyboard and physical buttons. We're not expecting much out of the 2-megpixel camera, but because of the screen size, the 600 MHz processor should move things along nicely. Other specs of note: It's got Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 512MB of RAM. Internal storage isn't listed, but it's got a microSD card slot (the phone comes with a 2GB card), which you'll no doubt need to use. It's also got Virgin's Mobile ID packs -- basically its version of Sprint ID.

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Alcatel Venture now available for preorder on Virgin Mobile for $99, ships March 15


With both the Samsung Replenish and the Huawei Express available for Sprint service, did Virgin really need another crappy 600 MHz, QVGA QWERTY-bar smartphone?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all over this form factor - the Motorola XPRT is still my all-time favorite Android smartphone, but seriously these days anything with a 600 MHz processor and a QVGA display should go straight to a phone recycling facility!

Is it really that fricking hard to make a QWERTY-bar phone with decent specs? 3.5-inch WVGA screen, 1 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 512 MB of storage, with at least half of it available for installing apps, 5MP camera and Ice Cream Sandwich... Is that really that much to ask??? If cost is an issue, such as for prepaid, I'd settle for an HVGA screen and single core processor, but seriously, stop releasing crappy QWERTY-bar phones. Users of hardware keyboards deserve better!


It says on the User manual on Virgin's site that this phone has 512 MB ROM. Thought I would add that since the article doesn't say.

Yay for another (even more) mediocre phone on Virgin. You can already tell people will just be lining up outside Radio Shack to get their hands on this one.

This phone specs out like all those under powered, small screen phones that blackberry has been cranking out for the past 5 years. That proved to work for them sure enough.

I had virgin and a optimus v for a little over a ear. I was waiting for a better phone but it never came. they have the motorola triumph which has specs i can live with but its ugly as s%#@. I could not beleive they are releasing another phone whith a 600mhz processor. like the commenter said above this phone should not come out. I got tired of waiting, moved to t-mo prepaid samsung exhibit 2 4g on the $30 plan

Really VM??
When everyone is waiting for an 1GB, 3.5-4 inch screen, etc... VM is releasing this phone!
As Osocold said, the t-mo prepaid samsung exhibit 2 4g on the $30 plan starts looking very nice.
Really pathetic.... and disappointing.

It's seems the executives at VM are reading 2-year old tech headlines and making decisions based on them.

Agreed with pretty much all said, especially the very first comment. I love this form factor, hell, even a portrait slider rather than candybar (like Torch), but come on, these internal specs are beyond ridiculous. :'-(

Wow this is really dumb, the only phone that looks good so far is HTC One V coming spring 2012

The only other phone announced is the ugly and stupid revamped LG Optimus Elite, so now they are going to have 3 same phones just different names.