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Outside of smartphones, ZTE makes all sorts of gadgets, including tablets, wireless infrastructure equipment, internal components, and soon Android-powered set-top boxes for 3D TVs according to a recent announcement. A new agreement will allow ZTE to sell devices directly to customers of a digital TV device and service provider called Nagra. Nagra, which has a 70 percent market share of cable TV devices in Europe, should be a huge conduit for ZTE to get into this space. The details are pretty sparse as to the capabilities (or interface) of the new boxes, but ZTE notes that it will provide video calling and support the HTML5 standard for web content.

We're all aware of the generally poor user experience offered by current cable TV boxes, so any chance we have at getting a fresh approach -- running Android to boot -- is a great thing. Unfortunately, given the U.S. Congress' view of the company, we wouldn't be surprised if there were a few snags along the way in bringing boxes like this to cable providers here in the states.

Source: Bloomberg


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ZTE plans to use Android in set-top boxes for 3D TVs


I doubt they'll be much of a presence in the US now that they are considered a threat to national security.

Well at least Open Source is a step in the right direction.

If there is anything more obscure than Cell Phones its set top boxes. These things are almost totally undocumented and unregulated other than RF emissions. Even getting ahold of the technical manuals is a nightmare. Yet we give them unfettered access to our highest speed internet connections.

As for the Propaganda, ask Iran if it thinks Stuxnet was just propaganda.

Which sad politically expedient propaganda? Perhaps the fact that the company has been caught engaging in things that constitute corporate espionage; will not address the questions; ignores patent laws across the planet; and has direct ties to the Chinese government. Now that's what I want as provider of set top boxes. A company with a proven track record of everything except legal and ethical dealings. Lets have them then use an insecure open OS to boot. If my cable provider offered me one, I would say no; and if they insisted I would switch to a dish. Not everything Android is a good idea and this is classic example of one people shouldn't touch with a cliché 10 foot pole.