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Sprint's developing LTE network looks to be receiving a new device in the coming weeks from ZTE. This leaked Sprint product page obtained by Engadget shows what is supposedly the Sprint Force LTE, a mid-range Ice Cream Sandwich device due to arrive March 1.

As you would expect from a mid-range device, the specs certainly won't be setting the world on fire, yet look more than capable of delivering a solid experience. Pushing everything along is a 1.5GHz as yet unnamed dual-core processor, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The 4-inch display is covered by Gorilla Glass, and inside we're looking at 1GB of RAM and 4GB of on-board storage, with a 1730mAh battery powering the Force. At $49.99 on a new 2-year-contract, it could attract those looking for some Sprint LTE on a budget.

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ZTE Force LTE handset leaks out, landing on Sprint March 1


I'm sorry:a low-end budget phone launching on a prepaid carrier with ICS is acceptable. However, this is just retarded. For $50 on contract, they could have at least launched this phone with Jellybean. And the specs, wow lol: that new Virgin Mobile phone has equivalent specs and is only $79 off contract. This is DOA.

Okay, come on. The VM phone has half the RAM and a smaller screen. But you're right about this being unacceptable. I mean, just move over a carrier and you get a Nexus 4 for the _exact_ _same_ _price_! Well, up until last Monday, at least.

T-Mobile and the Nexus 4 would definitely be the better option if someone lived in a T-Mobile coverage area.

As the last sentence of the article indicates, this is aimed at the people with little to no money. They generally don't care about specs or OS version. As long as it can do the basic functions of a smartphone reasonably well, it will sell.

"As the last sentence of the article indicates, this is aimed at the people with little to no money."

Arguably, shouldn't those people sign up with a prepaid carrier? It's sort of a mute point to save money on your handset and then pay several times the difference over the life of a contract. I'm not bashing contracts in the slightest, but this phone on contract just doesn't make sense.

My main point:if you live in a Sprint coverage area, you can get Virgin Mobile service along with a cheaper handset (off contract), and the only thing you would be missing is LTE.

Just my opinion, however wrong I may be.

You're totally right, but it's been my observation that most people don't think about the long-term costs, just the up-front costs. I'd bet more people go with Sprint simply because it's more well known than Virgin Mobile.

Sprint owns virgin & boost, but they not only lack lte but free roaming that you get on contract with Sprint, regardless though ZTE is a terrible phone.