It seems like everyday someone has a great idea regarding Android. Sometimes it's software related, while other times it's completely new hardware but the fact of the matter is, people are using Android as a tool to take chances, showcase the future, and hopefully in turn--revolutionize the entire mobile market.

Take this rumored ZTE Android Phone. It won't be just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill phone because it might be solar powered. Yeah. That's a pretty dang cool idea, and it's coming to Android. Though it's not quite confirmed yet, it's a likely possibility. Could you imagine never needing to charge your smartphone ever again? That would be amazing! Obviously more testing will be needed in order to functionalize this kind of technology but the seeds are being planted.

Would you guys be interested in a solar powered Android Phone?

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ZTE Considering Making Solar Powered Android Phone


There are a few problems with this idea. Where is the one place we carry our cell phones? In our pockets where the phone won't see the light of day. Also, we're inside buildings most of the time as well. Unless one works near a window which, unfortunately, I don't the phone will never get charged. I suppose I could leave it out when I'm driving and it will get a little charge throughout the day.

yes great concept, but practically I'm skeptical. Unless it can absorb artificial light energy from bulbs & such. If it doesn't add too much to the cost and is basically a backup way of recharging in addition to traditional plugin, then I'm all for it. What cell phone makers really need to move to is a universal USB charger. Or universal wireless USB. Since USB ports are almost everywhere.