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Playstation users have been able to watch YouTube videos on their consoles for some time, but the experience just got much better as the company announced a brand new app.

The app brings a completely refreshed UI that focuses on delivering the personalized content that YouTube has been pushing recently. Your subscribed channels, favorites and playlists are highlighted, bringing a much improved experience. Search also has been improved, with video results appearing instantly while you type. The app can also now be controlled completely with your smartphone after a quick pairing.

The app is available for free from the Playstation Store. Google is making a huge push with YouTube and the more good experiences across devices the better and this is just the next step.

Source: YouTube Blog

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youareme7 says:

what app do you need to control from android?
EDIT: nevermind, you goto from your phone to do it.

I'd love to be able to completely control the PS3 from my android phone.

dwain77 says:

I only see a Vita I missing something?

jjrudey says:

It's not in the store yet. I've been waiting for it all morning.

dwain77 says:

Thanks, at least I know it's not just me. Hope this doesn't turn into the wait I've had for the Walking Dead games.

Chicho1970 says:

These no actual app in the play store. It works like the nexus Q, you pair the device threw setting on the PS3. Then in the YouTube app on the phone you can choose what "screen" to play on. Works on my Galaxy Nexus.

Lee_R3D says:

My PS3 has been getting pretty dusty recently and will probably stay that way for the most part, but I will definitely try this when I get home.

drewood31601 says:


kayjay#AC says:

Damn I can't find it either?? What gives??

Gimik says:

Only getting the Vita app here too.

Droid Husker says:

Only getting the Vita app in the store. According to the blog post, it should show up under the My Channels section under TV/Video services, but it's not there yet either.

jrwatt says:

There was once some talk about the ps3 getting Google TV. I'm wondering if that is still a possibility. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

vor says:

Does this mean you can finally watch HD without going through hoops? SD Youtube on a 52" LCD is the suxor

tayl428 says:

I installed it, but it doesn't appear ready for prime time for me. Maybe something is overloaded right now from all the new-ness, but trying to play random videos locks up my ps3 and I can't access on my phone to pair (stuck on 'loading'). Anyone else?

mdmitchell13 says: and type in the code the ps3 gives, works like a charm

Where does the PS3 give you the code? I can't find a code.

capone420x says:

I'm going to have to check this out not like i don't have a Vita, Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, 360 and two laptops that have Youtube but I wonder if 3d sbs is supported on the ps3 version unlike the 360 one it would be an awesome plus since my Panasonic 3dtv has a Youtube app that streams 3d but the quality sucks.

GigiAUT says:

Would be nice if you guys mentioned it was U.S. only. I got excited and booted up my PS3 in a hurry but didn't find a thing. Once again, we Europeans have been left out of the good stuff....

Adam8756 says:

This app is absolutely terrible. Its crashed three times since I installed it (about an hour ago), causing my PS3 to reboot.

skeith581 says:

I cant get my youtube account activated on my PS3.

chente1313 says:

Having trouble loading it.cant tell yet