A Christmas Story

Google's got a bunch a bunch of movies on sale right now in the Android Market for just 99 cents. But do you really need to go past "A Christmas Story?" It's got mystery. It's got intrigue. It's got a kid who gets his tongue stuck to a lightpost flag pole. And it's just 99 cents to rent on your Android smartphone or tablet. Sold.

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You'll shoot your eye out! (For only 99 cents)


The term "On Sale" can be used synonymously with "On Special" .. Phil means the rentals are being offered at a "Sale" price of $.99

Good point. But, really, it's more about what others are saying: Let me buy the movies outright. (Sold..)

great movie... I have it on DVD... the kids watch it all year long...
I wish we could buy these digital movies and not rent them...

Correction: The kid gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole, not a lightpost. Just wanted to point that out to have the article be correct. :-)

So rent the DVD from Redbox for $1, then rip it to your PC.

I use Aimersoft DVD ripper- I used the trial and liked it so much that I paid for it, about $35 or so... one of the few programs I've ever purchased.

I transfer movies to my android, and keep 6 or so on it at any time. (On my rooted phone.)

Actually, the carton in the movie is missing the F from fragile, which is why he thought it was Italian. He says "Rajeelay".

Here's a bit little trivia about the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole. Scott Schwartz, who also stared in the "The Toy" opposite Jackie Gleason and Richard Prior, later became a porn star. So be careful out there this winter. You never now what old man winter will do to you.