If you happen to be the lucky owner of a Tesla Model S and have been holding out hope for an Android Wear app to control it, you'll certainly want to check out the Tesla Command app for Android Wear. Android Developer Matthew Patience has come up with the app and while it only allows for some basic functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, opening and closing the sunroof and honking the horn, there's more features already planned.

To make use of Tesla Command, you need to log in to Tesla online services but from there, no additional apps are required and you can do everything noted directly from your wrist. Check out the video to see it in action. It's pretty slick and seems to work pretty fast, so for those who can make use of it, it's something new and all rather fun to try out.

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You can now control your Tesla Model S using an Android Wear app


That's some James Bond sh!t right there... I don't care if you can already do it from your phone or a keyless fob, doing it from a watch is ten times cooler! :p Still wouldn't buy a Model S tho...

Neither would I. Takes too long to charge the battery and good luck going to your local parts store if anything needs to be replaced.

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It's not particularly appealing from a performance stand point either, compared to other similarly priced cars anyway... Yeah it's torquey and accelerates fast, but it's also heavy as heck etc. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn one down, just wouldn't be my first our second choice for that kinda money. Hopefully things improve for Tesla tho cause they do have tons of good concepts.

As a Model S owner and an Android supporter, I'm going to say with a resounding "BS" regarding some of these comments related to the Model S. I've outgunned M5s, and the 0-60 rivals Porsches and other similarly priced vehicles. The battery pack gives it weight and a low center of gravity, so the turns with this vehicle are unbelievable. With the 21 inch wheels, there's no stopping this car on the straight away and on the sharp turns. I plug this thing in every night and in the morning, I'm full and ready to go. Monthly cost of "fuel?" $9-$11. With the superchargers, I can drive across country for free. Full charge in less than an hour while I'm eating lunch. On top of that, I can set my environment and some controls from my Chrome plugin, Android app and android wear app (if that's your thing). You need to get behind the wheel of one of these things; it's amazing.

Saying it out guns Porsches without saying what Porsche is pretty meaningless, a 911 Turbo can do 0-60 in half the time as the lowest priced Model S and it's still significantly faster off the line than the next one... So you outgunned a Cayenne? A Boxter maybe?

I'm not sure why you're getting bent out of shape over my comment or anyone else's. If you like your car you should be happy with it, all I said it's not my ideal sports car for the kind of money it costs... Hell, there are Subaru WRXs that are faster 0-60 for half the money, obviously that isn't everything there is to a sports car tho.

How much did your monthly electric bill go up by btw? And what's the main source of power for your area, coal plant? I think eclectic cars COULD be the future, but right now they just displace the burden to the environment elsewhere tbh. If we keep developing alternative energy means and everyone has solar panel covered roofs, then the scenario changes.

Actually, the battery can be charged in only a few hours with the right equipment (for which there is even a tax credit available) and the vast majority of people who would purchase this vehicle are not going to be interested in DIY repairs. IMO.

Hmmm, yes, a Tesla S would be a nice accessory for a Moto 360... If it ever comes to market

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Hopefully OnStar or something can add wear support. Lock+Unlock, Trunk, Horn! This is awesome! Never thought that Wear could be used for this unique purpose. Shut up and take my money!

For the record, I don't even have my learners permit yet!

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That's a good question, watches don't have security locks... They'd have to steal your phone too as the watch is worthless without the BT/data connection, tho this would be a likely mugging scenario. Not very different from the thief running away with your key fob tho.

You would need the phone that holds the authentication credentials to the Tesla servers to execute the commands via the watch which is connected via BT. So, the person would need the watch and the phone and the phone would need to be unlocked/authenticated with Tesla via the app.

Now, to actually drive the car you would also need the physical key that stores the credentials that the car needs to allow it to start.

If you has all that then, Yes, you could drive away and honk the horn at the same time :) Of course, the police would have no problems tracking you down via the embedded telematics system in the Tesla but that is another issue.

And he triggered my google now

I can't afford a model s but I know that cheaper one will be out in a few years

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I'm looking forward to the Model E (or whatever they're gonna call it). It will be much cheaper than the previous ones.

I read that the $35,000 Model E will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, not sure if the timeline has changed, though.

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It's funny how slang really hasn't changed that much since the 80's. Words like "dope" or "sick" are still heavily used because, well, there's been nothing to replace them!

And this has been your completely unrelated post of the day. >_<