We all know the MyTouch Slide is on its way, it's been teased before in video, and it appears as though it has now surfaced again. The video is a bit all over the place, nothing really ground breaking, or anything to call home about, but either way, the device has made it's way into more hands. Hopefully now that we have seen the device in a more uncontrolled environment then we saw it the first time, more information will follow. While a release date has yet to be confirmed, we can hope that it will be sooner then later. [via YouTube] Thanks, Danny, for the tip


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Yet another video of the MyTouch Slide in action


whats wrong with the guy, he shows nothing but the weather widget and camera? He really loves sliding the slider (gotta be better than the pre's)

PS. Fix your damn Forums section A/C, I haven't been able to log in since your last update last night.

Well..i think the time for videos are over..if you wish you can call up your local store. The employees now have functioning units in their pockets..I played with one myself.

I have the original myTouch 3G and have it rooted and clocked to max speed and love it ... but I can't wait for T-Mobile to start getting in some new Android phones. The HD2 (a windows phone) easily overshadows the myTouch, which is a shame seeing as how Android started on T-Mobile. Seeing all the awesome, drool-inducing Android phones coming out on other carriers, while T-Mobile comes out with revamped after revamped versions of the same hardware is a bit disappointing.