We've got the Verizon Motorola DROID here at Android Central Headquarters (thanks Verizon!) and it's just as we imagined--beautiful, fast, bold, and striking. Verizon, Motorola, and Google really did a masterful job in delivering a handset that will re-ignite the Android OS and re-introduce Android as one of the best smartphone platforms available.

Expect full coverage of the DROID in the days leading up to Droid Day (November 6th) and beyond. Hands-on pictures, quick thoughts, full in-depth reviews, and more to come. And if you want any specific coverage, be sure to let us know!

Stay tuned for more DROID at Android Central!


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Yep, We've Got a Motorola DROID


Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard!! In case you haven't guessed, the keyboard is among the most important features for me. Big question: Is it too much of a reach for the right hand to get to the space bar? That is to say, with that navigation pad on the right of the keyboard, will users have to be stretching the right hand uncomfortably much in order to type - as was the case with the G1's big "chin?"

Can you focus part of your review on the camera? Is it as bad as i have been reading?


My top 3 concerns about this phone:

1) Application Memory...I hear it only has 256MB. How big are these applications/widgets? How does that impact the development of future applications.

2)Camera - Like everyone above. I have heard it isn't very good

3)I have heard that the phone has the hardware to support multi-touch but as of right now there is no pinch/zoom features. Is there a chance this can be changed down the road?

1) It has 512MB for application storage. The 256MB is in reference to the RAM that the device has.

Memory‐ ROM: 512MB, RAM: 256MB <---Straight from the Droid by Motorola Launch Package sheet that came out a few days ago.

2) It seems to be that way, but some reviews seem to think it's a software issue which could be fixed quickly.

Apps will be the same ones available on the Android Market that the G1, myTouch, Hero, etc use. So expect app sizes averaging about 300kb (give or take 200kb. The biggest are games that can run close to 8MB - Speed Forge 3D is 8.53MB. But that's on the upper, upper end.)

So with 512MB you would have room for about 1747 apps at 300kb. You'll have more than enough space for apps.

actually it is 512mb rom but only half of that is available to store apps on (the rest is used for the os and contacts and such)

also it is a problem when it comes to future applications because games can be very large, a commonly sited example is "myst" on the iphone which takes up over 700mb

fortunately, however, phandroid just put out a story that google is looking to develop an official apps-to-sd solution (meaning you can store apps on your microsd card) that will eventually ship with the os, who knows when this will be completed though

I concur with the above--can you somewhere explain whether the hardware actual differs from the European version in whether Droid supports multi-touch (and so whether it could potentially support it in the future?)

Please list for us the features that Verizon will cripple.

I wanna know what I'm being told the phone does but then will be asked to pay an additional $4.95, $9.95, $16.95 a month for.

They seem to shut down all GPS features on their phones to charge for VZNav and sounds like they're asking for more money to connect to an Excahnge server.

I just wanna know where they're going to stick it to us this time.

Guys... so much MISinformation...

It DOES have multitouch, but not pinch to zoom in the browser

VZW says tethering will come in early 2010, but it will be an extra fee

If you use the personal $29.99 smartphone plan, then you GET EXCHANGE SERVICE for that amount. If you are on a corporate plan of $45 a month, then you get EXCHANGE service for THAT amount.
READ here... http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2355249,00.asp

GPS has been unlocked for a YEAR on most all smartphones. I have it even on my lowly pearl and have had it for over a year. No VZ navi required.


@dak, honestly, I didn't do anything, Verizon put out a statement some while ago saying gps was unlocked. I am sure it was probably an ota update or something, but all of a sudden google maps worked with gps. I use it regularly (once a week or so), and it works flawlessly (well, maybe just a couple of times it hasn't "found" sats), but seriously, it is awesome. Of course, when I have the Moto droid in my hand friday, I will wonder how I ever made it without google turn by turn, street view, et al. ;)

there will be no extra services that verizon charges for other than the visual voice mail. it will be able to tether with a third party app (just like you can do with blackberrys now) and not have to pay verizon a dime. as far as the exchange server goes i have had one of these for the last few days on an exchange server with the 29.99 plan. everything pushed through to the phone just fine. the fact is there is nothing that verizon is going to do on the droid or in their system to be able to tell what kind of service your going to use the phone with (nothing pushes through to the phone OTA when it is initially programmed either way). besides if you wanted to get around it, its android write an app for it!

Verizon does not cripple its smartphones...at least not anymore. And there is no way google would allow it anyways. With blackberries you can get free visual voicemail..free turn by turn navigation..no bluetooth profiles are disabled. Also the new winmo phones have not been crippled either. The last one that was crippled in any way was the omnia and that has since been uncrippled with a software update.

I hate how people still think Verizon is this big crippling monster. Thosd days have long been gone. If people would get past their ancient RAZR they would see this. Even the new 'dumb phones' are sporting all the features and new skins. Verizon is different these days.

I would love to see a demo of the touch screen keyboard. The length of battery life on average settings would be nice too. I would also like to know how fast the phone switches from portrait to landscape view and if the orientation locks in place when the screen is locked or if it switches orientation while in my pocket like the BB storm. Thanks!

there was a test where they set the screen to 100% brightness and never sleep, music looping off the sd card continuously, ans used nav for about an hour, and the battery lasted 7:01:xx

From a blackberry user with 5 email accounts, does it allow you to delete more than one email/sms at a time?

Of all the requests for reviews here, I haven't seen a single request for the voice quality of the phone. Based on what I've read so far the reviews have been mixed so please, please add a few sentences about this. Thanks!

Can you sync the music on a Mac using doubletwist? Despite claims that DoubleTwist will now work with Android, my contact with them yesterday said they had not yet tested it with 2.0 and believed some features may not work. What happens when you do it?

Couple questions for you:

There's one report where the reviewer stated they felt the two sections of the slider design didn't seem as solid as they would have liked. Another mentions something about the battery door.
How does the robustness of the design seem to you folks? I don't plan on beating it to death, but a sloppy slider or a volume key that falls off 6 months later isn't going to make me happy either.

I'm curious about any Mac-love this thing may have as well...
If it doesn't sync, can I at least swap files and such back and forth with it? Can you recommend any applications beyond DoubleTwist?

Keyboard. Nuff said.
Thanks in advance.

I hear the Exchange implementation that is native with Android 2.0 is even less functional than the baked in version HTC put on the Hero. Would love to see and Exchange sync comparison between Droid, HTC Eris and WinMo :-)

The Droid is being positioned as an overall power phone, good both for play and work. Most reviews have not looked at the work portion of it. Can you focus on:

* Call Quality, Speaker phone volume and quallity, noise cancellation
* How solid is it taking multiple calls, swaping back and forth, and conference calls
* how is the ms Outlook on it. (can you create invites and send them to co-workers, accept invites, when you snooze an event can you set how long before the next reminder)
* How well does it do with viewing, navigating, editing MS Word, Excel, PP; does the native software allow editing or do we need to buy that seperately?
* does it integrate your gmail and ms outlook and color code it (like the Pre)
* how is the copy/paste

I am sure there are other things i am missing that are of interest to business users that have not already been touched on by others, but it's a start. Thanks

* Does it add Tasks/to do to your calendar

I wanna know how you get my old phone numbers from my EnV touch onto the Droid....do I enter all my phone numbers in GMAIL and it'll do the rest?

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I've got my pre-order on at Best Buy :-)

that is probably the easiest way. just setup your contact list in GMail how you would like them on your phone (or set up one group in gmail that you want to sync) then all you have to do is login when you first start the phone and presto, everything's done :)

Okay...sounds good....and this is going to sound really stupid....but if I don't have emails for some friends...what should I do and then finally...even more dumb...should I put the parenthesis and the dash in with the number? THANK YOU!

formatting of the number doesn't matter, gmail can figure out what you're doing since it's in a phone number field.

you don't need emails for contacts in gmail, it's just an address book that will store whatever information you keep for the contacts in it. you just won't be able to email them. (obviously)

you're welcome. don't be afraid to head into the forums if you have more questions or just want to talk about stuff! :)

If you are coming from a "dumb" phone to a droid then I would back up your contacts with the my verizon contact manager ($1.99 or free if you have a my verizon online account). Back up your contacts before you swap phones and then when you get your new one just download them on the new one. Of course if you are at the VZ store they can do it for you. If you are at BB then one of the mobile guys/girls should be able to do it quickly for you (on both ends).

Just another option...

Thanks droid noob...that would have worked too! Damn...I spent about the better part of 2 hours entering all of phone numbers into my gmail account as someone had suggested earlier. haha....but now I really really like my gmail account! :-)

one thing I noticed as I use my sprint hero is that with android, a trackball is really really helpful and almost necessary! I see that the DROID unfortunately does not have one. It would be annoying to have to open the phone to try to get to that one specific location when you're typing and such.

When Droid drops I am there. I've been waiting on an Android phone on Verizon for a while. It will make a nice birthday gift to me!

See ya!

I think it will be interesting to see what people are thinking between the Droid and the Eris Verizon are releasing at the same time. I have been able to test both devices for the last week or so and have found that the Eris brings a lot more to the table as far as the OS goes with the Sense UI. With the Droid everything you download is just dumped into one single location and unless you specifically download a widget, no information is brought up on the screen except for a shortcut. Kind of just feels like a computer desktop. Would love to here more on what people think about both devices OS wise and ease of use. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be upset if they buy the Droid and then find out what the Eris can do as well and end up liking the OS better, but you know how that goes with Verizon! All of the sales people will just sell the Droid! Make sure you try both before you buy!

Both phones run Android even though they look different because of the SenseUI. One of the advantages of the Android OS is that you can install any number of desktop replacements including OpenHome, dxTop, Sweeter Home, aHome, etc (you just won't have all the functionality of the SenseUI). You can also apply themes once you install one of these home replacements.

OpenHome give you an app slider which looks similar to what you see on a Mac. But the overall look is still like the stock OS. Nice if you don't want to change the layout too much but still want to customize.

aHome is similar except the app slider. dxTop give you TWO tabs on the bottom of the screen instead of one (one is for apps, I forgot what the other is for... Anyone with dxTop, please fill in the blanks).

You wouldn't even recognize your own phone with the changes SweeterHome makes. Actually kind of SenseUI-ish.

The purpose of all this is to show that there isn't a whole lot different between the two OS wise. SenseUI has some things you just won't get but there's probably an app to compensate for that. So don't get too caught up with the difference between the two phones from an OS perspective.

The key to remember is that Android is not Windows Mobile, iPhone OS or even WebOS (on Palm Pre). It is TOTALLY customizable regardless of which phone you choose. It may look different but the OS is the same. If you get the DROID but like the SenseUI, you can install one of these home replacements then install a theme that mimics it (although you won't get all the functionality of SenseUI of course). If you're really daring like many of us G1 owners, you can figure out how to port the source code into a custom ROM. I'm running the CyanogenMod on my G1 with the Chimera theme. You wouldn't even know it was Android or at the very least you might think it's a Eris to the untrained eye.

And for those that don't see an app to do what you want, simply download the SDK and Eclispe and write your own! Might even make a buck or two off it. And you don't have to say "Mother may I?" to get your app on the Market either (unlike the iPhone... did I mention it cost nothing to upload your app? :-). The links are here:

Eclipse - You need this to develop in. Choose the last one in the list and your appropriate OS

Android SDK (software developer's kit)

3 easy steps to publish your app

So, wait, a bunch of consumers read some web sites and decide that the DROID is for them and don't even consider the Eris, and that's somehow the fault of salespeople?

I just got the droid...I don't find it all that user friendly,how do I apply a theme I downloaded from the droid market? Also, I how do I save a ringtone that was MMS to me and apply it to seperate contacts? I am finding that the Blackberry Storm was much easier to use..

This new Droid looks really chic and I want to have one. I wish to read more posts about this new gadget because I need just a little more convincing. Im going to check on here every now and then.

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Despite some missing features, I never regretted buying this toy. It has gorgeous design and incomparable simplicity than other Android mobiles. Its music feature is still behind the iPhone's but its not that bad. Overall, it's still a must-have.

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