Video option on Yahoo messenger for Android

We heard that Yahoo Messenger for Android was working on a video chat solution, and it looks like we have it -- straight out of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G ROM leak Matthewjulian over at XDA-Developers has extracted it from the OS, and made it available a little earlier than expected.  According to Matthew, it works across the desktop just fine.  Front facing cameras just got a little more useful didn't they?

If you're the hacker-type, we have the ROM leak dissassembled and posted right here in the forums for download, so go get it and help bring the next little treat to the community. [XDA-developers] Thanks, Matthew!


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Yahoo's video chat app comes early, thanks to myTouch 4G ROM dump


It's times like these that make me happy to be an Android fan! This is what is going to keep Android growing until world domination. In a world of locked down OS' Android + awesome devs equal a hell of a good time. Keep up the good work!

lol i was at a concert last night and i was trying to use the iphone 3g over wifi it would not work lol same app i wish i would have had this on my droid cause i got better service and a faster connection lol

this app works like a dream!!!!!! i love my EVO i am talking to someone on an iphone 3g too bad they had to flip there fone so i could see them glad i dont have that problem!!!!

so i just downloaded this on my motorola droid and it works good drains the battery quick though lol but still its cool i dont need a front facing camera to do what everyone else is doing lol sound is a little choppy but still works great video quality is amazing a little bit od delay and i am at full signal strength i have not tested the wifi out but getting ready to thanks again for the find

Question, several people in the thread report that EVO to PC calls are working... But what does the person on the PC have to use? The Yahoo IM Windows client? (supposedly it's not playing well with Macs) Is that the only option? Does Yahoo have a web plugin a la Gmail? I think someone mentioned it didn't work with MSN... Does the Yahoo IM Windows client usually support cross-client video calls?

I'd experiment a bit with it but I'm away from my PC, it's been forever since I used an IM app to video chat. Skype and/or Google really need to stop stalling and add mobile support, carriers be damned!

I can't see myself actually ever using this lol, I think this device looks a bit childish, don't understand why people are looking forward for it... still, great find

I didn't either until I just booked a business trip to Germany. The hotel has WiFi, so I'm hoping it will work and I will be able to do video chat with my kids. I can't put a web cam on my business laptop so this is a nice option if it works.

This is what I hate about the post section at times... There are clearly people asking for help. "How do I install this on my EVO?", "Can someone help me?" But no one offers any advice on how to do this. Why? I'm in the same boat as the people asking the question, "How can I install this on my EVO?"

I thought the point of these forums was to help everyone, not just the elites that are tech-savvvy... Actually it's not even a matter of tech-savy, it's the ones that know and the ones that don't.

So will someone help "the ones that don't"?

This right here on this page is just a comments section for news articles, you should try the actual forums (link at the to of the page) or maybe even the XDA forums source link in the article where the guy that dug out the apk is actively helping people install and run it... Or just sit there and moan about how no one will help without putting any effort forth to research and seek seek help... Takes less time to click the the links in the article than to write that post you know.

"Or just sit there and moan about how no one will help without putting any effort forth to research and seek seek help... Takes less time to click the the links in the article than to write that post you know."

Minus the above postulating, thank you. And that is a sincere thank you. My question has been answered.

Why was this baked into a rom on a myTouch instead of released in beta somewhere?

Has Yahoo gone all Skype on us and sold out to a single vendor?

That's great. You would think Google would improve the Google Talk app to include more features such as this. It's been in the beta stage for as long as I can remember; both desktop and android versions.