Last month when we brought you news of the new 1GHz myTouch, buried in the press release was a mention of a new Yahoo app with a feature we're all very excited about --video chat. Some of the substantial advantages this app has over other video chat applications (including those on other operating systems, ahem, iOS) are:

  • Not restricted to Wi-Fi
  • Large user base
  • Cross-platform capabilities; can be used between Android, Mac and PC

Unfortunately, along with the benefit of it not being restricted to Wi-Fi (its exclusion from the cross-platform list should have been another good hint,) comes the news everyone expected: the app will not be available for iOS users. Good thing we’re with Android, right? [via Reuters]

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bobaka says:

smartest thing i've heard from Yahoo in years

let's hope it's a little more stable than Yahoo video calling on windows though please yahoo

+1 Yahoo is beating a lot of people to the punch here to get end-to-end video chatting up on Android phones. People will flock to reactive or start using their Yahoo chat accounts again.

p4trickh#IM says:

Yeah they finally beat someone at something for the first time in awhile. Yahoo has been struggling to remain relevant and I don't think they have gotten over such a harsh fall from grace. The only people I know who still use Yahoo are older family members I know and I even have a rule to put any yahoo senders to the bottom of my priority inbox because most of the emails I get from addresses have the subject line of "Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: For the Troops!" and long body's of >>>>>>.

So to get to the point, while I may try this out, I definitely won't be migrating from the Google ecosystem to the Yahoo retirement home.

jeffreytz says:

Any idea if its a separate app or a feature added to their Android messenger client?

phillysdon04 says:

This is great news!

aaronbwells says:

You said "unfortunately and I was like, "I swear if this is a paid service." That's not unfortunate! Maybe the iPhoners will get Androids!

derryj3 says:

Finally pc to mobile video chat!! lol I don't know anyone besides myself with a front facing camera...epic 4g

Jonneh says:

Two things I love from Yahoo now. Flickr, and this!

cashxx says:

Hmmmm........I read that it was also available for iOS. Some one is making it up that its not available for iOS!!

unseenme#WN says:

verizon peeps are SOL until we get a device with a FF camera :(

Kodros says:

Just use it in front of a mirror =)

Exactly.Hopefully the specs rumored on the Droid Incredible HD are correct and it'll have that FF camera.

jayhammy says:

I think you got one item wrong: the app WILL BE available for iOS. The Reuters article makes that quite clear.

I'm pretty sure in the tip I sent Cnet said the app is already being reviewed by apple...

Anyway. I hope this comes out soon

ZDriver says:

Gtalk will probably soon have its own too

Kodros says:

Guess the people at Yahoo like to video chat with trannies.

drawkward says:

I think the better question or surprise from all of this is why hasn't google come out with a video chat app?

In defense of Google. The EVO only came out in June wot the first front facing camera on android, that's omly 4 months. I'm sure something woll be in store for gingerbread

girishp says:

There you have it folks -

iPhone gets the yahoo app with video before Android.

We really should stop berating iPhone.

EVO lover.