Last month when we brought you news of the new 1GHz myTouch, buried in the press release was a mention of a new Yahoo app with a feature we're all very excited about --video chat. Some of the substantial advantages this app has over other video chat applications (including those on other operating systems, ahem, iOS) are:

  • Not restricted to Wi-Fi
  • Large user base
  • Cross-platform capabilities; can be used between Android, Mac and PC

Unfortunately, along with the benefit of it not being restricted to Wi-Fi (its exclusion from the cross-platform list should have been another good hint,) comes the news everyone expected: the app will not be available for iOS users. Good thing we’re with Android, right? [via Reuters]


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Yahoo to bring video chat to Android


smartest thing i've heard from Yahoo in years

let's hope it's a little more stable than Yahoo video calling on windows though please yahoo

+1 Yahoo is beating a lot of people to the punch here to get end-to-end video chatting up on Android phones. People will flock to reactive or start using their Yahoo chat accounts again.

Yeah they finally beat someone at something for the first time in awhile. Yahoo has been struggling to remain relevant and I don't think they have gotten over such a harsh fall from grace. The only people I know who still use Yahoo are older family members I know and I even have a rule to put any yahoo senders to the bottom of my priority inbox because most of the emails I get from addresses have the subject line of "Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: For the Troops!" and long body's of >>>>>>.

So to get to the point, while I may try this out, I definitely won't be migrating from the Google ecosystem to the Yahoo retirement home.

You said "unfortunately and I was like, "I swear if this is a paid service." That's not unfortunate! Maybe the iPhoners will get Androids!

Finally pc to mobile video chat!! lol I don't know anyone besides myself with a front facing camera...epic 4g

Hmmmm........I read that it was also available for iOS. Some one is making it up that its not available for iOS!!

I think you got one item wrong: the app WILL BE available for iOS. The Reuters article makes that quite clear.

I think the better question or surprise from all of this is why hasn't google come out with a video chat app?

In defense of Google. The EVO only came out in June wot the first front facing camera on android, that's omly 4 months. I'm sure something woll be in store for gingerbread