Ho ho! Look what we have here! According to mobileSyrup, the Xperia X10 (yes, the phone that was supposed to launch last year) is supposed to hit Rogers in Canada in two weeks' time. As the rumor goes, the launch date is set between April 7 and April 14, and the Xperia X10 will run for $149.99 with new 3-year contract (that's standard in Canada) and $549.99 sans contract. A pretty good deal considering what the price was originally rumored to be. But don't you Canadians get excited yet, because when it comes to the Xperia X10 we have to always, always consider Sony Ericsson's flakiness. Be prepared for disappointment while hoping for the best.


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Xperia X10 launching on Rogers in two weeks ?


I didn't know that the phone was supposed to be launched last year. Even more surprising is that despite being a late launch and boasting a powerful processor, the phone is a major failure with the news that it won't ever support multi-touch due to a poor choice of hardware selection on part of Sony Ericsson.

On top of that the phone is releasing with Android 1.6 and not 2.1 which is not a show stopper, but I know that a lot of people love multi-touch capability provided by other phones such as Nexus One and the Magic (sans 2.1 update).

Both the in-contract and off-contract price for the device are reasonable, but for the same price Canadians can get a fully Google experience phone in the nexus one which offers a lot more value then the XPeria ever will.

Puleen, you are correct. Nobody will really care about this outdated phone which is why Rogers will offer it on the 50/50/50 plan.

check - crappy phone
check - 50 year contract.
check - $50 million dollar data plan.
check - $50 million dollar voice plan.

Its the Canadian wireless way. Gouge the customer as much as possible because there are no other options.