Xperia Keyboard now available in the Google Play Store, Sony device still required

Sony has moved its Xperia keyboard into the Google Play Store, but you still won't be able to get it if you're not using a Sony device. Sony's move echoes the actions of Google, who has been steadily moving more and more core app elements of Android — from the Google Keyboard to yesterday's Google Camera — into Google Play. Sony's likely done so for the some of the same reason as well: they can update the keyboard and have it on users' devices without worrying about waiting for carrier approval for a full-on operating system update.

The move to Google Play does bring a new feature for the Xperia Keyboard. Your keyboard preferences can now be backed up and synced to your other Sony devices through the Sony Entertainment Network. Sony has also improved the layout for the Thai language.

Those with compatible can check out the updated Xperia Keyboard now in Google Play. If that's you, let us know what you think in the comments.

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I love that OEMS are starting to do this. It will make for a better Android experience overall for the users.

gab_gagnon says:

I think I'll just wait for the APK to be on XDA!

Omar Diaz says:

Nope! Im loving my Samsung Galaxy s5 keyboard just fine..I think its the best!!

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Its not.

snarf77 says:

That's why he said "I think"

sequoia462 says:

Space bar is wayyy too small!

While I have not used it as I don't have a Sony, from the pic it indeed looks too small.
They way I type I have to have a large spacebar.

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sequoia462 says:

I haven't used it either but I know for sure I would be accidentally pressing the huge Enter key.

soulaver says:

It's just a one way it can look(useful look for swipe, as space is automaticly placed):) you can change that in settings - than the wider space takes place of dot, emots and puntuation.

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crispybbq says:

Yeah, it is... But as a few people have said already, you can disable the smiley key, and the full-stop/comma keys... Not sure why you'd disable those two, but hey.
I've found it's not as bad as it looks, considering my most common typo on touch keyboards is hitting backspace instead of M, implying a smaller spacebar is easier to get used to... but maybe that's just me :P

The only thing that bothers me is the small space bar. But I like it, It's like typing on an iPhone.

I really liked the Xperia keyboard on the 4.3 update. Not sure why it would only be available to phones that already have it? Haha Kinda pointless.

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3165dwayne says:

Not available to z1s

My sony Xperia L isn't compatible

SXZdabbler says:

My Xperia Z not compatible. Using 101 fw.

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