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Interesting day today, Amazon stirring up the pot with their cloud services, HTC doing right and releasing the Thunderbolt kernel source and Sony Ericsson making moves by announcing some of their devices will have unlockable boot loaders. Needless to say, some of today's news is being discussed in the forums among many other topics, so join us and share your thoughts.

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Xoom wish list; Amazon Cloud Storage [from the forums]


Dropbox is way way ahead of Amazon storage and there is already an Android client.

- works on most every major smartphone/tablet (BB/iPhone/Android) and OS (Windows/Mac/Linux)
- can mix/match sharing between all platforms
- can restore previous versions of files or accidentally deleted files
- can publicly or privately share files
- supports truecrypt (open source encryption) since it does block level syncing
- Only 2GB free to start with but you get free 250MB extra for every referral