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XOOM sales; March 17 Thunderbolt? [from the forums]


> "Xoom--Not selling very well"

Um... duh??

When 90+% of your potential customers are waiting for the WiFi-only version, at a reasonable price, and with working microSD and Flash, this should not be a surprise to anyone at all.

I think most people are put off by the price, even of the WiFi only option when it lands. The Xoom was rushed to market without 4G, Flash and without a working SD card slot. Honeycomb has a few bugs and rough edges as well. If you look at sales of the iPad last year, the majority sold we WiFi only models, so that hurts its numbers as well. The lack of tablet specific apps also doesn't help its case.

Even at its current price and features, its a much higher value than the iPad 2. I went down to Best Buy and bought my Xoom for full price and I have no regrets, its a great device that will eat up iPads all day.

Don't blame Motorola or Google though. Blame Apples new biggest fanboi, Verizon, for screwing up not only the Xoom launch but the Thunderbolt as well. Sure, Android is what revived the company and is what will keep the company afloat, but its the iPhone and iPad that will allow them to steal their biggest rivals customers.

Jokes on them though. AT&T wants nothing to do with Apple products now and is going full swing with Android... Guess who's going to be grabbing up new contracts while Verizon suffers going after the ever shrinking iPhone userbase?

I completely disagree with you. I believe there are two big factors going into why the Xoom isn't selling well.

1. People don't know it. The iPad has proven to be a success, people every where love it.
2. The price tag! $800 (before tax) is a lot of money to spend on something that isn't well known.

I mean for $800 you could get a pretty damn good laptop.

Finally, please correct me if I'm wrong but iPhone userbase isn't shrinking at all, Android is just rapidly growing. I mean multiple carriers multiple devices on each carrier. It's not a surprise.

I don't own a single apple product but it's kind of common sense.

Why pay 800 for a xoom when you can pay 999 for a few months old macbook pro? Im sure most of us tether from our phones anyway so there is no use for carrier based tablets. If you're gonna spend 6-800 on a tablet why not spend a few hundred more for a far superior product. The 4.3 inch screen on current phones should work ok for mobile surfing.

I plan on buying one but I'm waiting on the 3g only version. Why couldn't they just release all the models at once. Companies that use Android are too in bed with carriers. Maybe Toshiba will get it right. Too bad google don't actually make devices.