The new Xoom tablet sure does love the news. According to Motorola's MotoDev page for the Xoom shows that it is fully equipped with an internal Barometer sensor, and Motorola confirmed this on their Facebook page. This will enable the Xoom to provide more accurate predictions and reports of your current weather conditions, and will also be able to detect current altitude -- a great feature for you hikers out there. What else did we not see at CES that the Xoom can do? You can bet we'll be digging to find out! [Motorola via Phone Arena]


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Xoom to have built in barometer -- now let's talk about the weather


Just confirm a wifi only version and I'm sold! Barometer will only be used to piss off my Ipad friends. :-)

Great, now someone has to make an altimeter app. VSI would also be nice as well. Although, it does seem like an odd addition.

Maybe it enforces Airplane mode upon takeoff or something.

And I wish they would stop calling a 3 plane accelerometer a gyroscope. Words have meaning.

If I could get a rambox or otterbox for this id definitely take it on my camping trips. I have a rambox mounted on my mountain bike for my X. Use my tracks to track distance, route, speed and elevations.

I'll bet only 1% of the 1% owners of a XOOM will ever have there's outside to even need a Barometer. Not sure exactly what that is going to do for me sitting in my house most of it's life.