Xbox SmartGlass

Looking to extend your Xbox to your Android smartphone? It's now possible, with today's release of Xbox SmartGlass for Android. (Never mind that Microsoft itself said it wasn't coming until 2013.)

In a nutshell, the app connects your Android smartphone to your Xbox live account. From there, you can expand Xbox content onto your phone, control the console, or even browse the Internet, though your phone certainly can do that well enough on its own.

The release of SmartGlass (which also is available on Windows 8) is part of Microsoft's slightly ridiculous (but equally impressive) launch of Windows 8, and coming soon, Windows Phone 8.

Here's to hoping we see Xbox music hit Android sooner than expected, too.


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Xbox SmartGlass now available on Android


I used titanium to mail my self a copy from my galaxy nexus to my n7. Works fine all you need to do is wait for an apk to be posted somewhere or do it yourself like I did. Unfortunately you need a phone with ICS or above to download the app first since it is a 4.x above app.

What he said, but I used ES file explorer and just shared it to my Google drive and installed it from there but it is working currently on my nexus 7 with no problems.

A quick heads up : requires Android 4.0 & up

Its NOT Compatible with my XOOM (4.0.4) or my Atrix (2.3.4) , I guess I'll ride out with My Xbox Live app on my Atrix until I get the 8X :(

Totally forward thinking on MS for allowing this for most devices to be used on any os, unlike sony which only allows certified devices approved by sony to use playstation, which is like 5 devices for now.

LOL, I just updated my Xbox 360 and Galaxy S3 today. I saw the Smartglass video and looked it up on the Play store and it was there. It is kind of cool. It can control the Xbox 360 nicely.

This XBox branding confusion is getting worse by the day. So XBox brand refers to entertainment now? Except when it refers to the Console? I'm seriously confused! Does this require a 360 console to be useful?

This is awesome! What I've been waiting for since I saw it on E3 coverage! Not played a game with it yet, but basic moving and controlling of dashboard apps is sweet. Nice surprise that its on Android as of day one. +1 Micro$haft

I wonder why they are aren't allowing tablets to download it. Since my Transformer Prime, like those other tablets above me in the comments can't use it.

Also it seems while the swipe controls are enabled in just about everything I tried, the keyboard function needs to be coded into the app, for instance I couldn't get my phone to pop into keyboard mode for Netflix or Youtube... the two apps I actually use that I would love a damn keyboard on.

Still I am impressed with how quick and responsive it is, I was expecting a lot more lag given this can't be a direct connection from my phone to the box, it has to be going out to a sever somewhere and back.

actually using the link on my Transformer Prime i got it to work.. it is actually alot faster on my Prime than it is on my phone.

Odd the link takes me to the play store where I am told "Your device is not compatible with this version," my Prime is stock on 4.1.1, what is yours on?

SmartGlass, Project Glass, Glados, Glonass, too much glass going on at the moment, why did everyone have to do glass stuff at the same time. Awkward.

Works on my rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.2, and I'm blown away. Hats off to Microsoft on this one. It's really intuitive.

Thanks for the download. Works brilliantly on the xoom2 (portrait only). Now i can do proper slap down messages mid-game :-)

Microsoft allows the SmartGlass App on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. And I bought a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 just for the SmartGlass App. And guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK!! Not even the My Xbox Live App! The Ice Cream Sandwich melted.

Unfortunately, it's not working for me on my Epic 4G Touch (Android 4.0.4) as it can't find my Xbox, even after verifying that it's got SmartGlass turned on on settings and restarting it. Drat.

D'oh! Operator error. I was trying to connect to the Xbox while it was logged in with my g/f's account. It took a couple of swings once I switched over, but it's working.

It's fun to eff with my kids heads while I'm away from home and they're logged into my account. . I can see a progress bar of what they're watching /playing..... And then the show just restarts or rewinds for no reason. It can be fun being a D:ck Dad.

I was hoping for something like this for a while for play station. It would also be cool if there was a legit way to use your phone as a remote for my tv seeing as how iI lose my phone a lot less often than my phone.