Xbox One

Interesting name. And so far this is making Google TV look like a bad dream.

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Xbox One - Where have we heard that name before?


So far I like what I see. But the name reminds me too much of my old broken Nexus One. So indirectly, I hate it. ;-)

I'd like Xbox better if they didn't force you to pay for XBL to be able to use Netflix, Hulu Plus, play games with all the features etc.

I'd like to see them take a queue from PSN and offer online gaming, Netflix, etc. without additional costs and give perks to those that buy Gold.

Basically, Xbox system + PSN store model = gamer dream.

+ Nintendo classics = gamer paradise!

By classics, I mean SNES + Ocarina of time + (StarFox 64 - Aquas). You know when game creators were focusing on gameplay because graphics were capped?

Really, so far, my best games still today :
- Chrono Trigger
- Megaman X, X2, X3
- Zelda : A link to the past
- Uniracer (was fun like hell, really)
- Mario RPG
- StarFox 64
- Final Fantasy 9 (PS for this one)
- All beat 'em ups, but if I had to pick some : TMNT Lost in Time, Robocop vs Terminator
- Clayfighter
- Disgaea (1) (PS again)

So let's all go crazy on Call of Duty 26 before realizing Countersrtike 1.3 was better.

I have 2 PS3 and I am starting to get bored of gaming console.
I was at least hoping Google came up with Nexus Q gaming console.
maybe that would have ignited my interested in consoles again

I cannot wait to buy this! If they manage to get the NFL content they announced to not be dependent on a cable subscription I will not be able to throw my money at them fast enough.

Given how long phones and consoles take to develop, both HTC and Microsoft had named these consoles long, long before either one new about the other's device and moniker. This is purely coincidence.

It actually is a bit of a playful side of Microsoft as well; everyone thought about '720' or 'Infinite' or other high numerical values for the console. Going with 'One' is a bit jesting since it is a low number... the lowest positive number, in fact.

Not that I like the name, but their reasoning is different. Instead of indicating that it's like the top of the line model, or however HTC and other companies justify it, Microsoft is trying to make the XBox One the central piece in your home theater. Games, movies, TV, music, internet content, all on one device. Hence...One.

I'm guessing their take on "One"is centralizing many services in one device. At least they didn't call it Xbox Nexus.

Nope, sorry M$ is all about nickel and diming. If already pay for my Internet I shouldn't have to pay for it again. Plus the fact that you have to pay additional fees for preowned games. They can shove it.

Nope. A computer is to a car as internet is to gas. You paid for your car, so pay for using it around town. This is like paying tolls.

Making Google TV look like a bad dream?

Last I checked, I don't have to pay every month for Google TV, and can play virtually any type of media with it through various apps or services...

Sorry MS, it may be slick and shiny, but I'm not paying for your DRM world.

I love Google and Android (I have a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Vizo Co-Star, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and an Ouya), but this is WAY better than the implementation that Google currently has on Google TV. Not saying MS came up with it first (they did not), but in actual execution, the XBox One looks to be far superior to Google TV at the moment.

Logitech should sue them all. The Harmony One universal remote came out in January 2007. On the other hand, maybe the Wachowskis could sue since they had "The One" in the Matrix way back in 1999.

Naming your product "One" is stupid. If it's successful there will be a call for a sequel, then what do you do? For an example see HTC's reboot of their "One" brand which amounts to "No, no, forget about last year's product we called the one. This one is REALLY the one!".

I'm right there with you. Calling your device One when it is the third version is just lazy.

The next Xbox will be called Xbox One 2.0

With that logic, Palm, Inc could sue all of them since PalmOne existed from 2004-2005. Acutally, I don't think you can trademark the word "One" as a standalone word. I personally don't have an issue with it. The branding message makes sense to me. No one thinks AirForce One is the first presidential plane ever made, do they?

Give MS credit for not sitting there and watching everybody else go by like blackberry. Hopefully, this will energize google to come up with something better. Competition is good.

It's being reported that you still have to set up an IR blaster and use a cable box or dvr to push TV content to the xbox one.

If Google TV is a bad dream, the Xbox One is nearing the end of that dream, but it's still a bad dream.

People are going yo start getting use to the name, because when you talk to a friend about what system to play people say, "yo let's play some 360". So for the Xbox one you would have to say "yo you want to play some one" it just doesn't make since.

why won't google and microsoft claim world dominance and put together an xbox 2 that integrates uses google tv.

Can this xbox one be used as an Media Center Extender?

You guys are missing the point of the name regardless of who has used 'One' or what are they gonna call the next one that follows.

The slogan "All in ONE" is extremely telling, and it's something that the 360 had already moved towards.

This is not just a game console. It's an entertainment device. And as an entertainment device, it's rather fascinating how it puts it all together in ONE box... Xbox One. period.


Totally agree. Everyone is caught up in "One" refering to version. "One" also represents presidence such as AirForce One, and a sprots fan claiming "We're number one". The use of "One" by MS is pretty smart branding in my opinion, and a better direction the 365 or other early rumors.

When you capture a game video to share with a friend its called a Zoe. Its all made possible by the Xbox One's OS called MS-Sense