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It's been a couple months since we first took a look at the full version of Laminar Research's X-Plane 9 -- and, my, how things have changed. Gameplay is pretty much the same -- you've got some pretty realistic controls and detailed maps -- but it's grown in functionality.

X-Plane has added in-app billing and now has 40 new airplanes from which to choose. Each is 99 cents, and you can fly such behemoths as an Airbus A380, or a Boeing 747, or an SR-71, B-52 or a Chinook helicopter -- among others. And there are 15 new regions you can choose to fly in -- Hawaii, Miami, among others.

But, wait, there's more. If you're flying one of the fighter aircraft -- the F-22, F-15, F-4, among others -- you'll quickly find yourself being shot at. And who doesn't like that!

And to top it all off, X-Plane 9 has dropped from the $9.99 price down to $4.99, giving you that much more change to spend on planes and maps. Download links are ready to go if you're ready to pull the trigger.

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rlbrooks says:

Why does the market do such a horrible job of showcasing tablet optimized apps? I didn't even know this worked well on the Xoom until I saw this post.

The Concorde SST and Blackbird SR-71,FTW! Aerial dogfights look really awkward w/o the a joystick however.

bbalak says:

Lots of 7's FTW! LOL

bbalak says:

Is it just me, or are their servers getting slammed right now? I can't download any data :(

I'm curious as to whether that was a Xoom, Transformer, etc..that Phil was using for the demo?

Doug B says:

He said it was the Xoom in the video.

I missed it thanks

tailsthecat3 says:

phil's and jerry's video reviews comfort me. want more.