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You're either one of us, or you're one of them. It's that simple. And who doesn't like killing a buttload of zombies? To that end, the mobile game for World War Z -- the movie, not the book it was loosely based off of -- has finally been released to Google Play, bringing with it 28 levels of first-person shooter, along with "intense combat, engaging puzzles, upgradable weapons and armor and unlimited challenge mode."

Certainly looks decent enough. You'll have to pony up $4.99 for the pleasure playing. Hit the link above to give it a go.


Reader comments

World War Z invades Android


How did the developer fail to make this game compatible with the One. Hopefully they fix this. It would have been an impulse buy.

I downloaded for HTC ONE it doesn't work just crashes on launch good thing my wifi is fast was still able to get a refund makes no sense that it doesn't work. gs4 it works on but not on the one fail same cpu and gpu

This is why piracy exists, $5 for an average game at best, in a genre that's been done to death (no pun intended).

I'd really like a game adaptation of the book, rather than the movie. A game where you have to interview everyone AFTER the zombie apocalypse and navigate the politics of a post-zombie United Nations to produce a 300-page report and 200-page supplement of the good stuff you left out of your official report.

That would totally be worth $5, not this shoot-em-up nonsense.

Its a cool game but the controls suck graphics are nice decent needs more updates to fix contols then will see