Words With Friends

If you're still among the crowd addicted to Words With Friends you've got an update waiting for you. Available for download in the Google Play Store right now, users who update will find plenty of bug fixes in this release along with a new UI.

Overall the app looks better and feels smoother plus, the chat interface has been revamped. Looks like a great update so far but we'll leave that for you all to decide, give it a go and let us know if it's working better for you.


Reader comments

Words With Friends rolls out v5.0 with a new look and plenty of bug fixes


To me all the letters on the board look weird now. Like their off-center to the left noticeably. It just makes the whole board look weird. I don't like it.

If you haven't updated yet, do yourself a favor and wait til the next one. On my Thunderbolt, it runs slooooooow (lags when you drag a tile from your rack to the board). Also, if I escape to the phone's home screen or a different app, then come back, it takes me to the first game I opened after the update. In the words of the immortal Philip J. Fry, "Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!"

It no longer shows the names of the people I'm playing. It just shows the Zynga username. Crappy.

hate the update cant see my tiles all that fancy animation just something to kill battery faster. i dint have any bugs until now

On my Nexus S, it's now totally unplayable. There's a blank rectangle where my hand used to be; I can pull tiles from it but there's no animation, and the board scrolls around uncontrollably. Great job. It used to work perfectly.

They just pushed another update. Didn't change the off-center letters for me, but it may have fixed bugs for your guys.

Mine updated in the middle of a game and just closed the app. Then when I went back to it, none of the player names were showing. They are still showing only screwy zynga numbers instead of their real names. I have no idea who I am playing. Is there a fix for this?