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Small carrier tries to make a splash with a deal that includes unlimited data

In a very consumer-friendly move, Wind Mobile will begin offering unlimited roaming in the U.S. for just $15 additional per month starting February 3rd. Adding this roaming package gives you unlimited talk and text but also data in the U.S., a pretty big deal for anyone who travels with any frequency and has been hit with big roaming bills. Even with this additional $15 add-on, Wind's plans will still be very competitively priced to the other carriers.

Wind has a small customer base and is often struggling to make itself relevant as the fourth-place carrier in Canada, so this may just be a good bump to pick up some additional subscribers. And given the relatively small number of roaming deals currently available from Canadian and U.S. carriers alike, we always want to see at least one making a step in this direction.

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Wind Mobile launching unlimited US roaming for $15 per month


WIND Mobile is still having issues getting more spectrum. Having pulled out of the 700 MHz spectrum due to disputes with the federal government, the upstart carrier is really strained as they have really limited AWS spectrum. Plus, AWS isn't all that good in the first place. I'm on WIND, and if it weren't for the prices, I wouldn't have stayed with them.

This is an amazing add-on plan for those who travels to the States a lot and would have also loved it if they did the same thing for Canada-wide roaming. WIND currently only operates their own AWS networks in select cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Windsor, Waterloo, Barrie, Kitchener, and Peterborough. So having an add-on for unlimited talk, text, data for $15 for nationwide roaming I would totally go for.

So is Wind kinda like the T-Mobile of Canada?

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T-Mobile has a much larger spectrum holding than WIND Mobile as such they can offer better service and faster speed. T-Mobile also holds a lot more marketshare and has more coverage than WIND Mobile.

They want to be like T-Mobile but with the Big 3 owning almost 95% of the Canadian cellular market, it'll be really hard to break that stranglehold. They are limping but not as bad as say Mobilicity and Public. The former is in creditor protection (will be soon bought out by another company, not likely going to be the Big 3, no matter how hard TELUS is going to try) and the latter was bought out by TELUS late last year. There's also other regional carriers like Videotron and Eastlink but they're just that, regional carriers, never tried to be a national carrier like Mobilicity and WIND Mobile has tried to be.

Unfortunately since WIND Mobile holds no PCS spectrum, the thought that you MUST have an HSPA AWS capable device turns a lot of potential customers away (I've seen it too often walking into their stores and people walking out because they couldn't port their existing PCS devices over to WIND Mobile).

Not sure what tmobile is like, but Wind is a carrier with limited "home city zones" and roams if you go outside of the zone. They don't have towers in Quebec, except for Gatineau next to Ottawa. So they are the little guy with much fewer resources than the Big 3. They have $30 unlimited everything plans with no contract, or add $10 for national long distance or add $20 for international texts and more unlimited features. Unlimited data is throttled, however, after a limit.

I don't think it was due to disputes with government that they pulled out of the auction. It was reported that their parent company pulled funding last minute and there was no extra funding to afford the auction.

The parent company pulled funding last minute is due to the ongoing dispute with the Canadian government over foreign control over a Canadian wireless carrier. VimpelCom wants complete control of WIND Mobile but the federal government kept shooting their proposal down, right now it's the minority shareholder (AAL Corp led by Lacavera) who holds the majority control of the company even though VimpelCom is the actual majority shareholder due to the Canadian government's broken foreign control policies.

Was with had unlimited data but no service, now I am no longer with wind - I have service everywhere but no unlimited data.

Thanks for highlighting this, Andrew Martonik. WIND Mobile is making a big effort to change the wireless industry in Canada, much like T-Mobile is in the US, though we have it much worse here in Canada. It's too bad that Rogers, Bell, and Telus are being spoon-fed by the Canadian government. Hopefully people will soon realize just how overpriced the Big 3's services are and make their voices heard with their wallets.

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The problem is a chicken and egg problem, most Canadians don't want to deal with the headache of bad reception and WIND can't improve the reception until they get more customers to bankroll the network roll out. WIND is trying their best and their network is definitely better than when I joined them in early 2012. I know friends who have $85/month plans and they said that they can't let go of their plans because WIND either has weak coverage for them, or they need LTE.

Exactly. I've been with wind but can't get good reception on campus. I'm going to go back to them once they get a better Network setup. But on another note, this plans pretty good.

I use Wind when I cross the border, and have been happy with them for those twice a year venture. Did they mention if this was 2g, 3g, or 4g data speeds? I assume 3g?

I don't like to say something will never happen, but this is as close to never happening as it gets. WIND has no where near the money or the assets to be able to buy T-Mobile USA.

Seems like the Canadian market is much worse than the U.S. market. I thought ATT & Vzn controlling 67% of the market was bad, but you guys have 3 companies controlling 95% of the market! Yikes!

I suspect either the end of this year, or first quarter next year T-Mobile will take the #3 spot from Sprint.

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$15 unlimited roaming in the US. That would be better suited for roaming in Canada. Can't even use my mobile device if I go to another province. Logical? Nope!