Winamp 1.0 for Android

Nullsoft has updated the Android version of Winamp, its multi-platform music player to version 1.0, adding a host of new features and bug fixes along the way.

Changes include gesture controls, redesigned home and "now playing" screens, as well as "listen to..." Voice Action integration and a "free music" section. Sony Ericsson Xperia series owners will also be pleased to hear that issues causing Winamp to crash on their phones have been resolved in version 1.0.

Our first impressions of Winamp 1.0 were very good -- the app is fast, easy to navigate and it integrates well with the OS. If you're not satisfied with your phone's stock music player, or if you're big on SHOUTcasting, then we'd recommend you take Winamp for a spin.

Winamp 1.0 for Android is available now for free. QR codes and Market links can be found after the break.


Reader comments

Winamp for Android reaches version 1.0 with new features and fixes


Still no option to restrict the music directory. I have mp3s that aren't music (audiobooks, podcasts, etc) that WinAmp constantly mixes in with actual music.

Lack of selectable music directories makes this a non-starter. Back to MixZing I go... shame, really.

I'm not sure why, but I lost Shoutcast with this update. Where the Shoutcast icon is above Mine is History. I am on the Epic with EB13. Shoutcast worked on both DK28 and EB13 on the old version of Winamp. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but it seems to think for some reason I am on Eclair instead of Froyo.

@WwonderLlama create a zero byte file called .nomedia in the directories where you do not Winamp to recognize nonmusic files... Very good app so don't miss out.

Thanks for the tip.

That sounds like an OS-level work-around (prevents the media scanner from indexing that specific directory). While I'm capable of tracking down those directories and excluding them from the scanner, it's really not an acceptable method for the average user.

Ive always used Winamp on the desktop but PowerAMP has the lead on android now. Its folder view of music is required i think for large collections where you might have put for example 'New' and 'Favourites' folders on your SD. The only thing Winamp has over poweramp now is the nice track arrange feature in the playlist.

I've been loving the hell out of this app. It turned my phone into an actual great music player as opposed to whatever the stock player was attempting to do.

If the desktop version of winamp wasn't crap I would use this...
Seriously is it hard to make a decent desktop music player that isn't called itunes?
I know this is for the device but surely it syncs with the desktop no?