Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

lm_pate says:

Please pick me!!

KurtLBenson says:

Yeah...It will go with my galaxy S3

iPhoneTHS says:

This would be a perfect compliment to my GN2!

Heck I'll take a Samsung Galaxy S IV any day, considering it's awesome specs! Good luck to ya'll!

I need the galaxy s4

malabooboo says:

I'd like a GS4 please.

saf100792 says:

I probably have a better chance at getting struck by lightning but hey it cant hurt to try lol

Please choose i want the galaxy s4 i have been looking for everything about it and went will it be released pleaseee choose me

Never had a top of the line smartphone near release, only could afford bto buy a couple of years after release. So i hope this time will be different. Hope is last to die, help me android central to be a happy, happy man

kidbaloo says:

An SG4 would be awesome!

markadocious says:

I'm in it to win it!!!

cason_lanier says:

So what is an S4 ;)

metalcated says:

Woohoo! Heck yeah man... I have the S3 and would LOVE the upgrade!!

Modra says:

My contract is up soon. New Samsung S4 sounds good.

jusdis says:

Sweet. Would love to have one!!!

I love apple but I want to try this new samgung android galaxy

ef4ervescent says:

Great contest

Thanks Android Central

TheZink says:


illini422 says:

Would love an S4. That has to be twice as good as my S2, right?

mfpmax says:

Here's to hoping they keep it the same size as the GS3

Oh yes please!!! Shower me in some Galaxy S4 goodness!!!

J240 says:

I'd love to win one to give to my best friend that desperately needs a new phone.

faceless says:

count me in. one more for the good guys!

Bryansarnold says:

I just got a galaxy S3 on Black Friday but I'll gladly dump it for an S4! Let me have it!

JoLOveSBJJ says:

It would be super swell to get a neat phone like that.

resurtron says:

My Galaxy S2 recently broke so this would make a great replacement!

gharkay says:

Come on random chance!

Josedabeats says:

Good luck everyone!

jrod691 says:

Please pick me!

VDub2174 says:

Thanks in advance for picking me :)

trayes77 says:

I hope that Samsung integrates more of a vanilla android UI. Their nature UX is too bland for my taste buds.

MURALO says:

I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance Android central.

droidmike says:

I hope I win!

shamatua says:

i want one so bad please.

matrixdriver says:

I'm down for a brand new S4!

Jack Lin1 says:

Yes plz

Targon says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4!

Martinr303 says:

Worlds first gs4 winner right here!!!

I need the s4

tjhop4292 says:

Well if you're just giving it away, I suppose I could find it a good home =)
Thanks for the opportunity guys!

sdhakko says:


rootedVette says:

There once was a man with a beard,
whose phone was acting quite weird.
He pulled from his trousers,
this old handheld browser,
and now his phone's to be feared.

rsan88224 says:

OG DROID AndroidCentral might kill you soon ...

I have a dumb phone really need this

dmbrown81 says:

Can you throw in t-shirt too? That would be awesome

dhughes says:

Hope this phone is awesome. I hope to win.

boparunsxc says:

I like a cookie.

gfreakinman says:

in it to win it.

md308 says:

Love my Galaxy Nexus, but would love an upgrade too!

AngiMac says:

Please and thank you... I swear, I need some GOOD news to happen in my life right now

dyinman says:

Sounds good!

Winning a Samsung galaxy S4 Before its release? That's pretty rad.

kenner03 says:

Pick me please I really want one badly :DDDDD

lean6rtj2 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4, come to papa!

FRZking says:

I want to have it please because I can just use budget devices not any high end devices as there is no contract based company in my country

lakkers91 says:

S4 for FRRRREEEEE?!?!?!? I love this site.

robert2611 says:

I dont mind having a brand new device in my hand it would be nice n kool having a galaxy s4 i would rather win it for free the device look nice and fun to own

batrad says:

This would make a great present for my 10 year old

her birthday is in April and this would be her first phone (perfect start)


rainero says:

Really looking forward to what Samsung will bring to the table with the Galaxy S4!

socal says:

Super Fantastico!

pick me!

Bob Stewart says:

Pick me!Please!

johnboy33 says:

Make it so!

pptarr says:

Please pick me! Would love a shiny new gadget!

davinci27 says:

There I did it. You happy now?

Mazza6059 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4,yrah,i want it more :-)

omahabruin says:

Excuse me Galaxy, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too !!!

Kpunkt says:

Same as the nearly 3k other people, I'd love to win the S4 :)

J Freez says:

I never win but.......

iitzmaicol says:

Pick me! Pick Me! Pick me!

Yes please! Thanks AC and MN!

rjkolo says:

Yea...who wouldn't want a shinny new phone!!! Thanks Android Central!!

grn4frk says:

Please please please!

capnOLA says:

All I can say is if the S4 is better than the S3 then it will be an EPIC phone... keeping my fingers crossed!!

junebug72 says:

Galaxy 4 sounds like a nice new toy to me..good luck to all.

nmarrion says:

Pick me ...please!


ohh! Would be nice to have!

orbital911 says:

I want it, I want it

swebb says:

Never won anything but this will make up for all of it.

cjbrigol says:

Wow already 2,400+ comments. Crazy. I'm sure there will be a ton more. Too bad I'm gonna be the winner! >:)

bookmonke says:

Nice contest.

Lorux says:

Galaxy S4 hope you have amoled!

cfodor5 says:

pick me pick me

XEOD says:

Huge fan of Samsung and have owned each variant of the Galaxy S and would LOVE to win an S4!

Jayc62 says:

Forget you. The winner has arrived. Naw good luck everyone.

heyjb28 says:

In desperate need of a phone! Using a deactivated Optimus S :P

thx84 says:

A contest for an unreleased phone? Why not!

rohiggidy says:

pick me

Dave_N says:

Please, sir, more

ronzkie21 says:

This would be the best replacement phone ever!

silentscoper says:

A comment.

rd_ac says:

want one..

sremai says:

Thanks for the contest AC. Hope I win.

Scott Kenyon says:

Thank you for another great contest.

CyHawk says:

I'd like one, please.

tideman92 says:

Gotta get me some of that!!!

Train54 says:


I haz S4?

98hundred says:

I'd love one

Lphie says:

Give me please!

kemifo says:

Yes Please

Habious says:

Pick me, pick me!

Spawn20 says:

I want to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

rdybala says:

Haven't even seen it and I want it!!!!

scribe4food says:

Hooray, for me!!!

The Dimer says:

Ready to make the switch from HTC to Samsung.

Scarboni21 says:

winner winner chicken dinner

killspy6 says:


mdoades71 says:

Oh yes. Would love to have a Galaxy S4.

viper1879 says:

I'd love to win this, need to replace my first gen Galaxy!

hollerwt says:


rjkowski says:

Easiest Contest Ever!

curl2k1 says:

No idea what its gonna be, but I'm down with getting one! lol

tarn451 says:

I would like to win the Galaxy S 4. It's time for an upgrade.

wudini007 says:

My comment

ynvmygp says:

Show me the s4!

VWIN says:

oh s4?
i hope i will win this phone.
love you android , love you samsung , come and bang the word

If I win Ill do the cinnamon challenge. Promise

jmhpwdr says:


cvweaver says:

Count me in too!

studog712 says:

Well this would be a nice treat.

CMarkOne says:

winner winner chicken dinner

Joe113 says:

I'm so down for a free phone!

c177flyr says:

Do want!

juicybuffy says:

Awesome! Please choose me! I'm still using my very 1st Galaxy and I hope I get to upgrade this year with the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Power!

swieder says:

I am going to wait for the S Five

(just kidding. Would love a free S4).

oube00 says:

Yeahhh Mon !

sholzer says:

s4! so ready to upgrade from my razr.

Sure, why not

Dubreggae420 says:

Need one please!!!!!!

melvin862 says:

i love the galaxy!

redlinevw says:

My S3 wants to be upgraded!

dodokov says:

oh dear, oh my...please pick me! :)

sdc5364 says:

Wouldn't this be nice!

danziskin says:

I would be happy to win the S4 - Dan

Ian Bird says:

Winna Winna - Samsung dinna! Best phone in Da Galaxy!

MartynHaigh says:

When my dog looks at me, does that mean he WANTS to be kicked?

payturr says:

If I win I better get a Sprint version...
Anyway, it also better put the HTC One up for a real fight!

Bro Ther Woo says:

So how do I win the Samsung galaxy iv :-)

xweb10 says:

I like Sammy

speedyb22 says:

Haha, what a great idea for a competition.

cegeto says:

Galaxy S4 iPhone killer.

Proud owner of the S3 would love to have the S4.

y2whisper says:

I what the final tally for comments will be on this one. Hoping I get it! good luck to all....unless you are going to be a jerk and sell it right after.

hrw2 says:

I hope that it will be Exynos5 and will get proper support from Samsung...

datsun240z says:

Obligation for new phone comment... I held up my end android central!

Joe H. says:

A lot of entries already. I'd love to win a GS4.

solid_s_1117 says:

One does not simply make a smartphone out of plastic.

John Pascoe1 says:

Got the 3. 4 me please.

1stloc says:

All I Need IS A Chance

It will be mine :D

Sainttaz says:

Would love to win one.

mitsueks says:

Can't win if you don't play

Yeaa! AC FTW! :)

salr88 says:

Hopefully the sun shines on this dogs a** this one time:)

CUKIO34 says:

I have never won anything in my life. Just when I get a little excited about the possible chance of winning, I realize this will just be another let down.

codeda says:

The phone I've been waiting for!

notyou says:


wilder_jw says:

"I got a rock." - Charlie Brown

kcn711 says:

pick me

Pick me! I want the S4 I'd love to have one. :) AC rules!!

Easy as that, huh. Gotta get me some of that!

I seriously want this so bad!!!!

Jake Johnson says:

Submit a single comment to this blog post. Done!

SpeedDemon18 says:

I wanna be the winner!!

I'm down to win a new phone.

antar8543 says:

I'm down to get down!

njunn5 says:


Rabih Kojok says:

i would love to get an s4 for free :Do

rotto16 says:

Count me in

Rabih Kojok says:

i would love to get an s4 for free :Do

StephenAaron says:

In like Flint...

evets114 says:

Yeah... Um... I'll take one

mcaveli says:

Did I win?

davton says:

Would love a Galaxy S

JCUK says:

Yep, I could do with one. My galaxy nexus needs a successor!

bkev says:

Cool competition. Here's my single comment! Good luck everyone!

To S4 or not to S4?

Ummm. Nobody knows what it will bring to the table... But God knows I want one.

Yeah, I'd love to replace my s3 for free. Would help me out loads to win.

XChrisX says:

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

regime2008 says:

I would LOVE to win! Lets see how this drawing goes. Good luck guys n gals!

dannyc123 says:

Heck yeah!

Hook me up

Me Please :)

What about me?

5stryng says:

I like extra gadgets

fortali says:

Galaxy s4 my pocket

ttajjioui says:

I need this.

jubei33 says:

It couldn't hurt to try this one time...Please pick me, Please. Ok I'm done begging now.

DarkWizard says:

Well count me in!

Plankton69 says:

You never know! Let's see! Good luc to everybody!!!

sftsang says:

I like these odds!

DanSan says:

whatever samsung is releasing, ill take it!!!

BIG CAT #7 says:

Please oh please pick me for the new GS4!

silverrazor says:

GS4 my way, please :)

jkane001 says:

I wouldn't turn an S4 down!

media_blitz says:

I'm going to win... Hopefully

Carl Fiorica says:

S4 me please!

tiabonaz says:

S4 power

ryelle62 says:

Please fulfill my Galaxy Quest :-)

kurteng says:

Chances are better than the lottery! Thanks!

ryjan says:

I want to win!

sforsyth01 says:

Pick me, please?

I'll be the lucky one.

mcho19 says:

Gimme that Galaxy S4!

palaudiver says:

I am down for an SIV. Would be a nice upgrade.

I would love the galaxy s4 pick me

mcauthorn says:

an S4 would be a nice thing to win

arturocr says:

Nice! I'll be the winner! :D

No pick me :p

Clank97 says:

I'm gonna win a Galaxy S4!

rendle says:

I'll take one, please.

I am so much in awe of the Samsung Galaxy series. Want to use the Galaxy S4 so much after receiving such positive reviews from all my friends. Will be my first Samsung device and cant say how eagerly I am waiting for it!!!

nemo says:

I can win please?

davehub23 says:

2000 plus comments? We're all suckers.

If i win one, i am gonna sell it. ;)

prozium40 says:

Would love a new samsung.. :-)

I refuse to loose

amin jebelli says:

Nearly 2.5K people commented so far and I think I actually have a chance??? :D
Oh well, let's give this a chance ;)

vtmtnbiker01 says:

This is a single comment in hopes of winning a Samsung Galaxy S4 in the worlds first Samsung Galaxy S4 contest.

MattyR says:

It would be rude not to, really!

Samsung ROCKS!!!!!! I would love to have their new Galaxy S4!!!

you guys have finally answered my call! been stuck on the OG nexus since day one definitely due for an upgrade! keep on rocking android central!

Robbie317 says:

I bet it's a monster device..

juanfra18 says:

Galaxy S4...... I wish jajaja. Maybe someday.

Sinolinoi says:

Wish to win, great phone! :)

newoikkin says:

I'd like one.

GT_Cleric says:

Wow! That was easy.

snyper_velox says:


Thanks for my birthday present a galaxy s4....

marin9610 says:

hahah i am going to win S4!

Convert2 says:

All in.

ksjmh13 says:

S4 sounds good to me.

Krasauskas says:

Feeling lucky today :)

GS4!I'm in! :-)

bukselj says:

Very nice:-)

dameon_03 says:

that is going to be a nice phone when it hits

mintvilla says:


Oh yeah GS4

zylor69 says:

And i'm in :D

tbuzas says:

Excited for this release

mmark27 says:

I am impressed at how many followers AC now has. Congratulations AC, I remember the early days! Keep rocking it! I'd love an S4!

Cullen Moore says:

S4 please

chrisWLKP says:


kakepner says:

On my third galaxy phone not to mention second tab. can;t wait for s4

kbp08tls says:

I want one!

randyw says:

I'm in!

djb74 says:

A (free) new phone this year beats a paid upgrade next year. :)

Mk_Ultra38 says:

Galaxy S4 mine mine all mine!!

jamie says:

I'm feeling like I will win!
Android central rocks!

timtahtinen says:

Just a single comment? But stuffing ballot boxes is fun! ;)

pappy53 says:

Pick me! Pick me!

I own a BlackBerry.

I own a Nexus 7.

They're perfect.

One problem: There's this SG4, right? I've been eying her predecessor for a few weeks. Every time I glance at my BlackBerry, I nod and turn my head back to the screen hoping, waiting for the SG4 to talk back to me and reveal her face.

My relationship with my 'Berry has soured recently. I love her, but our relationship doesn't have that spark.

Every time I imagine how the SG4 might look, butterflies swarm in my stomach, I get dizzy, my heartbeat increases. I tell myself, "Is this love?", I convince myself it's pure lust.

Does she look like the SG3, or is she ten times more magnificent than her old friend?

I don't know, but I want her.

I want to hold her, touch her, treat her like a queen.

I want you, Samsung Galaxy S4.

greatgoogly says:

and thus another comment was added to the floodgates of the thousands of other comments.

Wolfgar2k says:

In the words of Donkey from Shrek:
Oh! Oh, pick me!

Sodapoppper says:

let me win for a change!

LuRod629 says:

one phone to rule them all! the GS4!!!

Zarin1480 says:

My comment = my entry = my new phone. w00t!

gcherian says:

Absolutely would love to win the worlds first contest for a Samsung S4 - it gotta be fun!

SuperBad007 says:

1st comment on android central contest,let's see whether this helps me to win or not?

eon69nc says:

Please let me win, wow this phone is gonna be awesome.

Sony12fan says:

Thank you for the chance to win!

damo says:

Never won anything in my life and I'm a huge android fan so this would be awesome to win this competition! After all, you gotta be in it to win it!

yrj525 says:

Please accept my proposal. You, give me a GS4. I, will love the new phone!

snowgod76 says:

Me Me Me!

gunblade0705 says:

ooh me! ME!

Come on March 14th

Oh man. That'd be awesome if I win. Wife could get my gs3 lol. (Sprint flavor please)

dan1431 says:

I am getting annoyed with Blogs artificially generating clicks by these kinds of win "X" schemes.


SmitherZ says:

I just have a Galaxy S, need a S4 to fight against iPhones :)

apain05 says:

Umm...Yes Please and THANK YOU !!!!

LiLAzNNewB says:

It'd be fun to have a Galaxy S4 as a first Android device...! :P

bmulayim says:

i desperately need one...

aimcl says:

i want it! :D

V R1 says:

Please Mobile Nations, Entitle me a S4 so I could use the phone to create great apps and lots of development. I will be very thankful to MobileNations especially to AndroidCentral team even if I didn't win. Thanks for your jaw breaking news and all the smartphone info keeping me aware of our tech world.

Banefire says:

Please let me win, I need to get rid of this crappy iPhone 4S that I have from work.

onetonofclay says:

Sure, why not? :)

AkDo says:

I want one :O

It's not an iPhone, but it'll do I guess.

kenrick.du says:

I've owned the Galaxy S, SII and S3 before, I HAVE to get the Galaxy S4!!!
Hope I win this! :D

Dex13r says:

Awesome! Hope to be the lucky one :)

obiwankanobi says:

You will give me a Samsung galaxy s4!!!!!!!!!

Chase Slater says:

Winning the galaxy S IV would be the best thing ever!!

gadgetgaz says:

I'd so love a new S4, I'd sell my granny that's for sure!

realitydigg says:

here is my single comment " or should it be ' now I am confused!

ralii says:

Would love to win the Galaxy S4!

Wow, this would be a wonderful surprise! Good luck everyone!

Juanus says:

consider this "a single comment to this blog post."
Wish me luck!

calikingz says:

I WANT IT!!!!!!

Shankster says:

I'm doing this, but i never win anything. This could be my lottery !!!!

whispers47 says:

I would not mind winning a Galaxy S4...

Would go great next to my note 2 - and maybe it would help convince my wife to ditch her iphone! Really close with the note as it is.

steve.truong says:

I WANNA WIN! :D :D :D I wonder if they themed the device again this time around, like 'nature' for the S3. Tehehehe. So excited!

What's better than Galaxy S3? an S4 of course!

harleyb16 says:

I would love this!

krikirk says:

Holding out on upgrading my Bionic that if it went any slower it would go back in time... in which case I would keep it. haha. Please let me win the S4!

Curly62 says:

I'll take one, PLEASE!!!

BatterseaPS says:

Thank you guys! Love your site.