Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

TYagoto says:

I'm down to wina Galaxy S IV :)

viperhrdtp says:

Pick me

Big P0408 says:

I'll be the winner. Jajajja

Snizzoop says:

I'm still using the original Galaxy S (i9000). I'd love to have a new phone.

Droidanomix says:

plez can i has t3h galaxy s 4?!!!1

JasW says:

I'm suffering with a BlackBerry 9810, have used a BlackBerry for 12 years, and would be one of the more valuable Android Central contributors were I to get an S4. So you really have no choice!

SSherris says:

I don't think I already posted to this forum. Did I?

aseemgosain says:

Absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the SGS IV!!

Sun_Wukong says:

I want the HTC One... Oh wait, I want this too!!!
Pick me!!

WestOkid says:

All I no is I want a S-fo 4-sho.

alc2077 says:

Thank you Android Central for my new S4.....

zoom1 says:

If I win it will be the first time ever.

Blowntoaster says:

HTC One is epic too, but the S4's big.little chip and epic screen wins me over. My S3 needs a new companion...

Desziie22 says:

plzz can i win an galaxy s 4?!!!

i'll be the winner of this contest and take the samsung galaxy s4 sorry i cant give it to anyone else

Cronkite says:

I think I"ll take it.

jsz1002 says:

Pick me please.

TechW says:

I'll take it too.


TechW says:

I'll take it too.

Ptrm says:

pick me!

starleaf1 says:

Me too!

ItsMikey93 says:

Me first!

You think wrong bro

Harris Aleem says:

i really need a phone.. i only have two tablets right now..CHOOSe me

killuhkyle says:

hoody hoody herp d derp

skiddingus says:

I'd like 2 please! But I'll settle for one.

Glitch4583 says:

I'm really looking forward to this phone, and the possible X-Phone. My vzw Galaxy Nexus is starting to feel pretty old.

NJ Ismael says:

pick me and this will be my FIRST SAMSUNG PHONE... 2nd android phone!! it will only be possible if you'd pick me!!!

jakeinkw says:

I would love a new GS4... especially if it's on Verizon... would play well with my Galaxy Note 10.1

yUlekk says:

Here's my chance

Hi, is this the iPhone3 forum?

David Ortiz2 says:

No, this is an AA meeting.

isoH says:

I have the original Galaxy S as well. I need a upgrade.

alec hodges says:

if i win thrn o will fb and tweet how awesoe this websitevis. woohoo

Plz pick me plz

s44 says:


Holy cow, over 6000 comments already?

Tim Moorey says:

Now it is 6001. Here's hoping!

joeinks says:

Does anyone really "Need" the new phone? No but everyone wants it................

especially me.

Estrelo says:

I would love one.

Redchong says:

You guys are obviously gonna pick me!

Dav567 says:

No, pick me me meee!

Mehar Hamza says:

please give me only one galaxy s4 please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
I always use android central please give me a s4.

Me to cant wait

La Chit Thu says:

thank for making al the people dream cum true

Kimasu says:

No, don't listen to him. Pick me!

rolmay says:

Samsung rules!!

Pick me guys!

kimminer12 says:

Thank you for this great giveaway!

Its a super opportunity for me to win S4 .I likes all qualities of S4. Its not only a phone but also a World of wonder.pleas give me Samsung S4

Chris Crush says:

No, don't listen to him. Pick me!

pick me insteaddddd

Please select me to win the new s4

4wildcatz says:

Sorry, they are gonna to pick my entry for the S4

trivor says:

I'll throw my entry in the hat.

zloglasni says:

Davaj , davaj

Cosmin Socol says:

Or me!! :))

John Papas says:

Sorry all, It's mine.

I want to win one. Love the new features.

I'll throw my hat in

lmanders2 says:

I would love to win this Galaxy S4!

clock79 says:

Android central is the best Android website!

galaxy s4 is the BEST and my dream phone

Desziie22 says:

pick me plzz i really really need a galaxy s 4 plzz lat me win

why are you short

paparaji says:

You got to be kidding me. I am going to win S4 :):):) had s2 s3 and now i want s4 :)

Hopper8 says:

Sounds good. I'm in

Want one so bad

DavidM05 says:

S4 4 ME

Oskiee says:

Um.. sure, ill take a free fone.

krzysiekh says:

Quite so, me too!

Would LOVE to get my hands on the new Samsung!!! Can't wait!

CrimsonTear says:

Testing my luck, testing testing.

knightskr says:

Hook it up yo

kj11 says:

Please choose me as the
Winner of the new S4
Enjoy my Haiku

shura1980 says:

i want one.

OC Nut says:

Pick me!

byeperry says:

Let's just hope that we'll all going to be picked! :)

mitchger says:

Yes pretty please!

nephillim says:

I soooo want to get rid of the Motorola Atrix 2... and winning a GS4 would be perfect for such!!!

Progenitor42 says:

Sign me up!

TheNASB says:

All I need to do is post, really, sigh praying for a win!

Gotta have this to get my wife off the iPhone. She's the last in the family without Android phone. Her contract is up in May but if we can get this now, it would be awesome!

Sebasterd says:

That is a legitimate reason for winning.

Pick me

Pick me

Mr_Whiteash says:

I can haz?

Where do I sign up? lol

For the love of Jebus! Pick me!

jprit35 says:

Happy Happy Happy to get an S4!

csuddeth says:

Daddy needs a new S4!!!!!!!!

mmtowns says:

I'd love to win an S4!

JohnnyPre says:

I will tweet 10,000 people how I won a GS4 from Android Central. Pick me! :)


dansharpy says:

Ditto :-)

thatguy9684 says:

I want a S4!!!

I would like it!!

I'm probably not going to win. But it wouldn't hurt to try. =P

theJDman says:

Galaxy S4 time already? Oh well, I wouldn't mind skipping the payment for the S4.

frettfreak says:

sign me up! but even if i dont win, Android central still rocks!! Thanks guys!

pick me me me! :-)

lwa391 says:

Would really like to upgrade from GN.

When does the Galaxy S5 contest start?

Hopefully I win

rm548 says:

In for one.

jm1282 says:

Love my S3, looking for good things from S4.

Watch This says:

I love my GS3, would REALLY love a GS IV !

harle83 says:

Move over folks, I play to win...... Please let it be me.

JerryF says:


speakxj7 says:


swebster777 says:


Jchewy says:

I'm ready for my s! Thank you for organizing :)

i want one

PoorPigg says:

As do we all.

Thanks AC Team!

oddlou says:

Yes, please.

Predator04 says:

Hey pick me! woot Android central FTW

Predator04 says:

Hey pick me! woot Android central FTW

Still using an i9100. About due for an upgrade.

snakke says:

I wanna win cause i still got a crappy LG GS108 :(

s... s2... s3... S4!


I don't know what it is yet, but I'll take one!

kh6696 says:

I'll take one

abumashi says:

Right here! big samsung guy!

Philip Wu says:

Yay galaxy s4!!!!! :-)

Tizzla says:

Please do send it this way!

Keuil says:

Get me off this damned iPhone. Please?

Hellbound#AC says:

Ill take one

Morrissex says:

(Sung using the Pokemon Opening track without vocals)

I wanna be the very best
like no one ever was.
To get it is my real test
to root it is my cause...

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Samsung Galaxy to understand
The power that's inside....

Galaxy S4, it's you and me
I know it's my destiny
Galaxy S4, oh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend. (choir: against Apple)
Galaxy S4, a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You come at me and I'll flash you, Galaxy S4!
Gotta catch 'em all
gotta catch 'em all

kayrid says:

This was the best post I ever read. I had to go to youtube and sing your lyrics to the music. I think you should get one just for the lyrics. Thank you so much!

milord25 says:

hope I win!!!

cyberchief says:

Oh yeah yeah... I want in! Gotta get me some S4 love!

Do I deserve it? Yes, yes I do.

BrandonRay says:

Ive had one, two, and three....I'm gonna add the S4 to my collection!!!

Alpha8888 says:

Sign me up!

Spelacnar says:

Can't wait to get my hands on the phone!

rookiegenius says:

please. I need that S4.. gotta be me.

prapoza07 says:

I want an S4!

Time to dock the skyrocket for good. S4 you shall now man the helm.

Tom Staggs says:

please make it mine

pick me

Me me me!

Veedubdan56 says:

Love my s3 and the gs4 looks so much better!

2mbQ4AC4vkWr says:

Sys admins don't know it's not really bacon.

Gettting this would be great since I would be coming from a Galaxy S2.

Ying Yang1 says:

It's mine so face the truth already. Lol

soli2005 says:

It has to be me!!! says:

I'll take one.

wooo galaxy IV

saabguy2005 says:


deleong1 says:

Its my bday tomorrow I think its destined to be me.

Samsung has really stepped up their game.

Ho me. Pick me!!! bazinga

stoney73 says:

Great stuff, Android Central have the best competitions:)

Wayne1102 says:

i would like to win one please!

D16RR says:

I should have my kid do this. He's the luckiest guy I know.

PoorPigg says:

Thank-you for this entry post, and an opportunity to win.

rivered says:

Who isnt? ;)

Pick me please!!

meethere says:

oh, that was easy
I am in

Thanks from group

Stephan Keil says:

a brand new SGSIV, wrapped in a LLOYD-Shirt and i dont need birthday, easter or christmas this year :)

pinoymutt says:

Would be nice to be the first!

Akhil Sood says:

Ima WIN this thing.

Flat Earth says:

Happy to be the winner of the sFour!

Gaurav says:

I'd love to win!

Simon Huang says:

Hope I get a chance to win this amazing phone

Saif Shaikh says:

Excited to replace my phone with Galaxy SIV.

Loopins says:

Great...btw international people are allowed to enter?

j-stock says:

No, me! :-)

silberpfeil says:

no, no, no. I gonna win a S4, I gonna win a S4 ;)

Jash Sanghvi says:

I wanna get ahold the Galaxy S IV .

Badeente says:

Come to daddy;-)

Veedubdan56 says:

Love the galaxy series and looking forward to seeing what the s4 has!

I have a note II and couldn't have been happier! :)
Waiting for S4, it will be a lovely gift to my wife!

sledge007 says:

I'm pretty happy with my SGS3, if I won the S4 I'd give it to my girlfriend.

Jedi2155 says:


ahmad M says:

one for me :(

Galaxy S4, I could use one.

dmcneto says:

Very happy with my SIII! But i'll be wonderfull to own a S IV... ihihiihihi

bukojuice says:

i want one!

mendelp says:

Pick me!!

zondajag says:

I would like to enter the running.

Mdrr33 says:

Only thing I've ever won is a goldfish from a carnival game. 6 years ago and he's still alive and he's huge. A new phone would be great. My fish's name is lucky. Maybe he'll bring me some.

joeinks says:

Posting a comment because I too am cheap, am willing to give up personal information for the greater marketing good, and think that my snowball's chance in hell will be the winning one.

jslackhouse says:

would love to win...woot.

seriously, win.

Gimme one..

Definitely Looking into this.. Galaxy S 4 all the way

John Kotches says:

Who isn't down to win a Galaxy S4 or SIV or whatever they want to call this incredible phone?!?!?!

rendevouspoo says:

I'd love to win the S4!

mpoh says:

I would definitely love to have a Galaxy S4, please send it all the way to Mexico :D

Zeyu Li says:

Pick me!!!

Sun_Wukong says:

I know it's like picking a needle in a haystack, but I still believe in hope, therefore this is my entry!


Abel Alvarez says:

me moriria por un galaxy s4, i really want to have that beautiful smartphone, im a samsung fan. i have my laptop, tv, phone, blueray, etc. all SAMSUNG brand.

biggie6987 says:

i refuse to upgrade with Sprint, pick me!

Best phone in the Galaxy! ^_^ I'll take one!

Twankie1981 says:

I Want it.... I want that Galaxy... I want it...I want I want I want I want it!

texan_pre2 says:

Would love one...

kapilb83 says:

Have waiting for this launch.. Curiously.. Being Samsung S3 fan since the day it's was launched. I am one of the pre book customer who brought the S3 on the day it was launched in May.

S4 is a dream and looking forward to win this one.

Bdoggy25 says:

In for the win!

blackomen says:

Who doesn't want one?

BroodjeBami says:

I do, I do, I do-o-o

suresh nuka says:

Limited edition made for me coming soon

suresh nuka says:

Feeling proud to be the owner
of S4

jhill110 says:

If you hook me up with this S4 I won't tell anyone what you did last summer.

Kamil92 says:

Yes I want it !

HeyBeerManTX says:

Oh yeah! S4 ME!

scottidog says:

I'm down to win one too. Oh wait, they're only giving up one. Guess it'll have to be me then. :-)

Me too. Send it over :)

Wouldn't pass the chance :), i would like to win a Galaxy S IV :))

Dominik Zero says:

good luck man :)) thumbs up

noremac84 says:

Pick ME!

nowmrsholmes says:

I hope it's sturdier than my S3!

Sam Baki says:

i hope i win! pleaseeeee

reno55 says:

Im all in for sure!

2 days and 10000 comments later . . . Not liking the odds, but awesome contest anyway!

elijahblake says:

Please pick Meeee, I've got a busted galaxy s3 :(

CMeys says:

Me too!

toads5 says:

I love my S3 and can't wait for the S4

buttus says:

oh damn, that would be sweet to win!

Julztay says:

Keeping my fingers crossed! Would be so excited to win :)

cthunder says:

Winna Winna, Chicken Dinner!

Aslam Ashiq says:


I fall in love glaxy S3 when i saw fisttime and at the same time i decided to purchase and i did.

Now I am expecting S4 with more exiting features.

Best of luck,
Aslam Ashiq

Mrlovkim says:

Give me a S4 or give me death.

dimman says:

sure, I'd like to win a new Galaxy S IV

old.geek says:

Time to retire this ole HTC EVO 4G!

Listicka says:

I would very much love to have one.

X_ray says:

I´nevr got phone like this only that ones older. I hope i will be the winner to finally got one functional phone. Thanks for opportunity. :)

rydethru says:

count me in for a Galaxy 4

D-Kicker says:

I want a GS4 please!

Samsung Galaxy S4? Cool!
Just waiting to get my hands on it :D

ivanempire says:

A neutron walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender then tells him: "For you, no charge!" Arf arf...

kidstechno says:

Samsung is out of this world (or Galaxy)!

Please pick me!

Let's make a Deal...Pick me ....And I will pay the shipping charges...LOL.
No one will get this.....All is just publicity stunt.

oshawadude says:

Time to move on from BB. I'm due!

kevsmart says:

If it's free it's for me!

Josh Spain says:

Me too.

Simer03 says:

me me me!!! :) im poor!

j-stock says:

No, me :-)

jeby says:

I'm still Rockin and Evo 4G. I needs me an S4.

lorethai says:

Hello there. I know everbody wants to be the winner, but please, be so kind and consider letting my person win. Why? With my wife, we are expecting a boy, and my wife has an old xperia phone which is not working well and she's all nervous because of it and we are lacking money for a new one. It would be a really nice gesture, to give her this android baby as a gift.

Thank you! Wheter i win or not, thanks for letting me participate.

Have a nice day, all of you!

ACG67 says:

Yeeeaaahhhh buddy

u to have a nice day

danny25x says:

I want a new S4 :D

GeorgeM269 says:

Me gusta S IV

I want win do I can give my wife my s3

Pikezer1337 says:

Thought for about an hour on something clever to write to win a Galaxy S4... I got nothing.

Dixit says:

Cant wait till this is released, cant wait to get my hands on it.

Local_Hero says:

A Galaxy SIV or my Galaxy Note II. That's a hard decision. Why not both.

txgrunt says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I want one

Aylia Zaidi says:

Keeping my fingers crossed! Would be so excited to win

Aylia Zaidi says:

I'd like to win a Samsung galaxy 4

fiveHellions says:

I want to win this so I can sell it and buy 2 nexus 4's

noobee says:

No pick me

NavyVet420 says:

HTC SUCKS & is more of the same old same old.

Samsung S4 is a beast!

Samsung any day!

magyaatt says:

A black one please! :D

Eric Olson1 says:

I'd like to win a Samsung galaxy 4

i would really like to win a samsung s4 if i win it would really be a blessing if i sign up for another contest i will win my mom one becuase i love her if i do win i would say THANK U !!!!!!!!!!

As of now I have a $30 phone that I have had for years. I am having an extremely hard time financially. It would mean the world to me if I received this phone, a gift from God. Thank you.

Nicole Lauren Kennedy

Michal Cabaj says:

Nonono! pick me! Sorry not able to add comment only reply... Galaxy s2... The irony.

GrachAV says:

wanna S4

Nelson Neves says:

What is better than a S3? Only a S4! :D

tinktink09is says:

This phone is sleek and beautiful!

deke2010 says:

Indeed it is. I want it:)

deke2010 says:

Indeed it is. I want it:)

sRedwolf says:


zchoate says:

I'd love to have one

Ashkerlon says:

Yes please!

PYarr says:

Will be sad to see my Nexus S retired, but I can't pass up this phone

Worth a shot

skbgiants says:


coopster81 says:

This still going?

Rehan Khan1 says:

me too,,,hope I get it

Pick me or not (come on pick me)
Android Central still rocks

trojans says:

S3 to S4 sounds good to me.

Gregg H says:


Weazrbmxr says:

Time for the Vdub to win something. Please pick this guy right here!

vegiisan says:

Not sure if entered. Entering to win! :-D

chriswong999 says:

I need a new phone

neerajv says:

Glad for the contest. Wish me luck! :-)

ratb3rt says:


Cowchip says:

It's my time!

Joshb0075 says:

Android Central is the best! GS4 please!

drekosh says:

I'm feeling lucky. I got a new job and could use a smart phone to keep in touch while I'm out in the field.

Romi01 says:

Android FTW

lwa391 says:

I am still trying to win.Its my turn.

buckwheatdx says:

still want a free phone!

Torpedojager says:

Yes please

popkurn611 says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

bswides412 says:

You can't win unless you play!

flyguyjai says:

True Story. I found my Dog Yesterday, the day they revealed the Galaxy S4 after he had been lost since December 1st...Worst Holiday Season ever. BUT I can't be happier! I'd love to win, if I don't I am cool...I have my Best Friend back!

Lim Junliang says:

I am ready 4 galaxy s4!

mmorris9001 says:

I could so go for a gs4

Yay_Baby says:

Galaxy S4, ain't nobody gone love you the way that I do.

Stratatak7 says:

Me too! Who wouldn't be :)

Soar Smith says:

pick me

jedilow says:

I lost.

Alex Tam says:

You wish :)