We bought an extra OnePlus One. And we were going to have a fun little contest to give it away. But after today's shenanigans, screw it.

You can get the details on how to enter here.


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Win a OnePlus One from Android Central without having to do anything stupid or sexist



Give me the phone or I WILL get naked. And take pictures. And video. And road trip. J/K. Or not.....

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I'd like one if it comes with 32gb's storage. The wife wants a new iPhone 6, but I'd love to get her one of these and turn her onto Android. All she's ever had is iPhone's and while they are nice I feel she's missing out. Thank you for doing these contests.

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You're making the assumption that she gives anything about android. If she did, she'd get a phone herself. Give her some credit and what she wants which is an iphone 6. (also, keep the phone for yourself.)

I would love to use the OnePlus One because I have never owned a smartphone that wasn't an iPhone or Samsung, and I would love for the OnePlus One to be the one to break the trend.

This would be awesome to win!!
I haven't been able to score an invite so this would make my week

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I think this looks like a really great phone.
I'd love to win one and put it through its paces.

Thanks for not making us be your dancing monkeys.

I would so love to have a 2 (OnePlus 1=2). I actually received an invite but didn't get the email notification in time to claim it.

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I am in the market for a new phone right now and the one+one sounds really nice :-)
I would like one :-)
I had my 40 birthday on the 1 august, this would be a great gift yo my self :-)
Best Joakim

Idiots everywhere.... Read the THREE FRICKEN SENTENCES of the article that tell you how to enter. Commenting here doesn't win you the phone.

Beggars drive me nuts.

I would love to win this phone but i never win...at least i tried it:D This is the only chance to me to get this phone:D Pick me please!:)

Would love nothing more than to give this baby a run round the block. So yes please and thanks in advance

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I've had a nexus 5 since it hit the play store, and I have loved it and never thought about getting another phone until now. I love the idea of the One+ 1 and I really want to break away from the nexus family with a worthy replacement.

Wow Phil. For someone who advocates "diversity", I'm surprised you are calling what OnePlus is doing sexist. I applaud the newfound opinion!

I'd like to show the One Plus One to ALL the Android fans that I know in Seattle. And the iOS fans for that matter. Then since I have my Optimus G Pro still I'd give that away (to someone on this forum maybe?) and keep the One Plus One. My wife still likes her iPhone 5. Because she has small hands. No I will not send pictures. Creeps :)

It would be great to win a giveaway because I never had won one and of course to upgrade my current phone before my wife gets the iPhone6.

Nice phone, it sucks that cyanogenmod has Oneplus as their first manufacturer, hopefully they'll have future success with other future organizations

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I would love to win one because its a phone that contains every hardware that a phone user needs without the annoying garbage apps that most carriers put on their phones.

I was waiting soooo, sooooo long for the one plus one. If I do not will, I will get an LG G3. A good phone that people can actually buy. Thanks AC for all your cool work.

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As everyone else I would love to own a OnePlus One, I been trying to obtain one for a while. They seen cool because it comes with cynageonmode preintalled and it also has premium specs. I would love to own the phone and I wouldn't do anything weird to win it

This is why I respect the hell out of you Phil. Always the voice of reason regardless of popular opinion. Oh yea, consider my entry official.

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I have been trying to get a hold of a one plus for some time now with no luck on getting any invites or any real luck, my nexus 5 is just about shot and I don't want to go all out and pay for another phone and just for batteries sake, not another nexus 5. So I would love to win this, or at least an invite.

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I feel like I've been trying to get an invite to One Plus for eons at this point. It'd be nice just to win the opportunity to BUY one, let alone win a free one!

Live for developing and would love to continue with this phone. Been with android since HTC Hero, love the way it's grown. Would definitely oneplus+ with this phone!

I don't need any device so much that I would jump through hoops. Sorry but somebody is getting their kicks out of having people do things and it sours my opinion of the device and the company.

Not only does it look and feel like a premium device, but it has specs similar to what you'd find in a flagship smartphone or even better than one available in any high end smartphone at almost double the price. Updates are quick and it has customizable hardware. It is an high-end phone on a budget price. What else can one asks for. I would love to own one.

After being homeless less than a year ago, and now finally turning my life around, getting sober, getting an apartment and most importantly getting back in touch with my family, I feel like I've already won a lottery of getting my life back. Now all I need is a sweet phone like The OnePlus One. That would surely put another huge smile on my face. Good luck to all!

I would love to check this phone out.. I got a Moto X. Kinda getting bored. I got it before Mother's day.

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Hi. I'd like to win this phone as we really don't see these brands (OnePlus, Oppo, etc) over here. Thanks :-)

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Hi, I would like to win on One plus one as I have never owned a premium Android phone and this looks really good.

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I'd like to win this one. My sister's phone broke and she needs a new one, don't want her to get an iPhone so it would be great if she has a top notch phone for replacement :)

PS I also left a comment on the forum thread just in case XD

I would like to have it, bechause then i will give my SGS4 to a homeless guy i know, who realy could use a better mobile to be able to communicate with his children. He is an amasing guy with a big heart as mine and he does what he can to make other people arround him happy. I know him from when i give out free left over bread from the bakeries when they cloce. I pick up the bread when the bakeries close and give it out for free on my bycicle with a donated trailer, to the homeless and those with need in Copenhagen City.

I am using HTC One but i always wanted to try this OnePlus One!! Hope that you make me win it!!

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Extremes these companies (Oneplus) goes to for competitions.... I own an m8 but have heard great things about the customization of the Oneplus phone... So figured why not give it a try at entering

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Wanna win that one plus, and I never did discuss....getting naked, but in fact I faked it and am typing this naked. What's all the fuss? I just want to win a one plus! :-)

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I think I would like a larger screen than I have with my n5. I would love to try this out with this phone.

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I love to have this phone. Thank you Android Central for given us the opportunity to have one without asking our sisters, wives and girlfriends to submit their pictures.

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Very cool Phil! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome looking phone, especially for us guys who'd have to wait for One+ to get around to letting us have a crack at one. I would make an inappropriate comment about my willingness to get naked for one, but honestly... NOBODY wants to see that! LOL

Well I'm not one to believe in these site give aways and youtube giveaways but I will take a chance here and say I would love this phone especially now that my N5 is busted . Hope to win , and btw this is a great site keep up the good work ..

This phone is targeted at exactly who OnePlus One wants as customers, shallow ignorant airheads. I'll take a M8 or G3 over this crap any day.

I don't even have a "best" reason for this contest..it's everything you want on an android phone..plain and simple..
Good luck everybody!

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I wanted to go wild, but when AC is giving one away I will keep my secrets with me...

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I just want to win something. Anything. I think I should work at a cell phone retail store. Some of the employees at some of the ones I go to know nothing of the product they have our will be getting. "They all have iPhones"

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Looks like it would be a great phone. To bad the company is pulling such stupid stuff. At least I don't have to destroy my old phone to get one now.

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This would be handy as I'm just about to give Verizon the boot and switch to ATT or T-Mobile.

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CyanogenMod kept my old D-1 up and running faster and longer than I ever thought possible. So it stands to reason I'd love a One+1 as my new phone.

lets see how lucky i am on my 1st anniversary :)
(this would be the only lucky thing today as my wife as out of country on this day :( )

I want it :(

Would love a chance to try out the ph0ne, need an upgrade but with family needs its always the thing that gets pushed back.

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Can I smash my Nexus 4 anyway? Jerry says it will be useless after Nov. (No L update) (insert sarcasm mark here)

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I always wanted one of these phones. So hard to get. I would love this. Me please!!

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Would love this phone. Full time IT student and my S3 is 94% broken. Drops signal often, battery life is toast, constant boot loops. Can't really afford to buy a new phone but if I have to I would want this one, but can't get invites. This would be an amazing win for me.

Good on ya for the contest

I promise NOT to get naked if I win a One Plus...that's not a threat, just a promise. Unless a threat would help my odds of course...

Wanted one since its been announced. I was so sure that i get it soon (i never buy phones right after they´re released) but then the invite system was revealed and still think i´d never get one. But i was (and still am) fascinated by the One Plus One simply because it runs CM out of the box. Getting it would be incredibly awesome!

I'll take that phone! Shoot I'd take any free phone! Thanks for calling out what should have been obviously stupid to the people at OnePlus. They can make a hell of a phone but marketing is not a strong suit!

I have switched from HTC one m7 to samsung s4 and boy did I make a big mistake. I can't stand samsung phone and don't know what the hell I was on to jump to samsung. I am hoping one plus will be better then samsung. Please pick me

How about "Win any high end Android phone EXCEPT a One Plus". Why reward them for this debacle? Sorry, I have to sit this out on principle. I hope you understand, Phil.

I would love to have this phone but simply can't right now just finished moving. But whoever gets it's in pretty sure will enjoy the device

Awesome contest AC. The marketing is crazy weird but the winner will be happy. Just got my 4.4.4 update today and so far I can call this the perfect phone. Screen, call quality, look and feel, speaker quality, speed and responsiveness, storage, battery. I could go on all day. Just perfect

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I commend you on how you, Phil, and Android Central is handling this and I agree, just sell the damn phone and quit having people run through hoops. +1 to you guys!

My wife's phone died so she now has my HTC One. I'm due a new phone. This would be perfect timing. I like turtles!

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I would love to win this phone for my wife. She is starting a new business and the camera on this would be great for taking pics of the items she is making. Please let me win this for her.

I sure as hell would love to get naked to get the OnePlus One, but nobody would want to see my nasty ass body...(or is it?) Just kidding, it's almost as sexy as the OnePlus One's design: long, slim, and silky smooth (if it was the 16GB model, of course).
Nah, but seriously, I'd love to win that awesome ass phone!

There are several reasons why I want this phone. I would really love to see first hand how well this device v came out. Wide eyed and hopeful I'll win!

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I read, and read, all about this phone, didn't want to jump through hoops when I'm trying to give them my money anyway. So I went with a Nexus 5 instead, this runs smooth but I like shiny new things.

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