CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik promises "exciting news ahead" in his announcement that they will be attending the Oppo N1 event in Beijing, China. Does that mean what it sounds like it means? We'll know shortly, as the event is just three days away on September 23.

Should be interesting!

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Will CyanogenMod, Inc. debut on the Oppo N1?


+fucking1. This would be amazing. This team needs their own phone. All their hard work over the years would pay off. God I hope this happens. Been using CM since froyo

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Well the rumors of the N1 point to a 5.9inch 1080p phablet. But, the possibility for modest pricing still exists. I'm very interested in this now because I know aside from Google, Cyanogen going mainstream and getting basically their own hardware means there will be one more software company that manages their Android updates in a much more efficient and timely fashion than the carriers would let them.

Oh man. Didn't do my research on what size it's rumored to be. 5.9" would be a little too much for me. The biggest form factor I would go is the Note 3 size. Still excited none the less.

The problem is that the Note 3 IS stretching it (bigger than Note 2 by "JUST 0.2 inches"), when the Note 2 stretched it too. Adding 0.2 inches slowly doesn't make it look like its the same.

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I'm concerned more on form factor and not screen size. If done right, it'll won't break it for me. But if done wrong (Like how the HTC One is a taller device yet smaller screen than the GS4) then yeah it would.

I'm really more interesting in the 5 inch sizes anyway.

That would be amazing, but it won't happen. Google uses the Nexus line to push the platform rather than to generate money from device sales. Manufacturers like Oppo who generate all of their money from hardware sales don't have that luxury.

I didn't say cheaper than the Nexus5. Unless you meant "Cheaper than the Oppo Find 5?". Also, I didn't realize before my post that it was going to be phablet size so it's definitely going to cost more than the Nexus 5 and Find 5.

I'm still relatively new to the Android. I've been reading a little bit lately about the recent stuff with CM and am very intrigued. Sorry for the newbie question here but, what is it that this "sounds like it means"? What is in Beijing that is meaningful to this post? Thanks guys.

The device announcement and usually cm, if I am right, do not go to this type of thing. The author is indirectly saying that the phone could be announced running cm which would be a first

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CM just incorporated this week and hinted that they were teaming with a hardware partner to supply their ROM to a handset that people would buy and have CM out of the box instead of having to wipe and flash another company's phone. Oppo is a Chinese company and are unveiling the N1 next week, so if CM is saying they're going to the announcement, it's probably not because they're sitting in the audience.

This is amazing news. An actual phone built for there kernel and OS. It will be android on steroids, with Customization and themes like crazy.

HMMM this makes thngs interesting. Wonder if they will go Nexus route with price point or sell to generate cash like other OEMs. I dont think they can afford doing that but who knows...

@Aikuchi I didn't know that. That's cool. It would be amazing, if other manufacturers followed suit, with their Google Play or Developer Editions.

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It won't happen apart from the Google edition or shipping phones with aosp, sorry I just don't see htc or Samsung letting you choose custom roms, ever.

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Well, you never know from Samsung? One thing Samsung does have is a mentality too throw lots of things against the wall and see what sticks. Though I don't see them doing it with there high end device, I could see them giving it a go with a low end or mid range device.

I still don't understand "Cyanogen Inc." Is it a new operating system, or something like Sense or Touchwiz?

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Well Cyanogenmod can be described as a fork of stock Android (some might not agree, but if you use Linux where there are thousands of distro you'll agree). The Inc part means it's a legal business entity. They will probably develop software for other manufacturers and keep making CyanogenMod roms.

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My understanding is Cyanogen Inc. is more like a change in mindset. Before Cyanogen was a rom developed buy enthusiasts, but now its there job, meaning they can focus more time on it and they can form more structured development teams.

Dude learn your grammar. You're, your, their, there and they're.

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Started using CyanogenMod on my Nexus One and have used it on many of my Android devices. To have them put their OS on a phone as the designated Operating System is just killer. The phone will be optimized for this OS and will fly. My only issue with the Nexus phones have been total lack of internal storage which has been holding many Android users away. Oppo with CyanogenMod and 64gb of int storage will be my dream Android device.

Amazing how much drama and rumors you can create with a slamming sound, dramatic music, and plain text on a black back ground.

*SLAM* "Bananas are yellow"

Personally I think they will become a LLC instead of incorporate right at first.

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All the contributors who gave their time and talent to make cm what it is today won't see a dime.

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Oppo has supported Cyanogenmod officially since the Oppo Find 5. It will likely be an official port for the device that will be easily installable thanks to an unlocked boot loader and some software from Cyanogenmod. This partnership is not new it is convient and smart.

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they are working on it..budDyboy...working on it, means it has is on the supported devices list..does the token fall down now..