Motorola Xoom at Target

From the looks of the image above, it appears as though Target will begin selling the Wifi-only version of the Motorola Xoom tablet in the coming days. Functional displays have hit some stores already, and inventory is rolling in, so it looks like we can add Target to the list of places where you'll be able to snag yourself a Xoom.

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Wifi Motorola Xooms show up at Target


Time to roll out the new retail venues what with the 3.1 update getting announced in the next 48 hours...

There have been a few leaks about 3.1 (including Adobe's last Flash update) and it seems like I/O would be a good time to show it off.

Honeycomb really wasn't finished when it went out the door, so the next update should put a lot more spit and polish on it (and hopefully a fully integrated cloud media organizer with Google Music).

Let's hope the update is:

1) Sooner than later
2) For both Xoom models AT THE SAME TIME
3) Brings lots of bug fixes and goodness

Has been entirely too long...

Some do have it, I work at the Sams club that is in Murray, UT.
We have had it on sale for about a week. Its wifi only and going for 579.99.

(Not attempt at trolling)
Why would anyone buy the Xoom when the Transformer is the exact same specs but has the ports enabled, is cheaper and has a keyboard with extended battery life?

(I genuinely would like to know why)

Don't worry in another week or two that won't be a problem, and Motorola will be begging people to buy their WIFI only Xooms (As if they don't already)

The Xoom is the developer device, like the Nexus phones of tablets. This means it will be getting updates sooner than the other tablets. Also, according to what I've heard, its a more solid feeling tablet. And the fact that the bootloader is unlocked is a HUGE plus for me, as I love rooting and the such. I absolutely love my Xoom. Definitely would not trade it for a transformer. But everyone has their own opinions. Looks and feel are important to me, and the Transformer is down right ugly, no matter how you look at it

Transformer is probably great for those that want to travel lite.

But for the most pure Honeycomb experience, nothing beats the ACER Iconia A500). The interface is pure Android. Same specs as the Transformer, cheaper, weighs less (700 grams), and all the ports work as well.

What about the XOOM is not pure Honeycomb? There are no hints of Blur, and I don't think that there was any uninstallable bloatware.

"But for the most pure Honeycomb experience, nothing beats the ACER Iconia A500). The interface is pure Android. Same specs as the Transformer, cheaper, weighs less (700 grams), and all the ports work as well."

This is really... wrong. Like, all of it:

1) Transformer is $50 cheaper
2) The Acer Iconia is actually the heaviest of the three. Even weighs more than the Xoom in terms of grams.
3) All the tablets have a "pure" Honeycomb feel. Please don't make such generalizations when you obviously have not tried either the Xoom or the Asus TF. (if you did, you would have known this)

The ports work though -- I'll give you that. (except, the ports on most tablets work anyway)

But honestly, it isn't hard to look up this info and not be 75% wrong. (especially on the price and weight)

I've heard and read (on the CNET review) that the Acer has trouble with video playback on very high quality video (see @ about 11 minutes in) whereas the Xoom video playback on the same video is excellent. Has anyone who owns an Acer a500 noticed this? I'm leaning towards the Xoom but the Acer price is very enticing.

Actually I would like some clarity on this:

I've read that the Xoom is more like the Droid is to the phone Android than the Nexus. It was the "developer device" to some because it was the ONLY Honeycomb tablet at the time. (Much like the G1 as it was the first of its kind) Google has not officially sanctioned a "nexus" tablet to my knowledge. Again, feel free to correct me here. I believe there are misconceptions of these labels floating about.

I had a Xoom and to me, my Transformer is 100 times better than my Xoom was. When you say "more solid feeling" that's just a euphemism for heavy as hell. Obviously, there are people who like heavier tablets. However, there is a reason why Apple went lighter and there is a reason why more people appreciate the lighter version.

Plus, I got the keyboard dock and a memory card, and it was still cheaper than the wifi Xoom alone.

About appearance, I can't say I loved it when I first saw the pics online but you really have to hold a Transformer before you judge on appearance. In reality, it looks much more refined. In either case, I would've just gotten a case for it anyway.

Cleary, people who already have the Xoom want to protect their investments are a bit biased. (even if they're not willing to admit it -- like those Apple people) That is why I base my opinion on having own them both: the Xoom was a fine tablet given that is was really the only option available. However, I do believe it a mistake to buy one at the current price because it does not offer a better experience. In the end, the operating system is still Honeycomb and manufacturers have not deviated much from stock. (not like in phones) I can say that the Xoom's Honeycomb experience is practically identical to the TF's Honeycomb experience. (However, the few added features give the TF the edge)

The biggest flop with the Xoom is the price.

Do you have a source stating that the Xoom is a developer device? I've been asking around and no one seems to be able to give me a definitive answer. If it is, and it's guaranteed to get updates for the foreseeable future like a Nexus device, then I'd get a Xoom.

I have not heard about this either.

Google merely okayed the Xoom -- they didn't make it the nexus of tablets.

I think it's just a rumor that blew of proportion.

You are getting updates from Moto -- not from Google. That is the distinction between Nexus and other Android devices.

1) Because some people don't or didn't want to wait that long. The Xoom has been out a while.

2) The Xoom is the unofficial official Google Honeycomb tablet. This means it is likely to get the most support and updates.

3) The build quality of the Xoom is high/good.

The Xoom is overpriced, however. I am thinking the other tablets will force the price down. Guess we shall see.

I held the acer, transformer, and Xoom and the first two felt cheesy. the xoom felt like my X and I love my X. and price wise there all in the ball park of each other. that is 32GB versions. with tax I just bought the xoom from sams for 611$. I do feel like the tablets will never replace a laptop or a netbook until the tablet OS sheds the mobile phone feel. using my xoom its like using my x but bigger. that's why I think the windows tablet will dominate the corporate world when they get it polished up its going to be awesome.