Confession: I'm excited for the Kindle 2 announcement today and will give serious thought into purchasing one. The question is, will I need one? If you didn't hear, Google Book Search is now optimized for Android meaning all the books available through Google are easily accessible on your Android phone! 

Head over to for Google's Library which offers the full catalog of free books (all 1.5 million of 'em!). Sadly, you'll need an active internet connection because there doesn't seem to be an option for offline viewing. Overall, the interface works pretty well--it even has bookmarks and recently viewed books. Is this a serious contender for the growing e-reader market? Could this replace a Kindle?

We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully our eyes aren't too strained from staring at our G1's LCD screen! What do you guys think? Should I buy a Kindle 2?

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Who Needs a Kindle When Android Has Google Book Search!


The textonphone app is what i use and you can view offline and download your own text if you want.. i dont need a kindle now.. or google for that matter

e paper is great but it lacks color.... Alot of things i read have color illustrations or covers etc. And graphic novels???? theyll ever be able to sell those things. These "e book" readers will never be able to do away with paper untill they address these issues. And what happens to public libraries when these things do supplant paper there needs to be something to replace them. So my opinion is the kindle is trash buy the book or use your laptop or netbook instead

I think you answered your own question

  • "Sadly, you’ll need an active internet connection because there doesn’t seem to be an option for offline viewing."

  • "Hopefully our eyes aren’t too strained from staring at our G1’s LCD screen!"

Have you seen the prices of eBooks at Amazon? They cost as much as the hardback book!

Sheesh. I have no idea what they're thinking. They should be less than a paperback version.


I began to pass this up but seeing as how I have a G1, Ipod touch, and a kindle perhaps my input may mean somthing. While google book search is great, it houses old books and needs an active internet connection. This means for the most part you probably are never going to finish any book you begin.

Android is great but device is resides on is absolute rubish. The craze behind the device is beginning to die and what good software developers there where are giving up the game or developing for apple. Which offers a better device all around. Hense kindle for iphone/ipod touch. No kindle for android or gq I wonder why?

The cost of e books. Plain and simple most books worth reading are going to cost you more than $10. The exeption is the graphic novel purely for entertainment value. All that aside let's not forget that a human actually wrote all these books and many if not most make no living from writing a book. In fact am author of a best seller is lucky to get 10% of every book sold. So paying for the privilage to read a book, hear a song , or watch a movie is a small priice to pay. When you consider than somone can get online and write about the $350 kidle wich offers a free always on internet connection right out the box , on a site about software that powers a $350 phone that's cost at least $60 a month to keep operational.

The kindle is an outstanding idea, if you read books to the very last page, or have ever thought about writing a book. Its a bad idea if you are looking for somthing for nothing. Excuse the typos my and powered phone lacks spell check. A feature both the kindle, iphone, and ipod touch do have. Hmmmm ?

I notice that your comment is over a year old, but I am going to reply anyway...
The point behind an ebook being cheaper is that you are taking the cost of materials, printing, and shipping the physical book out of the equation. This is not generally coming from the author's pocket but the publisher's.
As for what author's make, you might want to look into that; a NEW author may only get 10%, but an established author can negotiate his next contract for a greater share.
As long as people PAY the full price for the ebook, they will continue to cost the full price.

And as for android, it has a tremendous market with over 10,000 apps (only 1/5 of what the iphone/itouch have, but apple's numbers are inflated by "trial" and "demo" apps.) You should try up-grading to something besides the FIRST android operating system phone. When compared to the first iphone, the g1 actually compares favorably.
And no spell check? My old g1 had a text correcting function just like every other smartphone I have ever had.(iphones and blackberrys)

I look forward to NotionInk's Adam, Archos' media tablets, and would even prefer the ipad to a single purpose e-reader; why pay $500 for a book reader when I can pay a little more (less in some cases) and get a full-function media tablet