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Someone in Korea has a Nexus 5 box

Last night the Google Play Store gave us a pretty good look at the Nexus 5 in black, and today a leak from Korean site UNDERkg (since pulled) purports to show us the device's retail packaging — along with a tantalizing hint at a possible white version. The couple of images showing the outside of the box reveal Google and LG branding, along with the Nexus 5 name. What's more, the device is pictured with a white back panel, as you can clearly see in the second image.

The box certainly fits with earlier Nexus branding, and though the leaked images are small, it looks legit to us. That said, there's no guarantee of any white model being available at launch, and we'll wait on the official word from Google before reaching for our wallets.

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Source: iTechTriad; via: Android Central forums


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White Nexus 5 spied on alleged retail packaging


Considering how Google & LG botched the Nexus 4 release, a white version sounds like it could complicate things. More inventory SKUs to manage, besides most people customize their phones via cases anyway.

They will most likely keep it exclusive to certain markets. The Asian market are usually given the better variations.

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Botched? How? By basing their inventory off the lackluster sales of prior Nexus phones and not realizing they had a hot item with larger appeal? Well, now they know and should handle it better.

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They should launch them in Google colors and the colors should extend nearly to the front. Depending on a design of a phone, the only white back and black band and front don't always look good. The idea of a white Nexus 5 sounds good, but it doesn't look right in that picture. It should be in entirely white or the side bands and the camera lens should be white to. It looks really tacky like that. Like it's an unfinished device. Maybe look better in person...?

Regardless, they should get these color options out the first day and at once. Not a month or so later. I never see the point of that.

Looking at previous nexuses they've always had black fronts even when they got released in white. It looks at tad weird, but the stock android interface much better with black bezels so you can see why they do it

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Maybe they should do white on front and back, and then a thin black line around the perimeter of the screen. You still get the visual separation, the whole device looks more premium, and as an added benefit, the bezel looks smaller since the white will be visually apparent, but relatively thin black borders will blend with the screen.

Sorry Apple, I came up with this. You can't invent it in 2 years.

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Right there are other options. And I can't say I disagree that they should make the front white too. But I'm just saying that a white back and black front is the standard for Nexus devices thus far and I wouldn't expect otherwise.

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Your first comment was perfectly understandable, and nobody was disagreeing with you. No need for reiteration. You seem to always need the last word...

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I agree with you 100%! White on back and black on front looks dumb! Make the device more cohesive in color scheme. I also love the idea of a phone with Google colors :-)

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Wow, never actually thought of that but that would have been GREAT. Only thing is you'd have Windows and Apple fanboys claiming Google copied them by implementing color into their phones.

Yup there's a reason why manufacturers shy away from matte white. Look at the Moto Maker versions of the Moto X, even, they get grimey in days.

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Saw Ziegler on the verge clean yellow motox with Mr. Clean magic eraser. Couldn't really see it on web cam but he acted like it worked. fwiw.

Never liked the way Google does the white Nexus phones. Why just paint the back white, and not the sides and front ? With a case on it, can't even tell it's white. This phone would look sexy as hell if the front panel and sides were also white.

@IMAZWANEE I disagree. I'd say white models look better most of the time. Also by your logic the only people who were supposed to buy the S4GPE were girls?

I hate when a phone is white only on the back and then black on front. I always use cases and most cases i will only see front of phone from cover anyway

Going with the oreo look again it seems. Never understood this, but if I would get one it would be the all black one anyway, white gets dirty too easily.

An Oreo is black on both sides and white in between, not black on one side and white on the other...

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Unlocked? Gonna sell it if you get the N5? :-D

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With luck, all of these retail-side leaks mean that this thing will actually go on sale the day it's announced (hopefully in very large numbers).

Oh that is looking much much nicer than the black which I find a little boring. The contrast here is nice.

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So many leaks!! I can't take it anymore! Release the DAMN phone NOW!!!!!!

Sent from my White Nexus 4!!

I plan on giving my Nexus 7 to my brother if I could get the Nexus 5. Christmas here I come!

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Google should just put it back on the website and sell it already, and forget a formal announcement.

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Just how I am feeling. We know everything (or almost everything) about the phone. Just sell it we don't need a formal introduction, you don't need to spend thousands on a event.

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Not really white. Should be all same colour or no alternatives really. Looks poor.

Keep it secret keep it safe..... ø

Like seriously if your going to make a white version, make the dam thing full white not fcking front black and the back white, that combo is so ugly man. Either do a solid white or just stick with the black model only

If that is in fact the white N5 then it looks ugly as all hell. Guess I will go back to a boring black phone in the case! Oh well. Otherwise I love it!

I think the white rear with the black band on the side and the black glass front looks gorgeous. To each their own I suppose

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I wish the white Nexus phones would be white all round. Like any other white smartphone, ios or Android

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You said, "we'll wait until Google's official announcement before reaching for your wallets." Speak for yourself. We all know Jerry was reaching for his wallet as soon he heard mention of a white Nexus5. I remember how in love he was with his white nexus4. Tell us the truth, Jerry!

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As long as they have worked out their inventory issues. Ever since the original Nexus 7 google has had supply issues. Unless they are doing it on purpose which I could believe to drum up hype and keep their losses lower since I doubt they make much money on the Nexus devices.

Last year I set up notifications when the Nexus 4 became available. Google didn't send me anything. When I woke up in excitement to order it, SOLD OUT! I had to settle with the Lumia 920 (worst phone every used) for a few weeks.

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I love the updates on the N5, but at this point you guys have convinced ALL OF US is real. On to the specs ahs release date. These little sneak peaks are getting old. Notify me when I got something to look forward to (i.e. release date). I will be getting the n5, bit at this point I want more than a peak, we know it's real, being on the specs and release date

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I'm glad it doesn't have a glass back like the N4. It looked cool but too easy to break

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Want. So. Bad. Now I have so many choices to make. Do I want to try and make due with 16 GB or shell out for 32 GB? Do I want white or black? Do I sell my One now or wait till the Nexus 5 is actually official?

Hurray, another zebra Nexus! If Google wants to release white phones, they should do it right. I love white phones. Not zebra phones though.

Oh well. I haven't had a black phone since the Bionic. Maybe its time.

The Nexus has got to be the most budget friendly device, and yet again this nexus 5 is offering great value for money even if here in the UK with import taxes and 20% vat pushes the price to around the £300 mark, great value, although im a note 3 owner and find it in my personal opinion the best phone of 2013 a step up with the faux leather looks and feels great, the snapdragon 800cpu just shines and the features with the s-pen are handy abd offer that prime experiance you want from your phone, although samsung is my device of choice, i have that tech mind that is open to other smartphone makers and value what they do, competition is what makes for a brilliant smartphone and i must say its evolving at some rate i cant keep up, especially with the rumour that the S5 is being pushed forward to a Jan-Feb release and tge rumours surrounding well make your own assesement with the eye unlock, see competition is great, i am not slating apple so dont bite apple fans, however since Jobs sadly got ousted and passed away i just dont believe Tim Cook has that knowledge and same respect for the Apple brand and tgats a shame as Apple ised to mean something.

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