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The photo above could well be our first look at the LG Nexus 4 in white. The shot was sent in to PhoneArena by an anonymous tipster, and seems to show the current Nexus phone with a white exterior and silver-trimmed LED flash. As with any image of unknown origin, there's no way to guarantee its veracity, but we have to say it looks real enough to us.

The full 13MP original can be inspected over at the source link, and we've got an expanded view of the lens and flash after the break. If nothing else, the difficulty involved in fabricating an image of this size is a point in its favor.

We've also heard whispers ourselves of a white Nexus 4 being in the works in the weeks since the original black model launched. And remember that LG already offers a white version of the Optimus G, the phone upon which the N4 is based. The previous two Nexus phones have been available in white too, albeit in limited quantities.

Anyone in the market for a white Nexus 4? Shout out in the comments!

Source: PhoneArena

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White Nexus 4 pictured, looks like a Nexus 4 in white


To be honest i don't see the point on having so much memory on a phone. I know sounds cool, but to carry so much in a mobile phone? maybe is just me which I am used to loose all my data, so I prefer to keep a copy in my computer of all my photos))

LG had already made a small batch of the White Nexus 4, they are for employees, not sure if it is Google employees or LG employees or both. But the white ones were employee models only

They only show the back which leaves me to think the front is still black. If the front is black its not a white phone. Samsung and Apple seem to be the only companies that can do colors the right way.

you just answered your own question! do you see the pattern there? nexus s, galaxy nexus!! both Google phones, Samsung galaxy's all white when supposed to be white.

It's there alright, look at the bottom of the picture up top, you can just about make out some sparkly dots ;)

If they keep the same production numbers as the original Nexus 4, they will have to launch a lot more colors...

If they keep the same production numbers as the original Nexus 4, they will have to launch a lot more colors...

I'm in the market for a Nexus 4. If white is the only one in stock in play store... I guess I'll have no option hehe ;)

Dang. You're right. I didn't realize that.
Chick phones are usually white and they put pink accessories on it. If it's got bling on stock, then that will be a real best seller for the girls.

i think maybe they are manufacturing these for Google I/O? otherwise, we have two different colored Nexus 4's to be sold out. Whats rarer than a Nexus 4? a White Nexus 4

Wow. Let's not try to keep up demand with the one we already put out. Let's make a whole new version to piss people off and make the buy a different phone.

Looks good though.

If someone really cares about the color of their phone that they have to rebuy the same phone in a different color, first stop complaining your obviously loaded, and secondly your obviously extremely privileged if your big problem in life is needing to rebuy a phone because you like the new color more.

Absolutely no one, HAS to buy the same phone because it came out in a different color.

In any case, stop complaining, new options are good and manufacturers releasing new color for phones isn't new, a lot of manufacturers do this.

"It's super lame when they pull staff out of the manufacturing and logistics departments to go work in design and engineering."

-- said no one ever

Nice...Just bought a black one myself and I'm sure I'll be satisfied. Of the four, now five smartphones I've owned, one has been white (S3) and the others were black...

Panda/BlackManX has one. He was talking about in the Droid-Life IRC a couple weeks ago. He said it was the Google/LG employee edition. I would love for this to get released to the public.

+1 on 32GB model. This plus the fact I've still got one year left on Sprint is keeping me from jumping onto the Nexus 4 and heading to T-Mobile.

I'm also on the one year left with Sprint, but I just cancelled my contract. The ETF fee was less than what I'd pay in 4 months if I stuck around. Was a no brainer for me. Made the jump to T-Mobile. Even on contract I'm paying less than half what I was with Sprint (and unlimited everything still). That + Nexus 4. Glad I made the jump and I'm loving my N4 so far. (Month and a half with it so far.)

I had 8 months on my contract when I cancelled Sprint back in November. I too will have paid the ETF off by the time my contract had run out. And by the end of the year I'll have paid off the Nexus 4 as well with the savings. Just in time to buy the next Nexus!

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Can't keep black model in stock so they release a white model? Whoever is making these decisions at Google needs to be fired. They should not be releasing this. It will only interrupt production more.

I would love a white one, but considering how hard it is to just get a black one... I'm not taking any chances. I'm eagerly waiting for 1st of Feb to pick one up from the retailer in Australia... that's if the Play Store doesn't re-stock first. Which, by the way, has changed from "out of stock" to "temporarily out of stock."

It's probably just a special run for Google I/O giveaways like the White Nexus 7's were last year.

Will it also be unavailable to buy anywhere, like the black counterpart?
Great handle on priorities, LG...

I got the news first from my girlfriend, than anywhere else.. LOL

Now she wont stop asking me to get for her.

That looks awesome... I always liked the look of white phones, but I'm not sure I could get one since you'd have to clean it more often than a black one, dirt and whatnot would show easier. On the other hand, fingerprints...

I might do this when I get a N4.