htc evo 4g in white

The white HTC Evo 4G, a Best Buy exclusive, should be available for purchase this Sunday, July 11, but some lucky people are seeing them a full five days early.  Even better, it seems that at least a few Best Buy stores aren't being shy about handing out the white version of HTC's latest masterpiece to customers who pre-ordered either.  If you were waiting for a shiny white Evo and had the foresight to pre-order one, might want to get on the horn with your local Best Buy and see if they have your sitting in stock -- waiting for you to bring home and add it to the family.  Be sure to shout out, and some pictures would be awesome :) [Engadget]


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weehooherod says:


benthe1 says:

I wouldn't say yuck if it were ALL white. What the hell was HTC and Sprint thinking? Half white, half black? Anyway... I'll stick to my ALL black EVO. I'm sure glad I didn't wait for this and just bought the black one.

umbrella man says:

I second that, yuck

nitetex says:

A white Evo is better than no Evo!

umbrella man says:

yes your right its better than no evo i just hate it when they charger fro a special ed thingy you know?

umbrella man says:


sjcea says:

YUCK !!! I would rather have no Evo , ALL BLACK SLAB Droid X Baby !!!! on a real network !!!

deaofly says:

Well I think your forgetting that Sprints users can work on both Sprint and Verizon towers for free with the everything plan. So keep thinking you have a better network. I rather have a network where calls ain't choppy or they drop all the time, YES I'm talking about both Verizon and AT&T. Stop hatin, this post was for evo users and soon to be evo users be still manage to have fake people like yourself talking Shit that's proven there network is not always better then Sprints. Diff places, diff carriers have better networks. That's facts, learn'em

sjcea says:

You are dead wrong , I own phones on all 3 networks with my business , only my Verizon phones work where I live , Sprint and AT&T do not , so if your logic was true then why doesnt sprint work in my area where there are 4 Verizon towers ??? Learn your facts before you make am ass of yourself again . Sprint sucks as does there service but at least they are not as bad as AT&T


ben dover says:


with a case on it it's all the same! still a monster!

likwidsoul says:

It looks so sexy in white. All glossy and smooth. I'm sick of this rubber crap on my phones. I want some bling without a bulky case.

gbhil#AC says:

I kinda like it too.

sjcea says:

Epic fail !!! This color will disappear real quick I am sure

icebike says:

Not likely. Chicks dig it.

There is a huge whine over at TiPb forums about the lack of white iPhone 4.

deaofly says:

I have to agree, I got my wife hers when it came out on June 4th for $200, ever since I showed her the best buy article she has been wanting it. Hell she said she would even pay the full price for it and sell her black one. Chicks do love the white one. Men like the black phones because they seem maybe more slicker looking, while women like the white phones because they look nice and clean to them.

Sinistar72 says:

Look on the bright side, at least the Evos will always be in stock at the stores now hehe:)

ddsdaltx#AC says:

I love my black EVO but it is great to have options. I am seeing more and more EVOs and everyone I ask love them. I also point them to this site.

White huh? This "white" EVO reminds me of Pontiac slapping a cheap plastic aero kit on a Grand Am and calling it a GT. It looks like an Othello game chip.

Simer03 says:

white is girls color for phones......kinda takes away from the "badass" look of the Evo

sjcea says:

What's so " badass " about a flat rectangular box ?? Give me a break LOL

corleone401 says:

My wife loves it. She's definitely trading in her samsung moment for the white evo.

Nah.... this is HORRIBLE. White EVO should be ALL white, not MULATTO! dafuk? imagine a white/black iP4.... I'd like to get eh white cuz its... ALL WHITE.

This was a bad, bad decision...smdh.

itskapil says:

Is Droid X responsible for causing a lack of demand in even white HTC EVO. Seems So.

mchief23 says:

lol droid x isnt a 4g either and it doesnt hav a front facing cam AND its too big AND its ugly lol

borgey401 says:

yeah, i'll stick to my Moto Droid, Droid Incredible and my DROID X THAT ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED YOUR EVO IN SIDE BY SIDE TESTING HAHAHAHAHA Droid X = The Evo Killa

borgey401 says:

who wants a front facing camera? wtf are all you people little broads? seriously grab ya balls n man up. fuck outta here with that

borgey401 says:

who wants a front facing camera? wtf are all you people little broads? seriously grab ya balls n man up. fuck outta here with that

icebike says:


Another lonely guy without a girlfriend or even a prospect of one.

emg75189 says:

I use the front facing camera for take self pictures. I've only used the video chat thing once just to test it out. I love the front facing camera.

kinster02 says:

Like MJ said, the thing about my Evo it don't matter if is black or white! lucky thing I have a black one.

deaofly says:

I think if the caps were removed off the evo then the Droid x wouldn't be better. And I'm sorry but every man and woman I showed my qik Vid chat with my wife dropped the jaws. They love the front facing camera and large screen, just because you living under a rock people wanna bash the front facing cameras does not mean others don't like it. Check ANY REVIEW on the front facing camera and Vid chats and 90% of them all say its a great feature. Yes a feature that only the Evo and iPhone has out right now. And I'm not talking about old phone with front facing cameras that nobody gave a Shit about. I'm always seeing people on the forums looking for new friends to use there front facing cameras with. Video chat is the next big thing. It's the next MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, trust me people in the usa are catching on fast and wanna use it. You have to be stupid to think not, or else not only HTC put it in the 1st 4 g capable device but also Apple with the new iPhone. Soon all phones will have it.

icebike says:

We'll probably all have it sooner or later, but not till the carriers get to LTE. We just can't afford to send that data over the separate 3G/4G carrier proprietary network when there is free wifi and generic internet right at the base of every tower.

We are also going to have to convince Skype that they can make more money being Open than hitching their horse to Verizon. Either that or Google is going to have to step up their game and get their video chat widely available.

Personally, I'm going to quickly tire of looking up everybody's nostrils because these cams all point there when you hold the phone in any natural way for looking at the screen.

deaofly says:

And to finish my post, video chatting is FREE AND DON'T USE MINUTES. It's uses data and as soon as fring and Skype finish there iPhone apps, then every person with a HTC Evo, Samsung Epic, iPhone4, and a computer can use it, again for FREE. It's great to talk, but you can't SEE WHAT YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS OR ANY other family members look like on nice holidays. But with front facing cameras and video chatting it makes them feel like there right there with there love ones.

alexnaoumi says:

i think white is nice, cuz black is just a fingerprint magnet. it'll be stupid if the front is black tho.

MOE-GUNZ says:

I may just have to get a white one because I can't find the phone anywhere :(

White EVO is better than none. Nothing a solid black case can't fix.

NekroDroid87 says:

Its not that bad,geez whats everyones deal white or black I think its pretty sleek as long as the entire thing is white.Don't see what the big deal is most likely you'll end up putting a case over it anyways.

gabnex88 says:

I agree that its for chicks im getting my girlfriend one this weekend. For the droid users right now the nexus one on froyo is the fastest android phone.

popo341 says:

I don't think the white looks all that bad either. It's not for me but it doesn't look bad. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a pink one. I know sales are not an issue with the EVO right now but a pink one would sell also. Ohh imo this whole epic fail crap is old, please try and find a new word to use.

bjnprince says:

OMG! Best Buy Poughkeepsie NY store is FOS they called me this a.m. to let me know white Evo is ready for pick up. I leave work to pick the phone up, when I get there, they tell me some BS! We can't sell the phone because the sku is not registeted on ther computers. WTF! Why call me, if this is the case? Why not call me back and let me know instead of having me leave work and make the trip? Bastards! Are they keeping the phone for thr employees?

wase4711 says:

You guys need to learn that the color choice of phone has nothing to do with your manlihood; the dorks who think that white is for girls need to check their jocks for shrinkage..
I am a 6'3 250lb ex football player, and I am trading my black EVO in today for the white one, because I think its cool to have something different...
Wanna challenge my manhood anyone?

Geez, you little kids need to grow up, get a girlfriend, and learn being a man has nothing to do with the color of your cell phone...