Sprint NYC Event

What's this? An invitation-only event with Sprint CEO Dan Hesse in New York City on Feb. 7? And illusionist David Blaine's going to be there, too? Count us in. Heck, we don't even care if there's any Android fare to be found (though it'd be a nice plus). OK, OK. We care about Android fare. And so we'll pack our bags for NYC and report back. Cause that's what we do.


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What's Sprint conjuring up Feb. 7?


A new Sprint Android phone!!!!!!

That seems the most plausible. It's for all those premier customers to upgrade from Evo.

Hope it's some dual core Atrix-like love.
Please no Iphone.

I suspect Sprint will shake the wireless industry by restructering their plans to "Good " "Better" and "Best". If they were going to introduce a new phone it would've happened last week in Vegas

I think if that were the case then wpcentral would have been invited or at least bragging about it....so far all i have seen is android bloggers invited

i doubt it's an iPhone if AC got an invite.

as "another industry first", it may be a 4G android tablet, since we know the xoom on verizon won't be 4G til later in the year

Sprint iphone was my first thought too but it says in the flyer, another industry first, would I want an sprint iphone, hell yeah but I'm thinking either an evo 2 or the announcement of Sprint going to lte for 4g...

Not gonna happen... I believe apple said "design changes" were needed to make the iPhone 4 a 4G phone and they were not willing to do that.

What's wrong with what he wrote? Sprint doesn't have LTE. In fact they are the only major provider that are not on LTE. They are on WiMax for there 4G network.

Bc the post is saying Sprint being first in the industry in w/e this announcement is. How could LTE be it if its already on 2 carriers?

Now Sprint bringin LTE and having an Iphone that works on the network... or Releasing an IPhone thats on its Current 4G network... possible, but highly unlikely... I think the BB Playbook release seems more feasible.... but well see in 3-4 weeks

This is the first thing I thought of as well. If it were to happen, I honestly think due to the 69.99 plan Sprint offers, that more would migrate towards Sprint than Verizon. Not sure if that is a good thing or not though. Good for Sprint, not really sure how it would be for customers.

They're referring to it as "another industry first". Getting the iPhone wouldn't qualify (unless it's a 4g iPhone, of course).

Very true statement. So what "Industry First" could they be talking about? Seemingly it would be specific service but it would likely be tied to a new device.

I like how you think Sprint getting the iPhone "ALSO", could possibly, in any shape or form, resemble an industry first.

Considering their lackluster performance at CES, I really hope this is something good. I'm a little skeptical about the David Blaine gimmick...

A+ on this comment, I agree they better make this memorable! I'm counting on you Sprint. Also it would be nice if they announce more cities getting 4G(my city already has it, Providence).

Well unless it's an iPhone they are making an announcement that won't have long in the mass media spotlight for long thanks to the Verizon iPhone coming 3 days later. I love sprint but phone launches and announcements near iPhone events just aren't good marketing

I don't think it's an iPhone, but an argument can be made that having a Sprint iPhone announcement just prior to the Verizon release might keep some folks from bolting to V, because they want the iPhone but don't want AT&T.

Last time Sprint did anything for CES we got the original Palm Pre and we all know how much that sucked donkey balls. I think between this conference, MWC and CTIA I think we'll all have a better idea of what Sprint has up their sleeves.

I was thinking the same thing, that they probably have the iphone coming out too. I mean how hard would it be to just take the same Verizon iphone, and optimize it for sprint? It's the same CDMA technology, nothing to it really, right?

I have a feeling that they'll be showcasing something more than just a new cell phone.

Or if they will be showing a new cell phone, it'll do something that any other phone doesnt. Sprint likes to be FIRST at a lot of things and JUST a phone won't cut it. Not this time.

I cant wait!

CDMA version PlayStation phone to be novel enough to be considered an industry first. It is a not a new webOS device as HP has a big press event on the 9th of February to confirm its upcoming hardware lineup

No way does it have anything to do with webOS. HP is holding their big webOS shin dig on Feb. 9th -- no way would HP let Sprint announce anything webOS 2 days early.

One thing that hints that's not an iPhone the more I read it, the invite mentions the unveiling of another industry first although that could very well mean first iphone with 4G. Who the hell knows. I'm very interested in what they'll announce though.

Hmmmmm I'm thinking some sort of network changes to 4G along with maybe an Iphone announcement!! They said they were considering something other than 4g.. HSPDA??

If they're saying its an industry first, it can't be the iPhone. I'm thinking a new 4G webOS phone, and perhaps a webOS tablet?

It's also worth mentioning that Verizon has no exclusivity contract with Apple. So to sell the CDMA device to Sprint makes good business sense for Apple!

Even if that were the case, it wouldn't include all markets. The Swiftel controlled South Dakota and Iowa area can't even legitimately get EVO, EVO Shift, or Epic yet. Because of some "business negotiations" that have been going for nearly a year now. With Verizon's LTE stuff coming online in Sioux Falls, SD by the end of 2011, you would think Swiftel would want to get off their butts and actually get parity with Sprint corporate. Idiots.
Ok, all better now. :)

I feel your pain. Sounds a lot like the iPCS situation we had to deal with for far too long. Thankfully that is finally behind us (acquisition).

Don't think they'd claim an industry first if it was an iPhone. As for the comments on it being a new iPhone... if it is then Apple's done a lot better on security then they have (and are changing some things by letting a carrier announce it first).

Really don't have anything to go on as to what it could be. I'm thinking something network/plan related, since it's a "first". A new phone, maybe, but I don't think they'd throw out a bunch of stuff over just having a new phone launch, unless it's a really awesome as of yet unheard of phone.

Agreed. If it's a WebOs device, 4.0 inch or better, with a vertial keyboard, I might be going back to Palm. Also, I read a report a while ago, stating that Sprint would be getting HP's WebOs tablets as well. If this is true, I might be going back to WebOs as a tablet too... The Palm Pad.

I sure hope it's not a webos device even though everyone knows their event is two days later... Sprint wants to retain customers not scare them away.

You're right HP's big announcement is Feb 9th, but there can be no way you're right that HP would let Sprint beat them to the punch in an announcement. Now, if Sprint's announcement was Feb. 9th, then, I might tend to agree with you.

Im willing to bet money that they will be announcing the 4G Blackberry Playbook. I know it was shown off at CES by the Blackberry folks but nothing about it from the Sprint camp. It would be an industry 1st when you think about it......makes sense to me.

It's not the iPhone, as David Blaine is not cool enough to introduce the iPhone. I think it's some HTC device like a tablet.

I'm hoping that it would be a Cdma Nexus device. It was suppose to come last year, but we got the evo. All we could do is wait. :D

Their last big way that they "revolutionized" wireless was Any Mobile, Any Time. Which you have to admit was pretty cool. I love that.

Not sure what they could have up their sleeve this go-around. 5G?

I'm just bummed that the mailman hasn't delivered my invite yet...
(Oh come on, you were all thinkin' it too!)

David Blaine, eh? There will be a phone coming out that can be encased in ice, buried alive, submerged in water, and it won't void your warranty...

*Subject to $50 deductible... :P

For being revolutionary, how about a phone that can go 40 days (or however long he was suspended in that box) before it needs a recharge. That kind of power without making the phone look like it has some kind of growth would be pretty impressive.

I am agreeing with the posts above re: most likely a tablet with 4G and/or it is more than likely the Playbook. Darn, I could care less about the Playbook.

This is pretty exciting. Say what you will about Sprint, they have the best pricing and I have never had any big problems—nothing that I haven’t heard about from my friends on other carriers.

This could be many things.

1: 4G I-phone
2: Free 4G
3: Evo Update to Gingerbread
4: The Blackberry Playbook
5: (really going out on the line here) Sprint purchasing T-Mobile, or coming out with their own version of GSM-like service that allows you to use phone and 3G at the same time.

There are other things, but those are the semi-large ideas.

Anyone else?

1: Don't think it will happen because of design changes needed to make the iPhone 4 a 4G phone (I believe Apple cited this as a reason the Verizon iPhone will not be a 4G phone).
2: That's not an industry first.
3: That could be an industry first but I don't see the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an event to announce that.
4: That could be considered an industry first.
5: Not an industry first... mergers happen all the time. And the GSM-like service wouldn't be a industry first because... well, it's a copy of a capability GSM already has.

No,I agree with those who think it's BlackBerry's new PlayBook tablet.Though there's no reason why Apple couldn't release at least a CDMA 3G version of the iPhone very soon after Verizon's release next month.As for a WiMax iPhone,who knows?

Playbook was already announced for WiMax. You will see an LTE iPhone before a WiMax version, guarantee that. WiMax is the minority like CDMA is, LTE is the new GSM.

Sprint service is the worst who cares lol I hope its better service or better battery life for my evo

I can't think of anything that would be a spectacular announcement. Seeing as the three other networks have announced dual core phones, dual core tablets and LTE phones. Then we just saw Verizon announce the iphone.

Lets be honest a 4G webOS phone, which would be cool, isn't something groundbreaking. But it would be an industry first. Or maybe a dual core snapdragon phone, again technicality an industry first. I would say a WiMax iphone would be a huge get, but that is not going to happen.

My money is on something that is technicality an industry first.

Sprint will merge with T-Mobile. Switch from wimax to Hspa.

Hey that rumor was out there a couple months ago.

Who knows what it is about. But these private press events are not cheap. It has to be something decent.

Sprint has been very quite lately.

If androidcentral was invited I'm sure it's android related.

What it is though? No idea. And why wouldn't they have announced it at CES?

My best guess since it's an industry first, is a 4G Honeycomb Tablet... probably by HTC.

I think it's the Playstation Phone. They are going to compete with Verizon against the iPhone. I read in a couple of places (I believe Engadget) that the Playstation phone could be here in March. Then I read that article in a (Japan newspaper??)said Sprint would be getting it. That would be good, but I hope not for selfish reasons. My son really wants that phone. I know it's going to be very expensive, even with an upgrade. :-)

I hope it isn't the Playstation phone. I have no interest in that and it doesn't seem 'big' enough to have an event like this. Is there any word yet what carrier the Atrix is going to be on? now that is an interesting phone right there. Crap....nevermind. saw it is going to AT&T. :(

Maybe they figured out how to make an EVO battery that lasts longer. I love my EVO, but hate the battery time I keep everything turned off and still get less than a day on it.

If you would read, sprint announced that they had no intentions on an iPhone. Do you guys remember a little event called CES?

I don't remember seeing anywhere at CES stating they will not have the iphone, however I'm 100% sure it will not be at this event as android sites are getting invites, so we can probably be pretty sure it has something to do with android.

It will be the first 5G phone even though they do not have any 5G towers, there will be a $30 fee associated with the phone for extra data usage.

Maybe they will announce that people who are 500 miles away, and are yrs away From having 4g won't have to keep paying for somethin we can't even use. That would be the best announcement. Or perhaps an Android phone where the battery lasts 8 hrs during constant use. I can burn an Evo battery up in about 2 and a half hrs

The industry first:

1. Watch phone
2. Stand alone phone that is the size of a bluetooth device
3. Dildo phone with iOs

I dont know why you people keep saying iphone when the invite says "industry first"

Being that they are inviting people from the Android world, I think they will release a Android phone with a DTV chip. Remember when they were testing DTV in the Moment last year?

Full streaming television service over 4G...seems pretty likely since this started on 3G and died off very quickly. No other carrier offers it. Plus - David Blane is a televised street performer. Why not?

...continued innovation in the wireless industry and yet another industry first...

So, for me, popping a 3G CDMA iPhone on Sprint's network isn't innovation or an industry first. If there were a 4G iPhone don't you think it would go to Verizon first since they have LTE and have just inked a new contract with Apple?

I suspect a device will be involved and hopefully one as industry-shaking as the first EVO. It's time to get the industry's panties in a twist once again!


just a wild guess, but since verizon announced the first cdma iphone yesterday, wouldn't it be cool if sprint will announce the first cdma nexus s phone next month? then we will have att and verizon iphone vs sprint and t-mobile nexus phone(i know the nexus phone would work on att, but not officially). google vs apple. of course this is just a wild guess and i have absolutely no basis on it, just kind of cool to have the iphone on 1 cdma and gsm carrier and the nexus phone on another gsm and cdma carrier.

David Blaine is old news, didn't Chris Angel pretty much take his place... I don't like either of them personally. Just release sweet new phone I'm bored with my Evo.

David Blaine is old news, didn't Chris Angel pretty much take his place... I don't like either of them personally. Just release sweet new phone I'm bored with my Evo.

Just flash a new ROM, that always gets me going again when I feel bored with my Evo. Try MikFroyo 4.3, it's AMAZING!

How about Voice over Wimax or a speed increase to compete with the HSPA+ and LTE offerings. Most likely the Play Book 4G though.

Okay. It's a tablet. They dropped the price of the Galaxy Tab. I hope whatever it is, comes in a wifi only version. I refuse to pay anymore additional fees for data. I can keep my Evo and have free data. Bad, enough, I am already paying an additional $20 per month, because I have 2 4G phones on my account.

Did the invite go to Android Central or just Smartphone Experts? Obviously if the former it will be an Android announcement. IF the latter it could be anything, but I doubt it's an iPhone.

I have a pretty good feeling it's gonna be the announcement of Windows phone 7 for sprint. Think about it. The date is Feb "7th", and it would be the first in the industry for a CDMA windows 7 phone. Huh huh! Your welcome

That's hardly innovative, and I really doubt that Sprint would go through all this time (and money) to have a Windows Phone 7 conference...I don't think people even like Window Phone 7 that much anyway. :P

But ya know, people have made a good point. If Android Central received this invitation, why would the announcement be for something unrelated to Android? :)

Maybe Clear has been secretly rolling out LTE nationwide. I know they were testing in Phoenix. Since I hear that a Wimax to LTE conversion is a simple software upgrade at the Air Interface maybe it's a simple upgrade for our Evo's and Epic's too. Go LTE.

LTE isn't innovative or an industry first when Verizon already has it deployed. Are people reading the pamphlet?

Actually the pamphlet speaks indicates something new and innovation. Could be the switch to LTE or Voice over WiMax(Innovation). The Black Berry Playbook (Something New). There you have it!

New phone is my guess. Perfect timing too 3 days before people who aren't Verizon subscribers can get the iPhone.

They did drop the price of the Galaxy Tab so im gonna guess first 4G tablet. I hope it is a HTC tegra2 w/ 1gb ram,4.5" screen, atleast 8gb internal storage, micro SD, FFC, Tricorder,Phasers,etc....

The industry first phone to use Honeycomb type OS for cellphones? They did say the Android OS was going in this direction.

Well going with the "up his sleeve" comment maybe it is the secondary screen that has been making the rounds on gagdet sites. The ones that show email, facebook, ect in a little screen that is worn as a watch.

My wishlist would be dropping the $10.00 4G fee. Moto Atrix. Nexus S. Gingerbread for EVO and Epic.

Just a wild thought but maybe a 4G version of the iPhone 3GS. It was mentioned at the Verizon event that Apple didn't want to change the iphone 4 to fit 4G in but maybe the 3GS wouldn't require much of a cosmetic change.

Highly doubt that Apple would go backwards in design. The comment Apple made about the 4G wasn't really about the structure...the key was "customers want it NOW". A 4G iPhone will be an announcement by Apple during their conference, that's practically a given for anyone that knows how Apple operates.

They will announce they are going to carry the first 10" HP/WebOS based tablet /w 4G.

...but it will not be released for another 18 months :)

And, Sprint will give the illusion that its 4G network is actually worth having on a tablet!

built in TV Tuner + Antenna?

teleportation device?

made of solid gold?

ok - prob not... i hope for the TV Tuner + Antenna tho.

Wow- that really DOES look like an iphone button, although the rest of the phone doesn't look iphone'y. Freaky.

So, to you, an industry first is getting a phone that 8 dozen other carriers have? Really, that's an industry first?

Data plans shared across devices ... maybe including free tethering (since it is just a way to use data on another device). Would be really nice if it was unlimited and part of the $10 add on fee people are paying for 4G phones. Hesse previewed the idea at All Things Digital: Diving into Mobile in December. I could see the plan rolled out in conjunction with a 4G tablet.

People keep expecting Sprint to just hand out free bandwidth. Bandwidth isn't free. They are repeating their previous steps and just 'handing things out'. They are going to collapse...once again - but probably permanently the next time.

If they make it part of the $10 4G fee people are already paying it helps placate people who are unhappy with the 4G fee and they would not be giving it away. Hesse has commented many times that people don't like caps even if they never approach the caps. People want the simplicity that comes with "unlimited".

Hopefully, since so many people are having problems with 3G connections lately, it will be because they have been fiddling around with the towers and will be the "Industry First" to have an all 4G nationwide network! Now, that would be a FIRST. And a new phone/tablet with all the newest/latest that will run on it!

@el chents, that's not a Iphone, it's a Ipod touch with the Sprint zte peel around it. It's a device that gives your Ipod touch 3g service on Sprints network

Hopefully won't be a big let down. I'm waiting for a dual core android phone on sprint. If not, I guess I'll upgrade my hero and settle on the EVO Shift 4G. It is most likely the Honeycomb tablet that HTC is working on... with 4G. But I won't buy a tablet on contract.

1) No 4G fee
2) Dual-core android phone with Gingerbread or Honeycomb
3) Free tethering (no need to root)
4) Honeycomb tablet (optional wifi only version as well)

Maybe it is something as simple as everyone gets an upgrade on a new phone each year. No more waiting two years for a phone like Verizon and ATT. I mean everyone, not just the main phone on the account.

Only 1 phone per account. If you have 2+ on a family plan, you only get 1 of your phones upgraded every year. All the others are 18 months.

Everyone who complains about the $10 data charge look at this your getting real unlimited data not 2GB or 5GB and not like t-mobile who limit you once your at 5MB I love my unlimited date and don't mind paying $10 and worried about data shortage

And what do you average a month? 2 GB - maybe 3? Anything above that and you are most likely using it in ways you are not supposed to and deserve to get your data capped. Unlimited data is as unlimited as a buffet. There are always limits.

I'm saying free hotspot is the industry first. Would make some sense if Sprint does have an iPhone in the pipes to retain customers that would jump to Verizon.

My bet is Chrome OS netbook with built in 4G and some massive stress on cloud-based integration.

or if they're super forward-looking maybe they'll use their partnership with Comcast and their 4g network to become a cable provider.

although i wouldn't be too mad if the guys who said playstation phone are right

You're idea is one of the most logical guesses I've read today.

But then you said playstation phone. Sony Ericsson is a GSM manufacturer. Sprint will never get it.

Hey, a man can dream can't he?

plus, if memory serves, SE has used contract manufacturers like HTC in the past.

actually, sprint does use GSM but they tend to stay away from it....i'm military so i already talked to sprint about when i deploy and they gave me two options 1. activate the international plan and get a phone that is GSM provided by SPRINT or 2. talk to their military section to postpone my service so i don't have to pay

so in regard to the playstation phone.....it's probable but unlikely

Nope. Good try though. If it were a Chrome OS intro then it would be a Google event more than a Sprint one. And since Google has always offered their OS' for general use and not exclusivity, it just wouldn't make sense for Sprint to hold an event that will be available for all networks.

first 4g webos tablet , at the moment webos tablets are virgin to any carrier

or maybe a first webos 4g phone

or maybe 4g windows 7 tablet

by the way i love my evo 4g

I know what it will be, so u guys get to here it here first:

*4G Htc Evo 2 with dual Core processor,4.5 inch Super LCD,2.4 Gingerbread,3mp Front Facing Camera,10mp Rear Facing camera,16gb Micro SD Card,
*Htc Scribe Tablet with 3.0 Honeycomb,Dual Core Processor,3mpFFC,8MpRFC,Wifi or data Plan tablet.Sense or stock Android on it.
*Blackberry Tablet
*Htc Evo 4G running 2.3 Gingerbread
As u all know The Evo was the first to get to 2.2 froyo,besides the Nexes 1, so it will get 2.3 gingerbread before everyone else, I gaurantee it.Sprint must have exclusive with htc for a Dual core processor,cause they didnt diplay one at CES. Once we see Sprint unveil there dual core phone by HTC, watch days later at MWC 2011 you will see other Htc dual core phones!!! Im really believe Htc and Sprint have something going on. The Evo set the standard for Sprint

It's probably some 4G tablet. But...a phone with a 3D display did cross my mind. That would fit with the "illusionist" David Blaine being there.

It is going to be the launch of Windows Phone 7 on a CDMA network. There are going to be two new devices as well as the HTC 7 pro. Ok Ok, I'm just kidding! right? What about new HP Palm devices? ya think?

maybe sprint will release the iphone on the same day as the announcement. lol "an industry first!" first cdma iphone by 3 days!

better yet, maybe David Blaine will make Blackberry disappear!?

I know what it is!! They're going to be the 1st to offer Froyo on a Galaxy S (Epic 4G) phone in the US!!

I don't see the invite featured on crackberry.com so I don't think its the playbook. I think it will have to do with a new plan/pricing structure. I wouldn't hope for anything out of this world....remember htc saying the "thunderbolt was the phone after your dream phone-not quite.

it's the ability to do talk and data at the same time on a CDMA network. Sprint must beat Verizon to the punch on this as Verizon has talked about doing this in support of the iPhone.

If the invite went out to Android sites, then it's probably not about the Playbook, the Playstation phone, the iPhone, webOS, or service upgrades. I'd like to think that it's a CDMA Nexus phone, but that doesn't sound like the kind of showstopper that would lead Sprint to announce it on the eve of the ViPhone's release.

Sprint usually skips CES and MWC in favor of CTIA, so if they're this anxious to preempt iPhone-related detections, this better be a big deal.

Hmm, I wasn't aware of that. Then again, it's a Sony-Ericsson phone, so it's still off the table as an option for Sprint.

While I hope it's a CDMA Optimus 2x, I expect Sprint to announce a 3D Evo (yawn)

The more research I have done, the more I think it is going to be the first 3D phone made by HTC that will be released sometime in early 2011. It makes sense, an illusionist and a 3D phone gives the illusion of realism. This makes total sense, Sprint's new 3D phone.

Mayb its a evo atrix or evo bionic 4g.... with a keyboard cuz dats a industry first or mayb its a epic 4g with froyo lol but mayb its a epic 4g 2

According to what I found its defnitely a 3D phone. I bet it will be called the HTC Evo 3D. HTC is actually going to announce 3D phones at MWC so this would make perfect sense.

Do u guys really think that Dan Hesse is going to announce a dried up iphone at his event? Come on and get real. Sprint is going to unfold what they have been working with Htc on:Dual core phone and tablet. The game is bout to change!!! Their is no carrier out their that will be able to comepete with Sprint this yr. Those phones and tablets revealed at CES will look like baby toys compared to what Htc is going to unveil!!!

I think there going to announce a HTC 4G EVO tablet and sense 2.0 with gingerbread and there skipping froyo for the epic and going straight to gingerbread.

IF it has nothing to do with ANDROID it might be new webos devises

If I had to guess...the EVO upgrade. Dual-core, hopefully with more internal memory (8GB, anyone?), better screen, more megapixels on the camera(?), mid to late June.

OK, since we are all pulling stuff out of our butts, here is what I think:

A smartphone/tablet combo. It is an EVO 4G 2 that "docks" into a tablet frame. So you can pull the phone out and use it as a phone just like the EVO 4G, but then you slide it into the tablet frame and you instantly have a 10 inch tablet that runs right off the phone. That way you can get a phone and a tablet in one plan (not having to pay for data for both).

They're going to announce a RIM 4G enabled Playbook my best friend has a very high position there trust me remember you read it here first

Your "friend" is total bull crap, crackberry doesnt have this invitation on their page....only android sites....so your made up "friend" with a high position at sprint...which is actually working at burger king singing "ding fries are done"... lied to you

Come on people use common Sense (pun intended). Sprint wouldn't be inviting Android blogs to this event if they were going to announce something Blackberry, WinPhone7, webOS or iPhone related.

Industry first hmm... maybe they'll confess that we were paying the $10 premium for 4G or be the first to refund us?? I'll say Web OS 5' HTC Dual Core with NFC/full HD and the next evolution battery that supports larger screen. Then I woke up and realize it's SPRINT!!!!!!!!!

I think it's clear that HTC is dedicated to Android and to a lesser extent, WinPhone7. WebOS is basically HP's baby at this point and I doubt you'll see any non HP devices running it.

As I've said, i think this event is going to be a coming out party for the EVO brand with the EVO 2 and HTC's tablet the Scribe with EVO branding being announced and of course both with 4G.

The first 3D Android phone fits with the theme of the invitiation as well as the apparent fact Android bloggers were invited over other phone OS bolggers. Add in a bunch of December rumors that HTC is planning to unveil the first 3D Android phone in 2011 and I think were talkin' HTC Evo 3D coming this summer.

You have a serious point and may have nailed it! And the fact that Mr. Blaine is going to be there would connect the 3D part of your prediction. I'm going to bet on HTC/Tablet/4G/Dualcore. Fingers are crossed until then.

Here's what I heard today:

Dual hinged screen, larger than 4 inches. One of them flips up from the back of the device, possibly just giving you a larger screen, also possibly allowing you to run an app on each screen. No confirmation on whether it's a phone or tablet/slate.

Now I know it sounds crazy- we haven't seen any kind of leaks for something like that. And I never would have believed it myself if I hadn't heard it from a very reliable source at corporate. So take it for what you will but I have no reason to not trust this source..

Dude, that thing might fly in Europe, but I doubt anyone is going to buy that thing in the USA. What do you think will happen when clumsy overweight Americans drop that thing. CRUNCH goes the flip. Nah. I don't think so. It's probably a 4G iPhone. Or at least the same iPhone4 that Verizon is getting (CDMA).;

Think strategically...
2. Makes perfect sense to announce 3 days before their competitor hits the ground selling them. Would you sign a 2 year contract with Vzn knowing 4g iPhone is right around the corner on cheaper competitor?
3. Comments about inability to mfg. A 4g iPhone are comical. Both CDMA and GSM versions are coming in July!
4. CEO Dan Hesse doesn't host a large event just to announce some new tablet or sequel phone.
5. With T-Mobile CEO stating TM will be selling the iPhone in the US (they already do overseas) there is absolutely no way Sprint sits by and watches their three competitors eat their lunch. Now that Verizon announced..... They HAVE to sell the iPhone regardless of the loss per unit...

I'm guessing that they are going to introduce a dual core phone exclusively on their network. Verizon and AT&T are killing them in sales since the introduction of the Iphone 4. Since HTC and Apple are neck and neck right now, i'm pretty sure it has something to do with HTC. There may be some new update to their 4g network as well because they are a bit behind as far as 4g is concerned. I have my fingers crossed and will be ready to pounce on an HTC dual core phone.

Industry first? Hmmmm... A Dual Core EVO2 with 16GB of Onboard storage and another 16GB via SD Card with 4.7inch screen and 1080P video recording? Full deployment of WiMax 4G across the entire country? A 4G iPhone with Flash support? LOL!! I don't think so.

Hopefully a dual core Android phone as well as an Android tablet. Wondering if a WebOS tablet or phone will be announced to line up with Palm's release...

Somebody posted that they are going to finally roll the Froyo update out for the Epic. When? Tonight?

I just called support again - and again they tried to take me to a link w/ instructions on rooting my POS Epic. Frightening that a support tech would provide instructions on how to void the warranty.

I hope that Dan Hesse realizes how angry some of us are over this ridiculous delay. Samsung takes the initial blame but Sprint has had the source code for long enough to get Froyo out.

Probably not renewing contract w/ Sprint
Will never ever buy another Samsung

Epic owners want their FROYO!!!!!!!!!
We better not have to wait forever for Gingerbread