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If you're not yet registered with the site, now's the time. How else are you going to win one when we start giving away these sold-out Series 3 Android Minis?


Reader comments

What ever should we do with these?



I know the perfect person to give them to (no, not me, but I'd give their info if I won).

I should get one because my non existent dog ate the one that was goven to me along with my 20 years old homework. Otherwise you can just point me in the dirrection to the sale page sio I can go to the corner and beg for momeys so I can buy it...

You should give me 5 (the size of my family) so I can put them in the back of my truck window peeing on an apple!!!

I would certainly love to have one of those.
I know it's greedy... but really. It's not for me. It's for my friends kid.
Honest !

I would love to put one of these in the back Window of my car like those hula dancers or the old toco bell dog

You should just give them to me, and spare everyone else the anxiety of wondering.
I like little knick knacky things, you should see all the little dogs I have from Small Dog Electronics!

Gimme gimme gimme!!! If ray ray come round here lookin for me, you don't go droppin dimes, do yous?

I want 1 so I can get it then take pictures of me smashing it to pieces and post it here and make fun of everyone who didnt get 1.

I will tell you what you can do with one of those... you can take it and shove it...

right into the mailbox headed in my direction. Thank you in advance.

I need one to win the war against Apple. Please *sob* my family was killed *sob* I dont have much left... *engage crying mode*

I truly love Google and Android. I would really like to have these all over my desk! Now if it only can do the Gangnam style dance :D

I would like one for my soon to be 4 month old baby girl who will ONLY ever use Android products!! No big fruity for her!

Plus it'll go along my other one from series 2 that I was given as a gift awhile ago!

I have the original green one from series 1 and he is lonely be nice for him to have a friend especially the Nexus one. I would like to have that one as a prelude to getting my first Nexus phone.

I am a Nigerian prince with large amounts of money in an account that I must give away before I will be crowned King. I just need your social security number and your name along with a photo ID and birthday. Also, please include your credit card information, blood type and a scan of your fingerprints. This information is required by the bank to release the funds.

Or, give me one of the mini androids.