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If you're not yet registered with the site, now's the time. How else are you going to win one when we start giving away these sold-out Series 3 Android Minis?

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SpookDroid says:

I should get one just for being first post here :) hehehe When are you giving these away??!! I want one!!!

adipabeta says:

Ok. You got one. :-)

Ardrid says:

Would definitely love to have one of these.

yenyob says:

You should start now.

vladtdr says:

You should give them to me:D

bigfoot85t says:

Ok... You got it! There coming your way now just cause you said so.

Sparktweek says:

Please to have one, please? I'd love to have one if you are giving them away. Thanks AC!

bno762 says:

You should give me one...or three. Im raising 5 kids and they all love android;)

bizabreak says:

I neeed that!

JNM says:

I know the perfect person to give them to (no, not me, but I'd give their info if I won).

quiverskeep says:

You're so sweet. Ok ok, I'll just give them that info so you don't have to: ; ) (thx for thinking of me!)

eramos31 says:

Give me one! Those are awesome!!

oxidax says:

ohh yes me want!

boochrisboo says:

I will take one.

drhere says:

The perfect companion

Asitha says:

Meeee!! I want it..

kookalooch says:

I'd use it as a hood ornament. Way better than all those stupid Apple stickers.

DavidDB says:

OH Yes - cause in the UK these are rarer than rocking horse s**t

Lucidpigeon says:


I would love to have one of these myself...

Sanosuke says:

I shall take one, if you are giving them away.

sfot says:

When, when, when will you give them away and how can we win?

sxayarath says:

Yes, please!?!

frde011024 says:

I would love to have one.

umbroumbro says:

give me one~~

SkinsFan1987 says:

Those look cool!

I'll take good care of one of them

OniBerry says:

When are you going to start giving them away?

Please me. I want mucho!

benmcf says:

If you are starting to give them away now, save one for me!

quiverskeep says:

I wanty. I wanty NOW Daddy!

jlange says:


bgpoppa92 says:

One belongs with me. I just know it!!

jsheehan223 says:

I'll take it! Thanks!

ezy03 says:

I want one!!

kprz24 says:

I've been wishing to have one of these

Onefrink says:

Please, give one to me.

dannylacy says:

I need one of these <3 i need so much more android in my life!!!!

JackG058 says:

Wow. Sweet giveaway. I'll take one.

polypusher says:

These look seriously cool....

Awesome little buggers, I'd like one.

Rancid88 says:

Well I just hope I manage to participate in the contest =)

Wait, do we get entered just for posting here?

jpits45 says:

I'd like to have one!

marktrav44 says:

please let me win one

Syrous44 says:

I want one please.

tphipps2 says:

I just made room for it! Send one my way please!!

jeffxt says:

Mine! Mine! Mine, mine! Mine!

I'm registered.

kjohnson28 says:

I would like one

vadd says:

Awesome :)

chubb says:

I'll take one off your hands!

agzgarcia says:

I need these to make the co-workers jealous!! Come on man !!

arcadelion says:

I'll gladly take one. =)

greyhd says:

I will gladly keep it safe at my place :)

Phazor says:

Gimme gimme gimme! I wanted to start a collection as soon as I saw the Series 3!

mcbussard says:

Go ahead and send one my way please.

rmiles7721 says:

Me too! Me too!

c5pfe says:

I would to have one!!!!!!

zippox180#AC says:

Yes sir!

Always wanted one of those :)

erieGISgeek says:

I'd gladly display one of them to on my desk...

Gadwall says:

Yes please would love one of these little fellas

GkneeFL says:

Ooo ...shiny...err...Android-y

ubuntubhoy says:

Hmm,my wife is addicted to these. Need moar...

I I'll take one! What is it?

taz_angela says:

Give one to me please

Premium1 says:

Would love one of these. These are awesome.

REC0GN1ZE says:

I'll take em!

1LoudLS says:

i think you should pick the 65th commenter

Love these figs so sad they sold out so fast.

gmihalakos says:

I'd love one..... cheers

adazamim says:

I want the green original one :)

dmikestolz says:

Where do we sign up

and me

Well let's get my comment on here so I can win one!

gangarbangar says:

These would look great on my desk as work.

I should get one for being the fatest, baldest of them all!!! :)

ceriem says:

Holy cow, these are awesome.

mercado79 says:

How did I miss these going on sale?! Please send one my way!

I would love one!!! My birthday is coming up too!! really it is. ;)

darthbrazen says:

MuZT HaZ!!!!


salpiche says:

I should get one because my non existent dog ate the one that was goven to me along with my 20 years old homework. Otherwise you can just point me in the dirrection to the sale page sio I can go to the corner and beg for momeys so I can buy it...

heyjb28 says:


willmsbrg says:

Please, give one to me also, thanks for the contest!!

treogables says:

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win -- Thinking Positive

Joet says:

That's some fine looking desk candy there...

Would LOVE one of these!

napmonstr says:

little desk buddy!

bdmridgback says:

I want one to screw to the top of my Boss's Apple computer at work!!!

May I please have one.

lion7718 says:

Would look good sitting on top of my computer.

thedan862 says:

I would like to have one please.

mathiasjk says:

Anyone know What happening to the Nexus 7 contest from last weekend?

mech1164 says:

Would love to accept one of those. I'm all for Android adoption.:)

Definitely need this for my desk.

bmstew says:

Would look great on my desk...

ansextra says:

They'll go perfectly with my Lloyd hat!

Akuma says:

I'd love one for my cubicle at work!

souzavic says:

Yeah i'd like to fire one up

rogerski1 says:

I'll take one!!

Kash#AC says:

Oh pick me pick me :D Perfect companion for my desk at work.

thomas0612 says:

Would love to have one and display it at my wireless kiosk.

imdabold1 says:

email me for my mailing address ;-)

I want one!

Denashi says:

Whatever you do, you should definitely send one to me!

Lee1022 says:

How do you get these, I want one!

thunderboy says:

Please please please. I want one.

neuralwolf says:

I want in!

Jcossack88 says:

If I could ever win something...that would be awesome

munkyhead86 says:

Yes please :)

gothicmedic says:


gonzlobo says:

phil, think of the children!

Troothdotcom says:


I want one!!!

Erckul says:

would look great on my desk at work

rynbeed says:

Do a give away of course! :D

Shiftastic says:

Sweet. Have wanted one of these android figures forever.

This would look really awesome in my dorm room. :D

MSCloude115 says:

I'd love one!

I need a new best friend :( can i please have one to make me smile again

JakeCross7 says:

Snag me one of these!!!

radgatt says:

I just want to win one.

FTommy says:

Oh my god GIMME GIMME GIMME! You can't find this here in Hungary T_T

readhpr says:

Oooh, free stuff!

tailsthecat3 says:

*"What ever should we do with these?"


Jaredd130 says:

Those ARE the droids Im looking for. Move along, move along.

Macboy74 says:


SuperJonCA says:

I want I want! Please please! Feed my addiction!

Derek_B says:

Enter me in the contest, please. Thank you.

J2B2 says:

I would really love to have one those........mine, mine, mine, mine......

Gator352 says:

I'll take 2 please!!!!

bassdelux15 says:

Omg I so want XD

AllGood says:

Great toys for the desk

freddyc says:

Give ... Me ... NOW!!!

burger30 says:

Sweet . Would be awesome to have

naturalblue says:

i wouldn't mind one of these at all!

CaliberSRT4 says:

Those are very nice

crakedparrot says:

Very nice, I would like to win one, thanks

You should hoard them all for yourself!

joverman56 says:

You should give me 5 (the size of my family) so I can put them in the back of my truck window peeing on an apple!!!

xeroslash says:

I'll take one of those.

ArKay#AC says:

I would certainly love to have one of those.
I know it's greedy... but really. It's not for me. It's for my friends kid.
Honest !

Incubus123 says:

Good thing i am registered then ! I do want one of those..

I have been registered for awhile now...

LadyDi says:

Lil gadgets for lil me!!

mangy says:

I want one. Please!!!

sdc5364 says:

I would love to put one of these in the back Window of my car like those hula dancers or the old toco bell dog

I would take one please. It would go to a good home.

I would take one please. It would go to a good home.

mdoades71 says:

Oh yeah!

younghusky says:

Yep, I want one. Please and Thank you!

Gspot82 says:

Yes Please!!!

ToddPa says:

Add me to the give away list!

flguy725725 says:

I am wanting one for sure!!!

cjohn4043 says:


chrisjcks says:

Can people in the UK win one?

If so, I'd really like one please :-)


I'd love one if you have any left! Thank you :D

TheTechGuy says:

Hook me up!!!

Ricanxd says:

I want some androids!

droidman2177 says:

Please Hook me up! I'm geek enough.



blackbyrd says:

Umm, what is it? But if you guys setting it up, it must be cool. So, I'll take one.

cellio says:

I take it!

greenie25 says:

I'll take one!

You should just give them to me, and spare everyone else the anxiety of wondering.
I like little knick knacky things, you should see all the little dogs I have from Small Dog Electronics!

Hatshepsut says:

I'd so love to win one!

danisantos1 says:

I just regist myself.
give me one pleeeeeeease.

archie53 says:

Nice love these, would love to put it on my desk

kennethbring says:

I can haz 1 plz?

chillzmonolo says:

Hook me up

Mr. Redlegs says:

Those would reeeaaal nice on my computer desk... Just saying.


graffixnyc says:

I want one!

Would love, love, love one!!!!!

Victordachs says:

Do want!

cweb69 says:

Gimme gimme gimme!!! If ray ray come round here lookin for me, you don't go droppin dimes, do yous?

hotdoggnboi says:

I hope I win one!

lowdwn169 says:

I've always wanted To buy one or two but never got around to it. I'd love one for free!!!

tjwittkop says:

I need one of these for my desk and my iCoworkers.

cgill27 says:

I'll take one, thank you!


I want 1 so I can get it then take pictures of me smashing it to pieces and post it here and make fun of everyone who didnt get 1.

quiverskeep says:


mazzmoney95 says:

I want one bad

maistro says:

I want one!

Stretchie says:

I would love one of these!

Stretchie says:

I would love one of these!

dakid2k6 says:

Pass one here please.

franky311 says:

I would love one of them. Thank you, for your hard work with the site.

I want one badly! please let me win one please!

eliasso says:

start by giving it to me :)

shyam92 says:

pick me

Vagrant_1 says:


MattDawgyDog says:

Hook me up!!

Clotcud? What the hell is clotcud?

over here pick me

R3537L1F3 says:

Oooh I wanna win :O

alcto says:

send them to me

Joe1136 says:

I hope I can win one

I will tell you what you can do with one of those... you can take it and shove it...

right into the mailbox headed in my direction. Thank you in advance.

RJazz117 says:

Anything Android, any time.

Count me in.

archtech3d says:

Oh wow... would be so cool to have one. Android Central rocks on SO many levels!

bbnexus says:

Whoa! Please???

dgoffard says:

I would also love one of these....


Sambo41 says:

I need these!

krispy521 says:

Can I have one Please!!!!!!

kbuno50 says:

I need one to win the war against Apple. Please *sob* my family was killed *sob* I dont have much left... *engage crying mode*

mtbagz says:

Me likey!!

Bond32 says:

Pick Me!!!

Hand_O_Death says:

Looks Awesome, Yes Please

Armani G says:

I want one thanks just registered and it would be a great gift! :)

Fisack23 says:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll take one.

kcls says:

I can haz?

mcharrette says:

Thanks for sharing!

dogboi says:

Awesome. Would love to have one!

javi9600 says:

I would love to have one

jediman says:

I just had some major surgery this week and this would help me recover quicker!

dmcincubus says:

I'll take one please and thank you.

I would love one.

VMaine says:

I just happen to have a spot for one.

GilesK says:

bump for mini me would love one of them

bjfrank2 says:


BullNole228 says:

Hello hat. I think I will throw my name in.

dubdrop says:

Oh Hells yeah!

dubdrop says:

Oh Hells yeah!

pick me!

harrison17 says:

Neato. Would fit right in with the style I'm calling bachelor chic that I've decorated my place in.

yugnip says:

If I won one maybe my wife wouldn't think I was such a dork for wanting one.

NOLA_Droid says:

Dashboard decoration. I would love one.

veiko says:

Registered just for that! I really need one!

tayswg20 says:

I'll take one pretty please :-)

I would like one please:-)

deltascrew says:

Pick me pick me pick me pick me please ;)

frubin says:

Pick me, pick me.

frubin says:

Pick me, pick me.

terrycanfly says:

you should put up blank android templates and have us design our own android mini

PJMAN2952 says:

I truly love Google and Android. I would really like to have these all over my desk! Now if it only can do the Gangnam style dance :D

prodaytrade says:

Reason why I'm registered with Android Central.

Idelgado782 says:

I would love one of these to keep my vinylmation company on my desk!!!

RetiredJedi says:

gimme gimme gimme one please.

octacolover says:


Psstt.... over here... I'll take one! Please of course ;)

I want one!

edd247 says:

I would love one!

kctony says:

May I have one please?

cloakinghalk says:

I would really like one

Kimo91 says:

Would love to win one

gyver.clk says:

This would look great on my study table!

Azholio says:


gmc7000 says:

Very cool! Definitely interested!

Dramer77 says:

oh man i want one

troxclab says:

I would like one

punkwhan says:

Whatever this is I'd like to have one.

martyr2k6 says:

My desk requires this as it's newest guardian

abhi2nahi4 says:

What abt ppl who are already registered?

I want one so bad!

jem286 says:

i would like one as well

wakingbadger says:

I'd love a series 3 figure!

tetsuo9999 says:

Yes Please! It would look awesome in my collection!

NavyVet420 says:

I would like one for my soon to be 4 month old baby girl who will ONLY ever use Android products!! No big fruity for her!

Plus it'll go along my other one from series 2 that I was given as a gift awhile ago!

priority9 says:

My little green mini android needs a friend. Please send one over asap. ;)

nipcarlover says:


aaron1644 says:

Oh... Pick me pick me!

dancing-bass says:

Yup, I'll gladly give one of these a good home

area223 says:

Come on AC!

lilcledix says:

I want one please

nickster08 says:

Would love to grab one!

zero3187 says:

I'd like one!

Yo, I is registered. Ye.

russell1997 says:

These are the droids I'm looking for!

rob1261 says:

I want the nexus one

yocubed says:

I want the hustler!!!

deviantartjr says:

please pick me, i want to get the nexus ones :)

dcvanderbush says:

So, are we just commenting to enter... Or...? Is so, I'M IN!

Click This says:

I need a new desk ornament. Be great if I'd get one!

jaysil80 says:

Android central is so good at showing me things I didn't know I needed.

aubinhick990 says:

You should give one to me! ...because somehow my post is better than the other millions (a liiiitle hyperbole)

I really want it.Please give me.It will be my pride.

omgnoname says:

I'd like one please! Thanks Phil!

Wreckus says:

I would love to have one but I live in canada.

Wreckus says:

oops double post

lack5 says:

I.... MUST..... HAVE.... ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet! Hook a fanatic up :)

Tuffgong4 says:

that Krylon one kicks butt...send me one!!

Originalme8 says:

How do you win?

Oh heck yes. Those look so cool.

cliffy223 says:

I have the original green one from series 1 and he is lonely be nice for him to have a friend especially the Nexus one. I would like to have that one as a prelude to getting my first Nexus phone.

Joker35 says:

Please oh please pick me.

moelsen says:

Yoyo ac hit me! Would love one of these guys! :P

charlesvtiu says:


mkashen says:

I am a Nigerian prince with large amounts of money in an account that I must give away before I will be crowned King. I just need your social security number and your name along with a photo ID and birthday. Also, please include your credit card information, blood type and a scan of your fingerprints. This information is required by the bank to release the funds.

Or, give me one of the mini androids.

pick the renegade

xshraf says:


swear0730 says:

I agree. Whatever it is I'd like one too!

Mr. West says:

Please me! I'm on here everyday and I love you guys!

bonekeep says:

I need this... bad! :D

mc5no4stp says:

Me please

tcournoy says:

I want one!

elvisgp says:

Android forever! Go AC!