TA: Little Red Riding Hood

A twist on the classic tale, with beautiful graphics and excellent game mechanics

I can't stop playing this one. TA: Little Red Riding Hood (the TA stands for Twisted Adventures) is a great mix of platformer and runner style games, one where you hop from rotating sphere to rotating sphere, hitting the good things and avoiding the bad things.

There are no complicated commands or rules to memorize. You tap the screen to jump. As you jump from sphere to sphere, you'll want to collect the flowers and apples you see along the way. When you see a caged rabbit on a sphere's surface, touch it to free it. Shadow monsters, like wolves, hornets and birds, will kill you and send you back to the beginning of the level if you touch them. The levels get progressively harder, and some are maddeningly difficult to get a perfect score on — just the way we like them to be.

While the game physics and mechanics are really good — there's even a different gravity factor based on how fast or slow a sphere is turning — it's the graphics that send TA: Little Red Riding Hood over the top. Done up in the popular art-style you see from titles like Don't Starve or Badland, the graphics are beautiful, and gameplay is fluid. 

It's not the perfect game — there's no Google Play games integration, and the lone soundtrack is a little repetitive — but it's definitely one worth downloading if you're into casual games on your phone or tablet. It's also on sale for 99-cents for a limited time, so you've got even more incentive to give it a spin. 

The Google Play link is above, and you can watch the official gameplay trailer after the break.


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What I'm playing this week: TA: Little Red Riding Hood


I'm more interested in what you're playing it on. What is that tablet?

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I'm not gonna lie, I bought the game because of this article and couldn't put it down. The only downvote I give is the single music track.

+1. I turn the music off. Anyways I was tempted to get this a while back, I really was drawn to the art style. Jerry's post and the half off price sealed the deal. Very fun.


"It's not the perfect game — there's no Google Play games integration,... "

Well... Google Play Games integration is a defect for parents looking for games for their children. Google Play Games requires a Google+ account, which requires a minimum age of 13 years unless you want to break Google's terms AND risk your children's email account closed by Google if they find out (I think this applies even for GApps accounts).
Minecraft does multi-player without coercing you into joining a social network. I guess Google needs that bait to get people into Google+.

Actually there are examples of Google Play integration that works and those that do not. For example, Injustice: Gods Among us will not work if their is no Google account present, you just cannot start the game. Beach Buggy Blitz however by Vector unit (they have been at the forefront of GP integration) works perfectly without requiring you to use the G+ sign in with caveat of course that you cannot post to leaderboards or save the game to the cloud services. The GP services has also quietly improved as I remember when I initially purchased Scribblenauts remixed and purchased the extra levels via IAP they were not available on the kid's user account on my Nexus 7, however, thanks to your post I checked and they are now they are.

Bought the game based on this article as well...pretty sweet, smooth, and challenging as well. Love the graphics and fluidity of the game play. What else could you ask for in a game(aside from the afore mentioned single music track)?

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