Sonic CD on Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Gamepad

Bring a little retro gaming to your Easter weekend with this 16-bit classic

I've been playing around with Samsung's Gamepad accessory with the Galaxy S5 this past week, and one of the Gamepad's big strengths is classic side-scrolling platform games like SEGA's Sonic CD. Originally released in 1993 for the SEGA CD (Mega CD), Sonic CD has the company's spiky mascot embarking on an adventure through time, doing battle not only with Dr. Robotnik, but a a cybernetic version of himself.

The game controls much like other Genesis-era Sonic titles, with fast-paced gameplay across seven levels and a variety of robotic foes and boss battles to contend with. With past, present and future versions of each zone, sprawling level design, seizure-inducing 3D special stages and an insane J-pop-inspired soundtrack, Sonic CD is unlike any platformer of its era. It represented SEGA getting to grips with the then new CD-ROM format, and going a bit nuts in the process. The result is a game that's sometimes frustrating and confusing, but consistently wacky and always enjoyable — and for $2.99, worth giving a try on Android.

The full version of Sonic CD for Android is available Google Play, and there's also a free trial version available. (Keep watching AC and ShopAndroid for more on the Gamepad!)


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What I'm playing this week: Sonic CD


I had it on my tablet. But I couldn't past the wacky workbench level. And don't even get me started on stardust speedway.

I'm just interested in the controller.

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That song isn't the one I remember for the opening cutscene. It was something like "You can run, you can fly. You can reach the other side of the rainbow... When you use your mind. Sonic Boom... Sonic Boom..." Etc etc...

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You can switch to the soundtrack you remember. In the main menu, select 'soundtrack' and switch it to US. Sonic boom :-)

Yeah, fun fact, the game has totally different soundtracks for Asia and the US. The app lets you choose either :-)