Simple, relaxing and endlessly expandable, Lyne is one of the best Android puzzlers around

After a long week at Mobile World Congress, here's a relaxing, atmospheric puzzler for the weekend. Lyne by Thomas Bowker is a simple yet addictive dot-connecting puzzle title that comes with a soothing ambient soundtrack. Like all the best puzzle titles, Lyne is simple to grasp, but challenging to master. The basic premise involves drawing a line between start and end points on a grid, making sure to tag similar-colored shapes as you go. But things soon get more complex when you start dealing with multiple colors and different paths between shapes. Yet throughout all this, Lyne manages to avoid frustration through its calming tones and minimalist design. It's challenging without being overbearing or stress-inducing.

The game comes with fifteen sets of designed levels, with new procedurally-generated ones added on a daily basis. And for the asking price, that gives you a ridiculous level of replayability. Lyne costs $2.50 in the U.S., or £1.60 in the UK, and there are no ads or in-app purchases to detract from the experience. Even if you're not a huge puzzle game fan, chances are you'll end up killing a few minutes at a time in Lyne if you give it a try; get hooked and you could find yourself engrossed in Lyne's world of shapes, lines and soothing sound effects for hours at a time.


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What I'm playing this week: Lyne


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