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Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is a puzzle game that involves slicing through blocks of ice in order to get abandoned vikings to their longboats. Those blocks of ice can be smashed up if they get to the boat after sliding or swinging across the stage, since our hapless hero is there at the ready with an oversized hammer. There are bonus chests scattered around the level full of coins which can be used to unlock new branching stages, provided you can get it to the boat without burning through too many slices. Every stage has a set number of coins to collect, as well as an occasional Play Games achievement to earn.

There are three chapters plus the tutorial chapter, with 140 stages all told. That's plenty to chew on for $0.99. Though a lot of Icebreaker is understandably arctic-themed, you'll play through swamps, the bowls of a Kraken, and all sorts of other great settings cooked up since the iOS launch. The physics puzzles can get particularly challenging and interesting at later stages. That said, optional in-app purchases are available if you need consumable power-ups to get through especially tricky parts.

Icebreaker has a Cut the Rope vibe, but the free-form ice cutting is distinctly different, not to mention following an altogether different premise. What I like most about Icebreaker are the chunky, low-fi graphics and the nuggets of dialog between each level. The brand of goofiness is very reminiscent of The Lost Vikings, which seems appropriate. If you're looking for a puzzle game with a healthy dose of humor and some viking attitude, be sure to snag Icebreaker.

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Braden Dunn says:

Just tried it, it's pretty awesome! Thanks for the idea

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swimmaholic says:


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Pedalbflat says:

Is it true that there are ads even though you pay for the app? I'd be glad to pay more up front if it meant no ads. Just sayin'.

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zitrogabriel says:

If I'm not mistaken, this game is sooo old! Back in middle school when online flash games were uber popular, this game was one of them, probably in or The game was very similar to this. I found the link:

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crxssi says:

When I was in middle school, there was no Flash, no Internet, and barely home computers :) Just sayin'

You are making me feel freaking old... stop that

zitrogabriel says:

I'm 22 and I feel old. Tablets were nonexistent, I still remember using in elementary school the Encyclopedia Britannica CdRom for my research. Don't even get me started on floppy disks...
Amazing how much has changed in 10 years.

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Simon Sage says:

Yep, same game.

xeroslash says:

A shame there are ads in this paid app. Nice write-up. It got me ready to put down my dollar, but I support apps through viewing ads or paying for them. Not both.

Hopefully they remove ads once this sale is over and the price isn't outrageous.

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Youngunn says:

This. Greedy devs are greedy.

At least there's no energy pay me money to play system.
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pitras says:

What ads? It's self-promoting stuff. Ignorant people are ignorant.

seanjenkins says:

Like the BBC then

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You don't even notice them.


bigjosh says:

$0.99? It's $2.51 here is WA state...

Eion says:

$2.51 here as well when I just looked in the Playstore

jean15paul says:

I got $2.51 too