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We thought Google made a pretty good case for Google TV at its Google IO conference last month. But if you're still having trouble explaining it to that special someone in your life -- you know, wife, mom, whomever controls your money because you just can't help yourself -- Google's worked up a great explainer video.

Google TVFor you non-visual learners, Google TV will come baked into new Sony TVs this fall, and will also be available as an add-on set-top box. Then you'll have access to the entire Internet, including a Webkit-based browser, and even Android apps. Want to watch a show? Search for it. If it's on, you can watch it via cable or satellite, just like normal. Or you can tap into a show's web feeds, and watch it that way, all on your TV. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the video after the break. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

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What is Google TV? This is Google TV


Hey, it's iJustine from my neck of the woods (Pittsburgh). Didn't realize she was still doing the web blogging thing.

At first I loved the idea. Then it kinda waned and I thought it might flop. Now I'm really looking at how its baked into the TV's and the settop boxes will be cheap and I'm believing in it again. I think Jobs is trying to play towards the boxes as failures from his comment at D8 or whatever but I think he is probably concerned about it being baked into the TV's. That becomes and GIGANTIC selling point for Android devices. One which they won't be able to counter. And it will only get worse if other TV makers decide to bake it into theirs.

Dear god. Not ... her. Bleck.

As someone who already uses an HTPC, Google TV really doesn't do much for me.

I think it's a great idea if it includes a DVR that you don't have to pay a monthly fee for. Since I assume it will have a on screen guide? if it's going to just be a revenue stream with little or no benefit to the user (still need a set top box from cable or satellite companies) I don't see the point. DLNA will stream the internet to TV's with out the bloat.

Great vid... except for the shot of that annoying a$$ iJustine. ;)

I'm so psyched for these to become available.

How would the google tv be able to do this video overlay? It is my understanding that the HDCP with HDMI 1.3 spec says the HDMI signal cannot be modified in any way by a pass-thru device, which means no on screen menus. And how would it control a cable or sat box? IR blasters are very unreliable and can end up not turning on the tuner or changing to the wrong channel.