Android 2.3 Gingerbread

We're expecting Google to announce Android 2.3 -- Gingerbread -- any minute now. ... ... ... Wait ... ... ... Nope, not yet. OK. Let's continue. So the big question is what are we going to get? UI improvements? A bunch of bug fixes? We want to hear from you. What are you hoping to see in Android 2.3?


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What do you hope to see in Gingerbread?


I agree then it'd be truly open.

I'd love to see better streaming audio and id like for my Pandora to resume playing after my Sprint navigation is giving directions.

It honestly wouldn't matter if it had a different UI. Manufacturers are still going to use their custom skins. It's not cause Android is ugly, it's to distinguish their phone's from other companies (aka to make money).

But I think Google needs to focus on music and the market. The music player is hideous and most apps are lame. That's the only thing i envy about Apple.

Hardware acceleration for sure! Better camera software and official google talk video chat (that isn't super pixelated)

Better Battery Life would be perfect, along with a better flowing UI... Android is so Jittery and Stuttery at times that it becomes unbearable even with a 1GHZ processor. . . OPTIMIZATION.

And oh yea MINIMUM STORAGE OF 8GB APPS and MEDIA + SD Storage separate for whatever you decide to put on there

Better Memory Management, nicer UI with better looking icons. More apps open in the background, something like webOS.

They took out a lot of features in 2.2, sorting contacts by last name was one of them. Although I guess it could be a Motorola tinkering but probably not.

More flexibility in displaying contact names:

I want to be able to display names along with the company name in (brackets) like my old WinMo

first name, last name (company)

Better support for tablets like the Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak (if you wanna call it a tablet), the Archos Media tablets, etc.

An official Android-to-Android video chat app

The un-preinstallition of Amazon MP3 and to be replaced with Google Music

the ability to search exchange or really anything from the email app. the lack of email search is kind of inexcusable from a company who's main job is SEARCHING FOR THINGS.

What's wrong with the email search? I just go into gmail and press my magnifying glass button, my EVO searches emails as fast as my PC...

Serious UI improvements, What have now works, but it's not terribly slick. Always felt kinda clunky to me.

Better battery life would be sweet.

Better multitasking. The rigamarole with using a task manager for open apps, and not being sure if something is closed is kinda lame. Something like WebOS' card system would be nice, but I expect google to come up with something even better.

Oh, also, it needs to come with a pony, a puppy, and a unicorn.

Then i'll be happy.

Leave the task management alone and you will be better off. Stop trying to micromanage it and everything will work better.

Better Google Talk.

This is Android's own user to user tool. Why is it so limited? Why is it not a SHARE target like messaging or email?

Fully functional CISCO ipsec VPN support so that Android can displace the iPhone in my workplace. Seriously, what CISCO VP did the Google guys piss off? This is such a huge, gaping hole in their offering and one that is keeping them out of enterprises.

First of all, better app switching, better visual representation of multi-tasking. Smooth kinetic scrolling. more(better) widgets. more polished UI. Look and feel should be solid. Not sure how, but include gameloft's gme in the market, or may be from other better vendors.

That's not a bad point. If they could make an easy way to link Android devices directly to third party markets (through Android Market or otherwise) then more power to them.

video gchat (phone2phone & phone2PC)

streaming from itunes to phone

copy, paste anything anywhere

gogle tv/netflix integration

,, Agreed IF it stays as mentioned(2.3) probable very slight changes, I was hoping to see it jump to (3.0) meaning a more major update , but I will still take the update I guess ha :)

I just want the sound profiles to go back to the 2.1 setup

Silent, Vibrate, Low volume - High Volume

And to have the text message app sort messages correctly.

Google talk should at least receive the ability to send/receive files. Having to leave the chat and send via email is a hassle.

I agree. Even sending URLs has to be done with cut and paste.

Gtalk needs to be publish and handle full SHARE intents for everything it can possibly handle. If it can do it on the desktop it should be able to do it on Google's own platform.

- Proxy settings in Wi-Fi (and APN I suppose)
- Better Google Talk, group conversations, voIP, instant push notifs (think this is already possible) and UI update
- UI update all round, better handling of application icons, folders inside the app draw for example.
- Messages not sorting correctly
- Vibrate/Silent/Volume Up-Down feature from 2.2 to come back
- iTunes Streaming
- Improved hardware acceleration, better battery life (although a hardware issue mainly)

The downfall of iOS. Seriously, Android needs better media capabilities. The music player is adequate, but limited video options for basic users make stock Android lack a certain wow factor out of the box. Apps compensate somewhat, but let's hope for the debut of Google Music and awesome Google TV integration. UI tweaks would be sweet too, and resizable widgets are a must at this point.

Correct the Google calendar bug where events that go past 12:00am show up as a duplicated event the next day. Drives me crazy.

Mostly I would like:
- recent apps in the notification bar (as with the new Sense)
- Google Docs support, more robust than the GDocs app

-majorly revamped ui all across
-newer and innovative launcher
-cool landscape to portrait and vice versa transition effects! also should be instantaneous!
-easier to install (one click setup) sdk for developers (currently it sucks ass)
-better emulator on the development side!!!
-better haptics
-nice dialer with some decent t9 support
-major performance improvements! (for example, when listing all applications - it takes an hour!....or the useless media scanner running and stalling the whole device till it completes its work...all annoying to the end user)

O) Lock the Carriers out of the Operating System! Stop forcing your Crapware onto my phone!
O) Improve the overall Operating System User Interface.
O) Improve all of the basic built-in applications; email, calendar, etc. They are all functional, but feature-poor.
O) Improve security and support for Corporate environments so that my company will allow me to connect my Android to the network.

- Google Music sync w/desktop app
- Increased resolution support
- Google voice integrated like gmail
- Native handling of more file types, like mpeg
- a "rock" solid music player that turns your phone in to a media player if that's what you want
- some type of app-aware sleep mode check that will freeze an app if it's preventing the phone from sleeping after the screen has been off for x number of minutes
- native google apps, apps

i would like to see if gingerbread would be the same for all devices cause me and a family member have the EVO with 2.2 and our devices are completly different with certain apps and how the market appears to us, we had the same issue with the moment with the 2.1 update-1 thats why we moved to the Evo and its the same problem

I agree with the better [Google Talk] application. It's still so beta and so limited. Just like the desktop version. [Batter Life] improvement is highly needed also. A few more useful stock [Android Widgets] would be nice as well. The ability to take a screen-shot without having to ROOT a device would be nice too. For those less tech savy people out there.

A much improved launcher with good widgets for setting up your own environment. Much like sense. The standard launcher is crude and ugly.

I would like to see full OS support for wireless printers. Google Docs application. Real Copy / Paste. Better graphics support.

Better scrolling on the browser.
Gmail improvements like copy paste and the ability to editr html
Notification improvements like the ability to dismiss individual elements
Google music. Cloud based music (yeah beat apple to the punch)
Google tv integration. Not just the remote

Higher res icons
and of course. Unrealistic as this is.

Global hardware acceleration for apps.

Everyone semms to want a better GTalk app, as do I. But there is always LiveProfile (beta) that can fill that void.

I'd love it if they fixed the google maps / audio issue. if you have music playing and you're using gps, the gps will interrupt to give directions, and then it won't start the music back up. it used to do this in 2.1, but it broke in 2.2.

I don't know if anyone said this yet or not but I really want to see something like bbm but on android. I think that would be really awesome.

Copy and paste every where
Better sms/mms
high resolution icons
wifi calling
Depending of brand have the option for sense,blur,or what ever at boot up. how nice would it be to pick the os you run if you like sense great load it, want vanilla great run it. your talking 60-170Mb we have room on our phones let us choose.

longer blinking light for message notification, and longer vibrations when ringing would be nice so I can feel my EVO on my hip, when I'm receiving a call, where a ringer isn't an option. :)

i agree the bbm would be great too.truthfully though if it were like webos as far as cards for apps that are running it would be the shit.

Lot's of good stuff posted. Polished/faster UI for me is the highest priority.

I'd like if Google buy the rights to like the 10 best apps (LLP+/AWD and powerAMP) and such and incorporate that into the build. These devs are coming up with great stuff for us and it's because of necessity.

With Google's resources...why aren't our phones holographic 3D already?...

I think there is a need for an android device classification scale that can be applied as a software rating requirements system as well as hardware so you know when you buy a device if it can properly play high end games or movies etc. Most people are ignorant to the power of their hardware and this would prevent android or the hardware/software makers from getting a bad name.

This is the best thing going for apple. Only one phone so everything works on the current platform. This is like the problem pc gamers have vs console gamers

High quality audio recording dammit! Android audio recording sucks compared to iPhone, Windows Mobile, even compared to classic Palm OS! Everyone knows it but nobody wants to talk about it!

1. redone audio for better sound, something along the likes of the sound quality of my walkman versus the craptacular sound quality of the ipods

2. better sound profiles builtin settings more like the blackberry sound profiles

3. im sure I'll think of others.....

Auto screen rotate on ANY screen with the option to turn it off, of course, and to be able to choose what screens to auto rotate, example, a screen lock icon in a corner somewhere. Definitely the ability to make calls over Wifi. I have too many instances in my own home where I cannot get service signal in the basement, but I have excellent Wifi signal and cannot even send a stupid text message. DO NOT COPY ANY I**one STUFF, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

1. Direct sync with Outlook Contacts, Calendar & Notes
2. Ability to sort contacts by last name or company name
3. Fix the wifi disconnect issue

I came in here JUST to say it needs a spell check. My 3 year old instinct had spell check. Some virtual keyboards have it sort of built in, but my wife's business phone (Epic) needs some help.

Overall iPhone like consistent UI, plus all the awesomeness of Android left intact. I cannot deal with the multitouch and scrolling throughout Android. Even on my incredible it is so shit that I may reluctantly switch over to the iPhone :(

This isn't really in the OS, but I would like a save/wish list button in the app market. Smoother operation when in 4g(Evo). A way to clone the phone so when it needs replacing I don't have to spend hours re-downloading every app.Bluetooth 3.0, I don't know what is different, but I want it!


This is the reason the iphone is so much smoother all around the menu's and UI! android needs this badly and I hope to god google delivers this.

Better contacts searching! Searching by business name when there is a person's name in there as well!

I wish for them to finally fix the problem of streaming audio over 3G. Used to work great in 2.1 until they messed around with it. Been having to deal with poor audio quality over Pandora for months now.

i would like to be able to change the font size (smaller). i have a dx and would like to maximize what i can view on there at once. thanks!

Google Voice integration into the API so developers can use gVoice. Kinda sick of being reliant on the Google Voice app for txting. Its such a piss poor txting app. There needs to be some API goodness that allows apps like Handcent to reach into gVoice's bowels and send and receive txt's

-Support for WebM video playback
-Improved copy–paste functionalities
-Improved social networking features
-Android Market music store
-Media streaming from PC library
-Revamped UI
-Support for bigger screens with up to Wide XGA (1366×768) resolution
-New 3D Games support including new Marketplace area for gaming
-Use of mksh for /system/bin/sh
-Support for video calls
-Support for WebP image files
-Support for Google TV



BlueZ 4 (with hidd support)
Ability to sync calendar to online ical feeds or webdav calendars

What I hope to see:
*Support for tablet resolutions (all the way up till at least 1280x720)
*Bug fixes (Wi-Fi, Exchange, and steaming AAC+ audio at least, I know there are a few more)
-Better interface (probably won't be hugely improved until Honeycomb, but something would be nice)
-Better user accessible task manager. Just making it more visible and user friendly should help
-Continue to cut apps out of the ROM (like they've done with Gmail, Youtube, Car Home, etc)
*Better copy and paste. I don't care if they have to outright steal Apple's copy and paste implementation, they are already being sued by them, might as well make it worthwhile
*Better codec support. I want FLAC, WMV, AVI, and MKV supported in the default media player
-Better music management software, including Wi-Fi sync. I personally don't care, I love the drag and drop way to add music but this is a big issue to people weaned on iTunes. As long as it isn't required and Wi-Fi sync is available I will be happy
-Desktop App Market. Same as above, doesn't really matter to me but other people like it
*Phone to Chrome. There was the Android to Cloud app but that app is trouble. Google already has Chrome to Phone, just add the ability to push a website you're viewing now to your desktop browser and I will be happy
*Better performance. JIT helped a lot, but we need better. GPU acceleration for one thing, and we also need to find a way to stop that eventual Android slow down. I think everyone knows what I mean, your phone is lightning quick a few days or a week after you wipe it or first get it, but then it just hits a brick wall
-Add default ability to install every app on the SD card. I know it is up to the developer on Froyo but that isn't good enough for me since a lot of devs don't implement it.
-Better ability to customize calendar event durations on the phone. Yes at my PC I can completely customize it, but giving more options wouldn't hurt
*Not sure if this is an Android thing, or just my Motorola DROID with its crappy touch sensor, but the touch sensitivity and accuracy needs to be improved. I've had experience with the Samsung Moment and the Motorola DROID and both aren't great with touch. Especially when scrolling it will often just freak out and hyper scroll in one direction randomly

The starred ones are the ones that I really want. I think this is a fairly reasonable list, from all the rumors Gingerbread is shaping up to be a bug fix and polish kind of release. Honeycomb will probably bring the big UI changes everyone wants

How about just being able to save an attachment from email or text without getting some silly 3rd party app????? I mean COME ON!