Looking for an easy way to make a couple extra bucks? WeReward is kind of like Foursquare – in a sense that you check in to different businesses around your area and will share it on social networking clients such as Twitter and Facebook.  However, the difference is that this app actually pays you for it, and sometimes it’s more than just clicking the ‘checkin’ button. For example, you may get points for taking of a picture of yourself with an Applebees waitress, or uploading a snapshot of your receipt. Each point is equal to a penny, and while it may sound tedious, there are 15 million businesses around the country that are participating, and some that will offer hundreds of points so you might need to shop around a little.  After you've racked up some heavy loot, you can cash out using Paypal.  It's a great marketing idea, and at the same time a fun way to put some extra cash in your pocket. [Market Link | AppBrain]  


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WeReward for Android can help you earn some extra money


It's probably not their home address. That address that is listed there for me is several miles away. Not even the same city.

It's my address, and it's all over the internet anyway if you google my name. Don't get any funny ideas. I've got a pitbull.

This is a great app. This will even check in foursquare at the same time if they are linked i believe. If you already use foursquare, this is an easy way to make money while doing so.

If I didn't have to take pictures of everything, I'd do this. But for 5 cents each, I'm not willing to stop, take a picture, and send it, personally.

And I'm definitely not sending pictures of MYSELF and sending them in.

But power to those that are willing, get those big bucks, lol.