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Get your burning G Pro 2 questions answered

We've just put up our initial thoughts on the recently-announced LG G Pro 2. It's impossible to hit every single bit of information in a single post — let alone a "preview" — so we know there are some burning questions left over that you just need to ask.

Have a question about a specific portion of the hardware or software? About a certain camera function? How something feels or compares to another device? We'll do our best to answer anything we can. Just hop into the forum thread at the link below and ask.

I've got a G Pro 2, you've got questions — fire away!

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wavesforlife says:

How does the G Pro 2 feel in the hand? Does it feel cheap or does it feel like a high quality device?

jlanik4 says:

Well, since you've asked this in the forums.

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Tecchnuts says:

In the UK we use 25fps not 30fps. This causes issues when you need to convert down to 25fps.
I'm curious to know if this phone can film in 25fps? As all modern phones only shoot in 30 fps. Seeing as these cameras can make great HD videos more of us are using them to make DVDs not always YouTube videos.
If not then I might as well get the Huawei x1 7" tablet, I'll get more pleasure out of that.

sholling says:

128GB microSD support?

rampage1979 says:

Yes it should I read an article on phandroid that basically listed every phone that has ever had an SD card will work with the 128gb card.

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little09 says:

Hey guy,
Lg g pro 2 will be market on Sprint network?
What features do lg g pro 2 to offer?
Why 2 gb ram? Why not beefier 4 gb ram?
My htc m7 has highest dense display than lg g pro 2 ? I don't know if i can find what different between two displays. Lol
Any fresh meat for lg g3?
Hope google play store to be mainstream. Don't bother - phablet.


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little09 says:

Just heard nexus 6 picked up for their next lineup.

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