So long, Smartwatch Fans. We hardly knew ya. And while we loved the idea of dedicated smartwatch site, it became quickly apparent that we were simply thinking too small. There's an entire world of connected devices out there. It's growing every day, and it's going to be a huge part of our lives, both as Android users and human beings in general.

And so today all of us here at Mobile Nations are stoked to announce our latest community, Connectedly!

Here's how we put it in our inaugural post at our newest site:

Our aim is simple — we want to establish Connectedly as the premier destination for anything and everything connected. Mobile platforms are at the center of a new era of connected devices, which includes everything from smartwatches to smart thermostats to connected cars and toys (and a whole lot of stuff in between). That makes Connectedly a natural fit for the Mobile Nations network, and a natural extension of our coverage.

You'll continue to get the latest on connected Android devices here at Android Central, of course. And you'll see some familiar faces over at Connected as well. We're excited about this one, and we hope you are, too.

Join us at Connectedly, and check out our kick-off post!

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That's an awesome logo. Looking forward to reading about all connected devices on their website!

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That dark blue, right? How nice is that!

Pretty sure that it was Vox / Polygon inspired.

Very nice thought.

XavierMatt says:

Ah that's it. I could not figure out where I saw that logo before. Kinda bogus they copied it.

frettfreak says:

funny, cause i was just thinking it look VERY "corporate-y"

Good news. I know I am a lot more inclined to visit the site now that it will involve a lot more than mere watches. Nothing against them. This is just more interesting and exciting.

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Yep. We came to that realization pretty quickly, too. :)

Kvoth says:

It's an interesting decision, I'm looking forward to where it leads. Smartwatch Fans was kind of narrow (and cheesy), but "Premier destination for all things connected" is incredibly vague/broad. It'll have to cover just about every industry under the sun!

And for every one of these "connected things" that runs Android, which site will host the main story?

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still says smartwatch fans on the top bar for me

Probably just cached. Looks fine to me now.

oh... yep.... that fixed it... thanks

So did anyone guess the name and win the contest?

Looking forward to checking out the new site!

zackmack7 says:

Right. I want to know who was closest

Hope I'm not spoiling anything, but I don't believe anyone guessed correctly.

Adam Zeis says:

Nope! No winners, kind of surprised actually. But that just means we'll have another, even bigger contest in the near future.


deuceja says:


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tastisnax says:


BuJ_14 says:

Yaya I'm in

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efyoiphone says:

Checking for Connectedly in my Feedly now

Interesting...I'm going to have to start following. On a side note, that logo looks really similar to Polygon's logo.

jdbii says:

That was a very smart move on Mobile Nation's part. I don't think I visited the site once when it was dedicated to smartwatches but connected devices is much more alluring. If not daily, I surely will check in several times a week. BTW I thought the big "Monday announcement" was going to be Facebook bought Mobile Nations or something like that.

I believe I visited it exactly once. This should be more interesting. I assume Adam is still running the show?

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Warrenisit says:

Sounds awesome. Interested in smart watches but not enough to regularly check a dedicated site about them. A site dedicated to the growth of connected technology sounds awesome and will be even more important as time goes on and connected tech expands.

Gator352 says:

It's much more than smart watches.

Jacques says:

Hope to see some of you make it over (and post of course :-)) in Connectedly!

You can bet that's going to happen. One of us (cough) is already pumped about covering cars ;)

Jacques says:

LOL...more content about cars from you in turn gives me more content in the forums. :D

Teejai80 says:

Looking forward to being involved, can't wait for the site to grow. :)

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Gator352 says:


I guess the whole "" thing hasn't died after all.

Not a name that rolls off the tongue eh

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Mibutastic says:

So can someone tell me what's really different between the connectedly app and Android central in terms of getting all the latest news? Do I really need both or will both have the same news articles?

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Mibutastic says:

Oh and one other thing, if the connectedly app is similar to the Android central app, then will it also always start back from the top when you leave an article forcing you to scroll back down to where you were before you view an article? It's really annoying how the Android central app does that and I have to try find where I had left off.

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goldfndr says:

My workaround for that is to set Sync Interval to Manual then track that story. It's much easier if you can check more than once a day, as you'll at least be able to see the hour count. (I don't know why a site that's purportedly technical feels the need to DUMB DOWN time so much -- did their focus group really not understand "25h"?)

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lightyear420 says:

dumb name

lucas710 says:

Is it just me or does that name suck? Definitely does not flow off the tongue.

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dwd3885 says:

Yea I love the idea and logo but that name..

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lightyear420 says:

It's a terrible name. It makes no sense, and it's not even a real word. It's difficult to type, it's long, and it tells absolutely nothing about what the site is for. This has got to be the worst website name I've heard in a really long time.

zhecht says:

It has about one too many syllables. Connectly would've been better if you needed to have "ly" at the end.

derek5l says:


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DWR_31 says:

Am I the only person coming to this realization that smartphones have gotten to the point of being like laptops and in the future with connected devices they will become more like personal desktop units with multiple interfaces for interacting with the CPU?

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seanjenkins says:

What a terrible name. Nice logo though. Inspired by vox

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RexMaximus says:

Ugh, that -ly. Nice logo, though.

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Great name. Is the app name changing as well?

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cs806j says:

Boom! About time. Connected everything. Way to think ahead. Applause.

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Wicket says:

great job MN!!

Jonneh says:

I think it's going to be great. But I have to agree with some others, that "-ly" at the end of the name really ruins the name.. :-\