A quick jaunt across the Internet today and I see that Apple is pushing out working on yet another iOS 5 update to address battery life issues.  On behalf of Android users and fans everywhere, I'd like to take a moment and welcome all of you to the cloud.  It's nice up here -- things sync without wires, your phone knows where you are in case you want to share your location, and updates are a breeze when they're pushed Over The Air.  But like all good things, there's a price, and in this case it's measured in milliampere-hours.

Our boss and friend Phil has some sage advice -- plug your phone in.  Follow his wise words.  I'll also add that buying a spare battery is a good idea ... oh, never mind.

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Welcome to the cloud, iOS users


haha. Ya it really sucks having the choice of what phone manufacturer you want, and screen sizes, and customization. I just can't think of an OS that has any of that....

My iPhone 4S battery life is right on par with my old Droid X2. I cant complain about either one, both last me at least a day. I dont have nay services turned off either, push notifications email, facebook etc etc etc

As an Android and iOS user, there are alot of these both companies do right and wrong. But to brag bout Cloud services to apple is just more of a reason for fanboys to fight online. How many Galaxy S in the US are updated with 2.3 at least without root. Now how many iPhone 3GS have iOS 5 on them? Apple may not use the latest tech right away, but they release it when its right.

Its better than no fix at all. How many phone are still stuck on 2.2 or even 2.1. Im no saying Apple is perfect, no company is. But Android update system is all out of wack and frustrates customers becuase they don't know if they will get an update or not and how long its gonna take. This battery issue is getting fixed within a couple weeks. And consumers know Apple will fix it, not HTC making a fix, then having At&t approving it. There is the difference.

The average consumer has no idea if their phone is up to date or not. ANd most of us that do know about Android, choose to root

Well, this is entirely false. Lol. "Most" people do not root their phone... nor do "most" people who know how to use Android. It's just simply not true, nor is it even remotely close to being true.

What you said is correct, but it has nothing to do with the other guy's comment. He said that MOST people have no idea what version of Android they're running, and you would agree with that. He said that MOST people who DO know about Android and are savvy with their phones, choose to root, which I would say is also true (remember, 'most' means at least 51%...).


How about that volume bug on the new Galaxy Nexus? How about the poor battery life with all the LTE 4 phones....How about all those outdated phones...how about all the fragmentation.

One thing crops up on the iPhone and its a huge deal!! Just like the antenna gate garbage!

not only that but some live wallpapers on the Galaxy Nexus show to slow the device down, which i consider that another bug, why would they include live wallpapers that affect performance, reason to stay away from it until something better comes out.

LOL! So rather than not use the problem wallpapers you'd stay away from the phone? With that logic, you must be an Apple user.

One thing crops up on the iPhone?

Oh you mean:
-reboots and freezing (check the forums)
-poor battery life even after the update
-yellow screens
-siri only accurate 50% of the time and sometimes doesn't work at all?
-proximity sensor (iphone4) that just got fixed
-spotty wifi performance (iPHone4)
-inconsistent 3g performance (sprint)
-phones shattering front and back yet is claimed to use Gorilla glass

You mean those things? I'd take the volume bug on the Galaxy Nexus any day of the week because for one, it's going to be fixed via a software update and secondly, it only seems to happen when on 2g.

Lol. Let's look at these

1) If it's a problem so small that you have to direct people to help forums (which are obviously going to be full of people having issues) then your case probably isn't so strong. I wouldn't open with this. Also, the fact that it's a small enough issue to only be on the forums and not in the news shows that it's not a big issue.
2) Battery life is an iOS 5 issue, not an issue with the hardware itself. However, even with this "problem", the iPhone still gets better battery than 75% of high end Android handsets.
3) Yellow screens? Lol somebody didn't do their research. This is an extremely temporary issue that some people experienced when buying their phones at launch. Why? Because the phones were fairly fresh out of the factory and the glue hadn't dried yet. If any Android phone ever came close to the sales expectations of the iPhone, you'd probably see similar issues due to the overwhelming demand.
4) Never heard of this one. In fact, I just Googled and I'm fairly sure you've made this up (or greatly exaggerated the complaints of a few).
5) This got fixed over a year ago.
6) Never heard of this one either. I actually have an iPhone 4 and I've never experienced this.
7) Sprint blows, this has nothing to do with the iPhone.
8) Why don't you tell that to the guy who dropped his iPhone 15,000 feet out of an airplane and was still able to make calls on it (after he found it).

Finally, you go on to say that it's GOING to be fixed via software update... just like issues 1, 2, 5, and 6. Entirely hypocritical and mostly factually inaccurate. Ahh, fanboys.

Right for who though? I think to a certain degree you're correct, however, I feel they release changes once they've found a way to dumb it down for mass consumption. Apple has done so well with the iphone because at it's simplest level, it's the easiest smartphone for non-tech people to adapt to.

But to counter that, there are some really smart and tech savvy users who prefer iPhone as well. There's a guy at work who is possibly the smartest person I've ever met, and is literally the backbone of our support department. I have had some pretty extensive, and intelligent, debates on the benefits of the 2. I'm not saying iPhone is better, not by any means, just pointing out that the argument that it's the phone for the non tech savvy is flat out false.

It would be completely false if Steve Jobs hadn't come right out and said that he was making a really easy User interface for the technically challenged.

You're right, they pushed the update to the iPhone 3 and that made it great...oh wait...no it didn't...it made it into molasses going up in in 30 below weather. Well then there is the iPhone 3GS!! Wait, never mind...same outcome on that phone. So lets see, yes...Apple does push out stripped down updates for it's older phone making them unbearable to use which gives the owner of those phones an excuse to buy a newer phone. Hmmm...I say Android an Apple are on equal ground. Apple just pushes out updates to their devices that really can't handle it just to say "but we support all of our devices" where the Android manufacturers know the limitations of their handsets.

Either way, whichever phone you own you're buying the latest one to get the latest and greatest OS on it.

I know very few people that have a 3GS that has iOS 5 on it. And the few that I do know have it, don't go a single day without complaining that it just made the phone worse. And as for apple "not releasing it until they get it right," how's that update for the battery problem coming? What about the "Death Grip" on the iPhone 4? and if you want to debate the software push, it is really unfair to compare software that goes straight from the manufactures to the phone to one that goes through the OS builders (Google), then to the device manufactures, then to their UI people, and then to the device. If you want to do that compare the Nexus devices to iPhones. While I realize this is inconvenient, this is the price we pay for the ability to find a phone that fits exactly what we need.

The problem is, they'll give you the update, but it'll miss the key features " Seri ". And the old hardware totally gets screwed up with the new software, I know from experience, I have a Ipad sitting here that's pretty much a paper weight, browser keeps crashing, if I try to load pages, all hell breaks loose.

oh but you can get a spare battery for an iphone- they just attach via the 30 pin connector, oh and btw welcome to a hardware accelerated OS

"btw welcome to a hardware accelerated OS"

Haha nice. It's true. Both iOS and Android users have reason to say "FINALLY!" these days. That's gotta be a good thing.

Hardware accelerated os? You must mean ics. And are we really gonna start on the 3gs ios5 vs android update arguement?! No android update has ever been dumbed down for older hardware. How many ios5 features are missing on the 3gs?? Case closed!!!!

I can't tell if you're being serious (I'm assuming so with the typical fanboy over-punctuation), but you realize that most Android phones that old don't get updates at ALL, right? Or, the few that do get the update will get it months or years after everyone else.

It's a trade-off, just like everything else with iOS and Android.

Live Wallpaper is missing from the HTC Hero build of Eclair. Not saying I care about it, just that it came to mind before I even finished reading the sentence. I'm guessing there are probably more features that are missing on the HTC Hero build of Eclair that I can't think of, and definitely more features missing on other phones.

None. As a long time Android user, when iOS5 came out I got a 3GS to give it a shot. Nothing is missing.

So, how are you liking Siri on your 3GS? Oh, wait....

It's smart of them to send the update to the 3GS, minus a few features. I DO think, however, that the iPhone 4 should get Siri. I think Apple gets too much credit -- and Android gets too much bashing -- for updates.

That's a pretty ignorant paragraph. The issue is not affecting iPhone 4, or iPad 1, or iPad 2 users on iOS 5 using the cloud. It's not a cloud issue. You, are a moron...



U mad?

It's definitely worse on the iPhone 4. In fairness, I was running the various developer betas over the summer and the actual release of iOS 5 (and the subsequent update) were DRASTIC improvements over how it performed, battery-wise, during the beta builds.

How does it feel to troll your readers Jerry? I have a iPhone (along with many Android devices and I had no battery issues on my 4, my mother on the other hand had issues with her 4S before the update.... That being said the battery life was still significantly better than the life she got out of her Droid X.

Hope your enjoying the sound bug on your Galaxy Nexus.

The troll face is a PERFECT fit for you.

You've made the all-to-common mistake of thinking the random comments have anything to do with the article.  Dude lies, and calls me a moron, I had a choice of telling him to GFYS or to tease him. 

iOS 5 introduces cloud based syncing options that users never had before.  These take battery power.  Naturally, your battery use will be higher with iOS 5.  Android users know this, we've dealt with it for 3 years.  iOS users need to get used to it, and realize that it's well worth it. 

No need to get so defensive.  I honestly don't care what smartphone you use.



First off I don't understand why your even preaching this on an Android based blog. Secondly cloud based services aren't always running. They only work when you actually do specific actions, if I edit a document in pages, iCloud activates and syncs across multiple devices. It isn't constantly running and looking for changes in data, when you edit your contacts iCloud "activates", changes your data and is done with it. Same thing on Windows Phones and even with some Google apps. The iOS bug, to public knowledge had to do with a location bug that dealt with global time settings. Cloud services aren't battery hogs. And the very fact that huge majority of people have had battery life significantly improved after the update proves that.

I hate when people flame first, and then when they are called out they give a reasonable position. The reply you gave me was all that was necessary in your article, instead you flamed and bs'ed about spare batteries and such.

Funny when blogs just troll the users. I love that. Of course, the iPhone has had cloud services for years, but what fun is it to start a fanboy war with real facts? Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah... such and such OS got such and such feature after the other OS, whatever.

iOS steals from Android
Android steals from iOS
Everyone steals from everyone

Instead of bitching about who is the best and choosing sides like it's a damn war, shouldn't we (as users) just be pleased that both systems have been getting significant upgrades that help out the user?

I just don't understand this "My OS or no OS" mentality. It's childish and pretty pathetic. Android is great, iOS is great, WP7 is pretty damn good too... why can't we just push them all to be better and give us the features we want? Isn't that the point?

Nobody is insulting anyone or have said my OS is better. Just facts get twisted all the time. Thats why we have the internet. Yay freedom of speech!

Haha dude I read both this (and a couple other Android blogs), a variety of Mac/iOS blogs, and then all the typical tech news blogs as well.

Any post about "_________ OS to get __________ feature" undoubtedly ends in a giant insult-filled fanboy war. This one didn't even pretend to be everything else. I feel like there should have been a giant trollface at the end saying: "PROBLEM!?" lol.

But seriously look at some of the other comments even just on this thread. It's absurd.

Even with these so-called battery issues my iPhone still outlast any droid I have ever owned. It gets charged to and from work for about 70 minutes a day. Where as my android phones got charged overnight, to work, at work, home from work, at home and overnight again.

Oh and how is that SMS bug working out for android? Any planned fixes for that coming this decade?

Uhhhh, what SMS bug? No one I know has had an SMS bug with Android. Including me. I'm not trying to troll, I just haven't heard about this "SMS bug" until your post.

I haven't heard of any SMS bug either. As for the battery, my MoPho lasts over 24 hours on one charge with moderate use.

Just a comment. I owned samsung instinc, then a palm pre,then evo, then evo 3d ..and finally I don't have to bring a spare battery with me all the time. And the cloud it just works magically .

Yea everyone gets on the iPhone about not being able to swap out the battery......if you have to swap the battery in it then think about it......don't you think there is something wrong with that picture.....shouldn't have to swap your battery something isn't right!

Um, its actually about choices for Android and lack there of on iPhone. If I want to swap in a bigger battery I can, if a battery goes bad I do t have to send my phone to apple and wait for them to replace a damn battery when I can do it in two seconds. Some manufacturers skimp out on battery size that comes with the phone, probably to keep the costs down which is fine, I usually only charge my Android once at night and will last me until I go to bed unless I surf the net and YouTube for a while but any phone I have had even ones that weren't Android I had to end up charging it at least one extra time during the day because I would use the hell out of the phone either on the internet, talking, or texting.

You are a complete moron, for as much as you come on here, and troll virtually every topic, you don't seem to learn a damn thing. Maybe Apple fanboys are just too stupid to take in any information not put out by Cupertino.

We DON'T have to swap out the battery; but we can, if we choose.
We DON'T have to use live wallpapers which eat battery but we can if we choose.
We DON'T have to change literally every facet of how how the OS looks and behaves, but we can if we choose.
We DON'T have to be walled in by a company who only gives us choices about internal memory but won't allow us to add external memory. Why? We choose not to.

Android is about our choices, Apple is about Apple making choices for us.

And if you still can't understand that, then you're even dumber than I give you credit for.

Yeah...and Apple DID make Billions and Billions of dollars!!! They now have more cold hard cash than the freakin' US government!!!!

What idiots!!!!! LOL

Do you have any idea how the government makes money, stores money and creates money, or you just repeat that famous idiotic story out of your rear without thinking about it?

You know, seriously. Learn some Economic basics before saying such hideous things. People will compare you to a complete donkey...

Seriously, I registered here on android central just to post this. As a friend, I advice you to improve your formal education. You can thank me some years later. I know what I'm talking about... I'm from South America... you know, the ones who lives with monkeys and stuff, in the middle of jungles, living in trees (that's probably what you think, but anyway...).

People that stand on "one" platform and proclaim some kind of brotherhood to a cooperation like Google or Apple are only capable of a one dimensional perspective. Bottom line is your life is in their hands as far as information goes, so pick wisely son.

People quit whining. This is a Android forum. If you don't like them making fun of IOS go back to TIPB.

lol just buy another iphone. Once your first iphone depletes it's battery, turn on the 2nd and switch the SIM cards, I mean I carry a 2nd battery

Having used both platforms extensively there is much Android has to be proud of. Battery life is not one of them. This one falls squarely in the, "those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" realm.

My iPhone 4 gets the same if not better battery life on iOS5 than it did on 4. Article seems to be trolling a bit.

as a WP7.5 useers id liek to WELLCOME BOTH ANDROID and IOS ussers. LOL.

takign cloud service and pssing it as their own. been arround for 5years.

You mean like how the original version of iCloud (iTools, which then became .Mac, which then became MobileMe, which then became iCloud) came out 11 years ago?

You know, way before any of these mobile operating systems existed. Lol.

Can't we all get along. Both have there good and bad points and users have a choice. On with more useful discussions.