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If you have a smartphone, chances are it's become more of an attachment than just another piece of electronics. You'll go to the store to grab a loaf of bread without your iPod or your laptop, but I'll bet you don't leave the house without your phone in your pocket. I'm not judging — I do the same — I'm just commenting on just how much our phones can become part of our lives. We depend on them. Sometimes, too much I think, but that's another post for another day.

Since we do depend on our phones so much, having good service where we need good service is important. Even when we don't need good service, we still want it. I don't need a good data signal when I'm knee deep in a mountain stream pretending to catch trout, but I pay a lot more money to AT&T than I need to so that I have it. I know I'm not alone. I hope I'm not alone.

I pay too much, but I'm satisfied. Unless AT&T does something stupid, I'll keep the line I have with them because it works in places where my T-Mobile line doesn't. What about you? There's a poll below, or you can find it on the front page in the sidebar to the right. Take a moment, click a button and let everyone know whether you're good with what you have, or not.


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This week's sidebar poll: How satisfied are you with your wireless service?


Verizon, for now, works well, but cost is too high. Tmoblile, as soon as my contract is up...

Exactly. That is like saying I'll just stay on fire until someone throws me in the swimming pool over there (pointing).

They buy your etf but if you want to leave T-MOBILE you will have to pay the etf back. T-MOBILE should change there name to (Fine Print)

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Huh? You buy the phone on T-Mobile and there is no contract. If you leave you pay the phone off and are done. Nothing Fine Print about that.

If your going to T-Mobile why not go with Metro PCS with no contract and get unlimited everything for $60.00 per month riding on T Mobiles network?

I personally am waiting because I don't want to pony up the almost $1000 ETF up front and carry it until TMo cuts me a check. Another part of the deal is you have to purchase your first set of phones through Tmo and they dont carry the MotoX or MotoG, you have to buy them from a 3rd party. Lastly you have to trade in your current VZW phones and I can get a much better deal selling them myself. I'll just keep overpaying until December when my contract is up.

Soooo why not sell them on eBay and pay the etf with three funds? But wait you still have to get a FREE phone from tmo either way

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Get ready because once you're ready to upgrade your phone, unless you are willing to pay full retail, you're are going to be pushed into a share everything plan.

I moved 2 lines from Sprint to Verizon. (1 in 2011 and the other in 2013). The other users seem to be happy. The 2 on VZW are happy, so all is good.

I just switched to T-Mobile from AT&T a few months ago, and I'd say I'm moderately satisfied with my service right now. I generally get a few bars of LTE wherever I go and if I don't have it, 4G/HSPA+ is actually quite good. However at my current school it is a near dead zone, so I hope that gets fixed eventually. Of course, I'm switching schools soon, and where I'm going, I'll have full LTE.

Moved to T Mobile at the start of the year after 12 years with Sprint. I was apprehensive at first, but I couldn't be happier with their service.

Same story here, except I moved in Sept '13 and had been w/sprint for only 6 years. Nice to live in an area well served by TMO. Would be a different story if I lived somewhere else. Probably VZW.

Moved to T-Mobile since I live right outside of LA and I get LTE in places I don't even need it. When I drop off of LTE, I always have full bars of HSPA+ and I don't notice a day-to-day speed difference. I miss Sprint's unlimited data but I don't miss that it was too slow to use and I like paying $50 less. I never go over my limit though, so I'm very satisfied with T-Mobile. Clearest calls and fastest speeds I've ever from a mobile provider.

I might be switching to T-Mobile if Sprint slows my LTE, because I use more than 20GBs a month.

Seeing the words "LTE in places I don't need it", that is just strange! There is no such thing as not needing LTE! It's speed! Speed is good!

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Just switched my entire family from AT&T to T-Mobile. Saving over $170 a month for equal, and in some cases better service here in the Baltimore metro area, not to mention they're still upgrading and expanding even more!

Having worked there, I hope that you never need Technical Support because most in my outbound "solve the problem now" department would just send people for a new free SIM card at the store, which almost NEVER solves the issue. My last AT&T SIM lasted 7 years, and my T-Mobile SIM was 5 when I switched to a better phone with a newer smaller SIM size and had to switch it. So good luck if you deal with the "Commitment Team" in Technical Support. Work avoiders for the most part (too lazy to pull up Tech Guide or use their tools properly).

I worked there too. And btw saying what you said is an internal system. You can get in serious trouble mate.

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I worked there once years ago and tbh f*ck that place. They screwed up my service after I left and screwed up my account on another occasion & I've never done business with them again.

Yes. It's called "whistle blowing" or exposing wrong. It's like filming an officer of the law doing a crime and then going to jail because you filmed it. But if you film your neighbor doing something wrong, that's OK. Makes perfect sense. Besides in the US at least, that's what the founding forefathers wanted. Don't expose the govs or corps, protect them, just expose the individuals who don't work for them only.
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Funny story. I took a call at AT&T where a man was porting his son's # over from Sprint. He had just allowed his son to port the number FROM AT&T the day before! The son was enticed by a nice offer on an iPhone and an unlimited data plan. He spent one day on Sprint's network and realized that unlimited is an amount and not a speed (dad said son thought Sprint's network "sucked"). That said, T-Mobile is a better option than AT&T now.

You forgot to finish your sentance

Sprint Sucks...for you.

For me it is awesome, LTE everywhere, no real congestion like VZW....I have no complaints at all with Sprint.

Same here. When I had AT&T, my service was always slow and rarely had a signal at work. Now I couldn't be happier with Sprint. Maybe some faster speeds but I always have full bars.

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile in January. Saving $100/mo. Plus I'm back on unlimited data instead of that weak 4 GB cap. I'm moderately happy since I don't travel very outside of the Seattle metropolitan area. Took a trip to Whidbey Island last weekend and service was super spotty.

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I'm on Aio, and I'm pretty happy with my service. LTE speed is capped at 8Mb/s, but that's fine for everything I ever do. My only complaint is very high ping (often in the 190-210ms range). Voice service is identical in quality to AT&T.

That said, I pay $65/mo for 7GB of data and unlimited talk and text. I'm pretty damn satisfied for the money.

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I am also on AIO and 8Mb down works fine for me also. I don't know how you would saturate even 8MB with a phone. I guess you would have to be tethering.

Anyways, there $45 plan is perfect for me. I'm quite happy with them.

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Satisfied with Verizon but they need to pick up the pace in terms of getting software updates out. I have an S3 and still waiting for kit Kat. Hoping the Xperia Z2 comes to verizon though

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Lol good luck with that. VZW does not care about software updates.

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Don't bother waiting. Just root and ROM on your own.
They add bloat, so every time Samsung releases an update , vzw has extra homework to do, which costs them money and they just take time. Sadly, even then, they tend to mess it up.

VZW Moto X

Actually, the international version won't get Kit Kat. US carrier versions and LTE will receive Kit Kat though. However on can expect your update in 3 years minimum if they cared about it :P

I'm only living in Europe. And btw, my smartphone of choice is BlackBerry Z10STL100-1/ , so I don't really care! :)

so your comment served no purpose other than to spread bull****. Got ya.

Good luck with BlackBerry

As I was saying, I'm living in Europe. It may came as a surprise to you, but the world is bigger than USA. I'm not interested in bullwhatever. On topic, the carriers suck in Europe also.

If you are not concerned about it, then why spread crap that you obviously know nothing about?

I do know that the world is bigger than the USA, and I am all too familiar with euro trash such as yourself

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Sorry, my mistake. I didn't think that Android Central it's USA exclusive, and for sure didn't hope to find people so " nice " here.

Soooo, you're on Android Central, a site that talks about Android related items, using your BlackBerry. I'm thinking you meant to say you have "no choice" but to use the BlackBerry because you might be in a situation where you can't just go get an Android (a good Android I mean) for whatever reason. But reading about Androids will do for now. After all it's better than nothing. That's how I interpret your words and actions. Methinks you doth protest too much.

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Incidentally I'm using BlackBerry smartphones since 2006. I'm interested in Android as much as I need to use some apps. That's all. And you people need help.

That's crazy to me that s3 owners are complaining about kitkat updates. Your lucky your even getting KitKat on that device. Launched with 4.0.4 updated to 4.1 then 4.1.2 then skipped 4.2 for 4.3... most devices get 1 maybe 2 android updates yours will gets its 3rd soon

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Metro PCS is Tmobile now though. I am currently a Tmobile customer and thinking of switching to Metro just to save 10-20 dollars a month.

Check to see what service they offer in your area. T-Mobile are re-purposing the CDMA spectrum slowly and switching Metro PCS customers to GSM phones. If you wait (or they are already done in your area) you won't need another phone.

I'm on the el-cheapo TMO plan. I get what I pay for. Only time the coverage holes really bite me is when the dang Resistance anchor their fields with portals out in the boonies. Some of you folks out there will know what I'm talking about.

I'm on t mobile and it's fast speed wise but coverage isn't always great

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My wife and I switched to T-Mo from Verizon just after the relase of the Nexus 4. We both have the $30 prepaid plans. Of course we love the considerable savings. The speed was better on T-Mo's HSPA than Verizon's LTE (and now we even have T-Mo LTE as a super bonus, with a simple tweak for the Nexus 4). My wife travels plenty for work, and she has no issues at the places she goes for work (usually larger cities).

Only 2 real "issues" though:

1. When we go back to Iowa to visit family, coverage is not good. Well, there isn't coverage at all (data). Not that big of a deal for us.

2. The limited talk minutes on the $30 dollar plan have not been a big deal, because of Google Voice/VoIP/Groove ip means we basically have unlimited free talk minutes while on WIFI (time we spend talking on long phone calls is almost always in places with WIFI). Google is taking away this option in a few days, and has not implemented it into Hangouts yet. This might be an issue if the update doesn't get here soon. But even T-Mo's standard plans (which have unlimited minutes) are still a bargain compared to the other carriers if we need to change plans.

Holy crap everyone here is at T-Mobile now. Just goes to show how well their marketing campaign was and is

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John Legere knows what he is doing. I pray that he is still running T-Mobile going forward and that Sprint / DISH Network both go away.

no he knows how to be an attention whore, He has an unsustainable business model going on. It will not be this year, it may not be next year, but it will collapse.

Thankfully the bid from Sprint should be coming through in the next few months to bail him out.

I went from VZW to T-Mobile last summer and am saving $40 a month. So far I am pleased with the switch. Hopefully they can roll out upgrades to their 2G EDGE rural areas so there are fewer dead spots, especially when I visit the rural communities I grew up in. They have EDGE or no coverage right now whereas verizon has LTE already deployed there.

Last summer was before all the great deals kicked in at T-Mobile. That is like buying a stock right before it plummets.

I brought my own device and got a simple choice plan. It's the same deal that they offer now. Actually I have the $20 unlimited data which they have for $30 a month now.

I don't see how I missed out on anything considering I was out of contract with vzw so I didn't miss out on having my ETF paid and I didn't buy a subsidized phone since I had a nexus 4 from Google so I didn't miss out on JUMP. Plus they started their "uncarrier" project last January.

If anything I feel like I'm getting more than I expected with free international data and texting, access to the JUMP program if I want, etc, all for the same price I started with.

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Switched my line from Verizon to straight talk on at&t and love it.. will be switching my sons line to straight talk come September when his contract expires and will be saving $100 per month..

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I just moved back to AT&T after 10 months with T-Mo. I was paying around $70 including taxes and fees for 2.5GB on T-Mo but the service was so poor at times. Either pfaffing about on Edge or losing service entirely in my work building, or department stores. I reluctantly switched back to AT&T but I get 2GB for $66 including taxes/fees. And my signal is way better. Maybe the new spectrum T-Mo picked up will help in the future.

Nobody has the best service everywhere. They can't. That said, I know the T-Mobile will get the spectrum that they bought from Verizon in play ASAP, and likewise Verizon with the spectrum they purchased from T-Mobile.

I am with sprint, and I`m happy with it. I pay $62.0 a month for unlimited data,talk and text. I have good 4G LTE in my area.

Finally one of the current Sprint customers. All of these people complaining about data speeds was probably in their network 3-4 years ago. I watched a movie on their 3G network before and get up to 30 MBPS on their 4G LTE.

Also, make that 3 out of 10.
NexusLogic - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

I am a current Sprint customer. Sprint does not have LTE where I live. Their 3G is horrendously slow. When speed testing their 3G is consistently pulls less than 1mbps, and often the speed test fails because it is too slow to measure. Impossible to watch a youtube video (unless you like watching 2 seconds at a time). Takes hours to update a 5mb app. And yet I'm still required to pay an extra $10/month for "premium data add-on".

So yeah it's still a very real problem, not something from 3-4 years ago. And if you read a lot of phone reviews from sites that actually test the phones in the real world, you'll notice that whenever they test a Sprint phone the common complaint is data speeds and/or coverage. Sprint still has a lot of work to do to improve their data network if they want to gain more customers (or keep their current customers).

I'm with TELUS. I have been a customer since 2003. I'm pretty satisfied with my service. I rarely have any issues and I think their customer service is second to none. Canadian Telcos are pretty corrupt, for me TELUS is the lesser of all evils. Pretty sure I won't be going anywhere for awhile.

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Went from att to Verizon.. Att sucks ass compared to Verizon everywhere I travel from Illinois to new Hampshire. But vzw is late with technology and updates consistently

I moved to T-Mobile from Sprint a year ago last Feb. Best thing I ever could have done. I have four phones on unlimited Data and get LTE every place I go at home and in L.A. so as long as the service stays the way it is now I will be with TMO for a very long time.

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T-Mobile here, happy with the price and the whole uncarrier thing they got going on. Just wish signal strength was better in certain areas

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I'm a rural data hog with no money. That means I have to be satisfied with Sprint whether I like it or not.

Don't get me wrong, I like T-Mobile and I have a very simple plan. But I haven't been happy with my wireless since AT&T dropped my GoPhone 10 cents per minute plan with prepaid data back in April 2012 which cost me $120/year. That to me was the best plan and there was nothing like it and still isn't. Now I'm stuck with wifi only for data. I just won't pony up like wireless companies want us too.

i was paying $2,640 every 2 years with VerizonWireless and now that I dropped them im paying $720 every 2 years with TMobile.

tbh, VZW was great but the service was really slow @5mbps where TMob is blazing @30mbps at 2 bars

location: Seattle, WA

T-Mobile as well, $70 unlimited.. Service is good... Out here in Lakeland, 4g is about everywhere. No complaints what so ever.

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Moved from Verizon to T-Mobile and am very happy! I was worried initially, but the service has proved to be fantastic in So Cal. Also my free roaming in Israel for two weeks , 3G, NICE!! I am a happy camper!

I'm very happy with T-Mobile. LTE speeds are ridiculously fast. I've seen speeds up to 50 Mbps in Naples Florida.

So T-Mobile has terrible service here in my area. I would have switched to them. But I convinced my family to switch to att from Verizon in march and so glad we did. I am paying 80 a month for TWO smart phones where with Verizon I was paying 90 for just ONE smartphone. And I am guaranteed I can get a nexus phone whenever I want or any of the other cheaper options because att is unlock phone friendly. I might even get my mom a moto g for a low price. So long as T-Mobile keeps the pressure up companies will have to adjust and lower prices. Hopefully. .

Verizon's service is good. But, their customer service is horrible. Their employees know nothing about phones. Next time I buy a phone, I'm ordering online.

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You cannot lump every verizon employee into 1 statement because the reps at your local store sick at their jobs. I work for Verizon and I love smartphones and tablets so I'm constantly learning whatever I can.

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Ditto. Don't know if I would trade, 30+ MBPS speeds + unlimited data.

NexusLogic - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

Verizon is pricey, but there's a tower blasting 4G data (unlimited, grandfathered) across the valley and into my house, even though we live in the middle of nowhere.

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I've been with att since before smartphones and I'm as pleased as I think possible. They did just give me a Microcell, but due to bad coverage at my house. Overall,great coverage though. I have 2 unlimited lines but think after using one more round of upgrades,it might me time to move to shared plan. Really pleased with my switch to android 8 months ago from ios to LG g2.

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My wife and I are on AT&T, no complaints really other than monthly contract costs. Unfortunately it is what it is lol.

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6 months ago made the switch to tmobile and the only problem I have had is them not giving accurate information that was needed for a problem I had but it has gotten fixed and couldn't be happier.. Very fast and reliable service

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T-Mobile is very nice. Sometimes data signal drops when indoors, but for the most part Ivan satisfied. The speeds are very fast as well.

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Not in my town. I'm still stuck with abysmal 3g speeds and 4g development is rolling out slowly. Switching over to T-mobile by the end of the year, just waiting on the note 4.

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Now that i left sprint, paid my ETF and switched to T-mobile i have never been happy. Sure i don't get a discount like i did with sprint but i do have a phone that i can use to stream music to and from work which sprint wasn't doing for me. The only thing that would make me really happy is if Nexus 5 would do wifi calling on t-mobile like the S5 or M8.

T-Mobile here in Austin, Texas is the best and the price is unbeatable. It is true that in rural areas the service is not that good, but I hardly go out of town, besides I can have data services for free in Mexico, sure, is not that fast, but I can still upload pictures to facebook or even make calls through the facebook messenger.

Not for nothing, but we had Verizon for a number of years. I hated their phones (always got the shitty ones) and finally, when the HTC One M7 was launched I considered switching to a carrier that had it. Remember that although it was leaked that Verizon would eventually get it and the leak centered around a May 21st release (Verizon had a big announcement), that big day came with Jennifer Lopez attached. I rationalized to my wife that they charge way too much for services we're not always using (ie, although we get service everywhere, it's not like we're always using it). At the time, I had friends who were on AT&T and said they were happy with them. Last year, we made the jump (off VZ and on to AT&T). The porting of our numbers took about two hours (that was an omen). Next, upon the first call, we immediately noticed the shitty call quality. You have to listen ever so intently make out what's being said on the other end. Also noted was the complaints from the other parties on the other side of the call. "You're breaking up" or "What? You're going in and out". Where we had ubiquitous service, now became spotty for me at my job and nonexistent at my wife's job. Several complaints in and promises that the towers were to be updated and we should see an improvement - here we are, no better than where we started.
Some take away(s) from our experiences:
1. Att greatly exaggerated their ad's claiming they were faster than Vz.
2. Even with full bars indicating LTE signal in range, we have a hard time connecting/sustaining that network connection.
3. We had better connectivity with VZ on 1 bar than full bars on Att
4. For those who told us they were satisfied with their service, they didn't know any better because they never had better.
5. We wind up paying more for services that we're promised that we don't get.
6. We never lost service during hurricane Sandy the prior year.

Needless to say, we're going back to Vz asap.

Verizon and very satisfied with my unlimited data and the speed of it, at 44.83 GB of data right now with 5 days left on the month. Most of that is from using my phone as a hotspot.

I voted "Very satisfied", but then again I have T-Mobile.

My experiences with Verizon and AT&T on work devices would have me voting "drop these clowns..." in an eyeblink.

I switched to T-mobile. My LTE coverage is not as good, the HD voice calling is far better than the calls on AT&T.

Also switched one phone to unlimited and 4 others to 1 GB, more than doubling my data and paying $30 less.

I have Sprint and I'm a very happy. Huge improvement the last month in mn. I have the m8 and get up to 45mb down and average 15 in most places.

agreed. I've been with sprint for 12+ years, and I'm very satisfied. LTE coverage is spreading fast in my area, and the speeds are plenty good for me.

I have a complicated relationship with Verizon. Their service is outstanding wherever I go and I'm grandfathered into unlimited data so, in that respect, I'm happy. I had to root and rom in order to get timely updates which, for the average consumer, really isn't an option. That's frustrating. I also wish I could use nexus devices on their network but I won't be holding my breath for that to happen.

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I just did this in teh past 2 weeks. I switched 3 lines from verizon to tmobile and was all set to save 150 monthly. It was generally okay, but I get pages and have to return phone calls, and then I'm walking around the hospital while answering these pages -- and I just couldn't tolerate t-mobile. I am accustomed to walking in stairwells between floors or even going into an elevator - and verizon I could rely on. Actually, I never thought about it. With T-mobile, I had to keep clarifying "can you hear me?" "hello?" hello? When I'm on the phone with consultants and we're talking about patients plan of care ---> unacceptable and frankly, embarassing. I also realized that when I sent a text to my colleague, and then they arrive and sit next to me, they told me they haven't receved my text, and then maybe 7 minutes later, she said, "I got your text."
You get what you pay for. Right now, begrudgingly, I have to pay for verizon's reliability and coverage. I wonder how AT&T's service is - I'm tempted by their plan.

I switched to T-Mobile about a year ago from Straight Talk. My SG3 was on Sprint towers and the data connection was horrible. I bought a Nexus 4 and went to T-Mobile. I gave the SG3 to my girlfriend. Today I have a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and my girlfriend has the Nexus 4 on Straight Talk with AT&T sim card. Both are doing great.

Posted via Nexus 5 with SwiftKey

I am very happy with Sosh (Orange).

25€ a month, no contract, unlimited voice, unlimited texts (national and in all Europe), 5 gb of data (throttled when exceeded + 5gb of free roaming allowed 15 days in a year in Europe), 4G :D

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On Tele2 here in Sweden, never had any problems. There's a two-kilometre dead zone on the trainline to work, but hey - it's in the boondocks.

Rogers service is excellent for me in Vancouver. Lightning speeds and it isn't cheao but hey, that's what you get with a tripoly.

Posted from my TARDIS!

Very satisfied with Koodo, though part of that is because I got my rate plan before the crazy increases happened (when we switched to 2-year contracts. $45 for 1GB of data does me nicely.

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I have been with AT&T for 7 years and couldn't be happier with their service and customer service. Some people claim their customer service is horrible but they have always been great to me.

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

I have been with Sprint since 2000. I am happy with them. The service has been bad for the last 2 years. I am moving to Jacksonville FL. I was thinking about switching to AT&T. How is Sprint and AT&T in Jacksonville?

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I'm with sprint and couldn't be happier. As of now... I'm broke down on the 429 near Disney waiting for my mechanic and have killer 4G speed.

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I'm with WIND in Canada and it is what it is for the money I pay. I have both a phone SIM for my phone and a data SIM for my Nexus 7 and I'm pretty happy for the service I get for the price I pay. I'm in the Toronto area all the time so I don't roam at all. Sure I'd like LTE but that's not going to happen.

"I pay too much but I'm satisfied" - Jerry in a nutshell described my relationship with Verizon right there.

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I know a lot of people bash it, but I have sprint and like it a lot. On a framily plan with some other people so I currently pay 45 for unlimited, and in West MI I have no service issues whatsoever. Very pleased.

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Verizon's LTE for the past 1.5 years in my area has gotten like, 3mbps. pretty much what my 3g used to get. pathetic.

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Started with ATT then Verizon and for the last 5yrs been with T-Mobile. Live in suburb of Boston, my data speeds are screaming fast on both HSPA+ and LTE. I leave my radio on HSPA+ because I'm getting 15-20mb down and 4mb up. I save battery and plenty fast. Stream a 2 hour movie with no buffering. LTE is twice as fast but uses much more battery. T-Mobile has come so far so fast in my area. Refarmed to 1900 frequency along with AWS and now updating the LTE towers to the latest and faster technology. T-Mobile blows all the other Carriers away in my area, just couldn't be happier. Real unlimited data, no throttling speeds and throw in 2.5gb of free tethering. Thank You T-Mobile.

Why I'm a very satisfied AT&T customer: Before AT&T I was a Sprint customer.

"Unlimited Data" isn't really that big a deal when you wish you had data transfer speeds as fast as dial up.

I pay $25 a month in my country, provider is Claro Honduras.

With that plan I got a Moto G free with the plan, I get 3GB data, unlimited calls to 5 people in the same provider, and $10 in calls to others.

However, around here we only get 1mbps, 2 in some places of the country maximum.

Imagine, only 1mbps on H+

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I can't find the poll to click a button... this happens all the time, maybe it's because I use Firefox (desktop)?

Anyway - I have AT&T and I'm satisfied with it - I haven't had many problems needing customer service, and I get better signal in the places I hang out (including the middle of my large office building, and my home in a dead spot for every other carrier). Of course I wish it wasn't so expensive! with two smart phones in the family.

Recently switched to t-mobile after over a decade with the big thieving red. Best decision i have made in a long time and surprisingly we even get better signal/speeds, especially when inside buildings and at home

Been with ATT since 1997. I cannot really say my bill as gone up much at all but of course my income has so the % I pay for my service is quite low. Lots of advances in service and devices over the years!

"I pay too much, but I'm satisfied. Unless AT&T does something stupid, I'll keep the line I have with them because it works in places where my T-Mobile line doesn't."

That's pretty much the boat I'm in right now. Tmobile's network is pretty great, in the city. If I drive 10 miles out of the city here I'm down to EDGE speed. I'll pay the extra to have HSPA+ at least every where I go.

I love Sprint's pricing, but the service is terrible! I'll probably try out AT&T next as they have great coverage where I live and travel and better phones than Big Red.

switched from sprint to Verizon. The service is like night and day. I'm willing to pay for a service that is fast and I literally have everywhere I go.

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I've been on straight talk for almost 2 years. I wouldn't go back to a carrier for ANYTHING.
50 bucks a month, unlimited everything (I don't use data that much, maybe 1-1.5gb/month).
Over a contract high end device, I'm saving in a 24 month period over 1500 bucks versus what
my old carrier based plan was. (at&t towers)

I'm on MetroPCS (T-mobile network), and I get great LTE service almost everywhere I go, once in a while I'll drop down to HSPA, still great speeds.

I've seen edge maybe 3 times since I switched from AT&T to MetroPCS last Novenber, but those few freak occurrences are totally worth truly unlimited unthrottled LTE for only $60 a month I'm lucky enough to live in Central NJ and T-mobile coverage is pretty perfect from Philly through NYC, which covers everywhere I regularly travel.
Very satisfied.

I have T-mobile, love 'em and cant wait until that new frequency of theirs is put into use as I dont get any signal at some portions of my apt.

Aside from one year where I lost my mind and tried Verizon, I've been with Sprint since they were Nextel for businesses only, offered only two phones and both were clunky PTT models. I'm happy enough to have stayed with them all these years. When my company went to Verizon from Sprint, those with company supplied phones were very excited. Then the company started making them pay their own bills. They're not so happy now. That coupled with the fact that we're in the suburban Detroit area and I still get better reception in most cases than they do has made them not so happy anymore.

And before you all start in on me how bad Sprint is, every carrier has its own horror stories from customers who were completely dissatisfied with their service, so really, one person's hate is another's love. It just is...

this poll should be how much we like our carriers with choices by carrier also, cause while some of us are quite happy with our service, its because we left one carrier or another that we were not happy with at all. I switched from verizon to tmobile, and we save money and have better call quality by far. My parents switched from sprint to tmobile, and we can actually finish conversations now without their call dropping like it did on sprint all the time.

Been on Republic Wireless for a while now, and I couldn't be happier. I pay $25 a month for unlimited everything with 3g speeds, which are good enough to check social media, Android Central, and stream audio. If I wanted 4g, it would still only be $40. That, coupled with very fast and capable tech support, makes for the perfect package for me.

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I have been with Verizon for 11 years and I have never had a billing error and if I ever had a problem they made it right and usally threw in something for free. I also live in the west and have lent my phone to a lot of friends to make calls in some of the less populated areas because my Verizon phone was the only one with a signal. Big Red forever.

Had VZW for about 10 years. Great service all throughout the country (was longhaul trucker) and the unlimited data was great. Service at the house sucked though, even with the free network extender. Made MMS impossible because they do not allow them over WiFi. Dropped them 3 months ago for Straight Talk. Zero complaints. At&t LTE for $46.52/mo.
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With the recent addition of LTE in my area, AT&T adding 512MB & now allowing tethering & WiFi Hotspot, I am very happy with the service, at the moment...

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Would have been much more relevant it they asked WHICH carrier you have, and then how satisfied you are. To me that would yield much more interesting results ..

VERY SATISFIED!!! I use Ting! I pay ONLY for what I use. I don't have time limits on when I have to consume what I have purchased like the pre-paid cell phone plans!

Free yourself from the tyranny of the 'typical' cell phone company! Take a look at Ting today!

(I also use OOMA at home. Love it for the same reasons as Ting!)

T-Mobile is awesome. I switched from AT&T 2 years ago and never looked back. I started with the prepaid plans initially but when they offered international data roaming on the simple choice plans, I immediately jumped on that. Now I never have to worry about overage. To me, a predictable cost wins over speed. LTE speed is good only if I am on the road. Else Wi-Fi will provide the same benefit. I even got its MiFi unit last month when they offered 1GB high speed data for free for the rest of 2014. Way to go, T-Mobile!

Been with Sprint for years, and I would have a hard time giving up unlimited data, since I tend to average about 9GB/month, but I've gone as high as 20 a few times.

If course, everybody's use case is different, but I get good signal everywhere I go where I live. And I'm getting about 16mb down and 8 up since all the network upgrades, so I can't complain.

I live just outside a 4G LTE covered market, so call quality on average is great. There are problem areas which can be explained by a good crosscheck of tower placements vs market sense and physics. Think more people, more money, more towers, more bars, etc., ...well mostly. Break the cycle chain and the system stops.
However at my home there's no decent cell tower coverage by ANY provider to begin with. My job has me buried and signal blocked under stories of concrete and re-barb most of my day. But I have access to high speed WiFi at both places. So only T-Mobile made plain sense, also coming off a Sprint contract no less. So while everyone else either drops calls or goes to the surface for any bars at all, I can still live my FULL mobile life. Too bad other carriers don't appreciate THAT.

Very satisfied with Verizon! Always have coverage anywhere I travel (in the U.S.), even LTE in areas I wouldn't expect it. On top of that, still have grandfathered unlimited data and a good employee discount for a low monthly bill. I'd be crazy to consider any other carrier! :D

I actually read all the comments so that I could honestly say I am in a unique position, at least among AC commenters.

I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't get a choice in cellular providers. It's either U.S. Cellular, or your phone might as well be a small tablet until you get into town. If you pull Verizon Guy with the "Can you hear me now?" a local is likely to ask you, "You don't have U.S. Cellular, do you?" followed by a disapproving cluck of the tongue that says you're an idiot.

But U.S. Cellular is not cheap. $85 a month gets me unlimited SMS/MMS, 5GB of data (3MBit LTE or 1MBit 3G), and more voice minutes than I'll ever use, plus a ton of limitations that keep most of them free anyway, such as mobile to mobile, nights beginning at 7pm, etc. And of course I get a subsidized phone every 18 months.

Oh, and I get free roaming on Verizon and Sprint, except I only get 200MB of roaming 3G a month (no national LTE); after that it goes down to 1X or EDGE or whatever you call it.

Funny that someone said in California all their friends borrow their Verizon phone. I have a funny story about that. My wife and I were visiting my mother in CA. She drove us into the valley east of San Francisco to see family. Her Verizon phone completely lost signal about an hour out of the City (SF). Wife and I check, we both have 5 bars! So she asks us, how do your phones get signal? Aliens or something? You know, because she thought Verizon was like, all there was or something. I can only guess we were in a Sprint area. So that was funny.

I'd like to go to Sprint or T-Mobile, but the fact is, they just don't have towers in NC where we live. These smaller companies talk about their radical ideas and whatnot, and that's all well and good, but they don't actually have coverage, outside the big cities or away from the interstate. So I just feel bad for Sprint and T-Mobile customers. Yeah, your phone works in New York City, but what happens if you break down in the middle of nowhere? Do you carry a regular cell phone on a better network or is that fancy HD smartphone really all you have? Because I justify what I pay a month for a cell phone based on them being for emergencies. I wouldn't pay what I pay for my phone for a phone that only works in big cities. That's nuts. That's a luxury. That's Apple mentality.

Wow, 85dollars in a month!? I pay around 100-150 dollars a year for my phone bills (calls, sms, 3g), living in Europe. I dont talk much on the phone but still enough. If I was a heavy speaker, installed the phone on my ear, with unlimited calling, sms and 3g that would cost me around 25 dollars a month, with 4g it would be around 30dollars. (24 months contract and without that two year contract it would around 5doll rs more in a month.)

85dollars! You must be kidding or the company is making fool of you guys...

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Reading comments and feeling lucky.... unlimited 3g free, but only 0,5mb because having a cable connection from the same company (35 euros / month). Well I dont need more speed to read news, mails, skype etc on the road. When Im doing more, im connected to wifi. However that free benefit is ending, unfortunately, and I need to choose whether I want to keep it and pay 5euros for that or pay more to get more speed... or I just checked other company and saw that they have unlimited free but it is only 256kb and it is abit too slow nowadays but enough for mails etc...

But looking those prizes what you pay in us, those are totally outrageous...

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Very satisfied, but then I live in the Disunited States of Europe where mobile service operators don't operate a cartel.

I have been a verizon customer for 12 years and have never been disappointed with call quality, but they need to get with the times and be more competitive with pricing or I may be looking elsewhere soon and deal with less call quality on phone calls I barely make these days.

Perfectly fine here on Bell Mobility in Canada. Having a full signal everywhere I go, on blazing fast AWS LTE.

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