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Let's see the best pictures of food you can take.

We're going to keep up the pace with our weekly photo contests, because we want as many people as possible to get out there and take some great photos.

This week's topic is a broad one — "food". Now don't think that this ties you down to just taking pictures of what's on the plate in front of you (no matter how delicious that burger may look). There are so many ways to have a picture represent the word "food", so let's try and think outside of the box this week. We're looking forward to seeing your submissions.

The prize is quite a big deal as well....

The lucky winner this week will get their hands on an NVIDIA Shield handheld game console.

Entering is easy. Just drop your entry in a post below. Tell us what Android you used to get the picture, and any back story you want to add to it. We'll pick a winner Tuesday (August 13) night at 11:59 PM ET, and announce them on the blog with next Wednesday's contest.

Enter this week's photo contest

  • Pictures must be taken with an Android device
  • Pictures must be uploaded to the contest thread. I'm not running all over the Internet to track them down.
  • You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine -- this is art.
  • You must have used a valid email address to register here at AC, so I know how to contact the winner.
  • Only one entry per week per person.

Good luck, everyone!

Last week's winner was rvilhena, who showed off this great black and white picture of bridge traffic.

Android Central

We love the framing and focus on the sky, and the lack of color just puts it over the top. Thanks for entering, and we have an iStabilizer Flex phone tripod and holder on its way to you now!

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jman7678 says:

So you've already picked a winner yesterday (Aug 6) for this weeks contest?

BazingaMeow says:


jman7678 says:

I did, it was updated.

mcgowan398 says:

That Hamburger looks good


When I first saw that picture I thought that burger looks disgusting, I now think it's looking really tasty. Either I need to turn off this computer or order a takeaway.

Now where did I leave my phone....

Gekko says:

LazyEvul says:

Food? Instagram is going to have a field day!

Gator352 says:

My cholesterol just spiked looking at that.......

GalaxyDEV says:

Lobster used in my uncle's proposal on the mexican beach of Puerto Vallarta, Galaxy S3.

Gekko says:

do i see some roast beef?

coolbreeze78 says:

This chick had legs that wouldn't quit.

Taken in Portland, OR with my Galaxy Nexus (I believe - it was in 2010). I only use Android devices, so it was Android for sure.

Gekko says:

FRANK: What is this thing anyway?

MRS. ROSS: It's Cornish gamehen.

FRANK: What is that, like a little chicken?

vcrimson says:

this was shot with my Razr Maxx....

ak110707 says:

Does beer count as food?

Gekko says:

only if it's Guinness!

ak110707 says:

Guess I'm buying Guinness tomorrow! Maybe put the growler somewhere in the pic.

Coolnee says:

Eggplant parm. Made from scratch for dinner that I made!! Woot woot! Tasted really well according to my wife. Taken with my HTC One and shared through my Instagram.

the1m.polo says:

Pita Jungle - Chipotle Pizza using my Galaxy note2 via instagram

Posted via Android Central App

cegc135 says:

Dat burger! Looks soooo good!

toddjy says:

I wonder how many pictures of road kill on a bun they'll get. I assume such pictures will be automatically disqualified.

WoodlandSoft says:

#PersonalFoodie ;)

butane87 says:

Was this photo taken @ Burgerhaus? Only place I've seen with those baskets.

NayLoMo6C says:

Used HTC One to take photo and edited with Snapseed app

NayLoMo6C says:

BTW, this is at Ramen Dojo in San Mateo CA. must try!!!

NayLoMo6C says:

Posted via Android Central App

Amski89 says:

This is with my Galaxy Nexus using Photoshop Mobile to adjust the exposure.

What you see is me getting ready to smoke mushrooms with skewered garlic wrapped in bacon, jalapeños stuffed with cheddar and bacon, and finally rolled up sausage stuffed with habenaro and mozzarella.

mrkaos says:

is the picture in the article from tir na nog in philly? looks exactly how they serve.

jimbo says:

Too bad AC's mobile Website does not accommodate a method for attaching photos on a smartphone. Hence all the above posts by people who cannot possibly follow the rules.

What? Transfer a photo from phone to computer then post on Android Central from my Windows computer.

I give up since I have never received a response as to how to attach a photo using a smartphone.

BTW all your links above are ineligible.

Enjoy your wasted efforts.

In fact I always have to switch from
wife to cellular data just too post text even though I'm signed in.

Don't have this issue with other sites. AC programmers... hah!

bbooshay says:

i actually hit that "request desktop version" of the site button from the chrome browser and had no problem figuring out how to attach a photo from my mobile phone.

jimbo says:

Of course edituing ones posts doesn't work either.
AC programmers... easy job. Party on.

jimbo says:

Seems the lack of being able to edit posts from an Android phone has elicited no response for over a month.

Use your Windows on computer to attach or edit on ANDROID CENTRAL. Crazy or lazy or inept?

No response or solution expected.

Ruchelli says:

Haha....... we must have posted at the same time. Obviously, had I read your post, I would not have written mine. I would not have taken your tone, but you do have a huge fucking point! Here's hopeing they get back to us.

How do we post pictures from our ANDROID phones? Just wondering as no one has been able to do it. Thanks guys.

Posted via Android Central App

Ruchelli says:

Ugh.... maybe just dumb. Somebody help me. Have an sgs3 and would like to share three pics from my photo gallery. Pre.... prep... and done. Help. Thanks guys.

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Coolaaron88 says:

Here is lunch at a local place in Las Vegas called the Culinary Dropout. Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. Taken with the AT&T Galaxy S4

chefcuervo says:

Pesto Lamb chops and "Papas Bravas" (Spicy Potatoes)with caramelized onions. Nexus 4 using nexus 4 edit options. Made it myself

elcano says:

I tried using Chrome, Dolphin Browser (user agent Desktop) anx Firefox (with Flash). Thd last two on thd desktop version of your site. I never found an Upload or Attach option next to the comments box.
Don't you think think that you should stop requestion uploads in contests until your website supports the platform that you are lovingly promotiing? Maybe if I try from iOS it works. After all, for Mobile Nations Android is just one of many platforms that they rally on.

elcano says:

BTW, no Edit option either. Sorry for the typos.
Poorer feature set if you use Android...this is moronic.

dabaum says:

I was able to add a picture from my Note 2. When I clicked the link to enter the contest it automatically took me to the full Android Central website. Then I hit reply to thread. Lower right corner is an option "go advanced". Scroll down to additional options and click on manage attachments then in the upper right corner is "add files". Took me a bit to figure it out as I wanted to enter but I'm nowhere near a pc. I do agree there should be an easier way for Android users to use Android Central.

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Ruchelli says:

Ahhh..... to complicated. Thanks though.

Posted via Android Central App

Eldwafio says: was meant to be Bolognase but it disappeared from my bowl :-( to tart it up a little, I used one of the filters (Seattle I think?) On my HTC One

Posted via Android Central App

My lunch today. Crispy pork belly with cabbage, papaya, chilis, green beans, all with a sunny side fried egg on top. "Where is this from?", you might ask. From the Andrew Zimmern Canteen food truck downtown Minneapolis. Amazing. The pic was taken with my S4 and then edited with Picq and Instagram.

salami2000 says:

I took this with my galaxy s4 and added a filter that darkens the sides and corners of the picture

legolaszor says: This is a chicken salad with some bacon and cheese covered with some BBQ sauce i took the pic with my samsung galaxy note 2. I was eating with my Girlfriend on TNT. It's like a hard rock cafe.

Would RSS feed count? ._o

Mt. Bakery cafe -- Bellingham's Best Benedict (served on Belgian waffle!)
shot with HTC Rezound

monci85 says:

devilled chicken to Italian, with chili moruga scorpion

rey4Christ says:

Pasta Primavera With Shrimp.

Used a Samsung S3 and google Plus editing

ejcsanfran says:

La Mission, SF.

Taken with Galaxy S2.

nfs3freak says:

Just a simple Bacon Cheeseburger without onions from Astro Burger since I haven't learned how to cook (aka I'm too lazy to buy groceries).

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 with instagram.

Rehan Ah says:

Snacks made by my Mom! (Nobody can do it better than her <3!)

Taken with a Sony Tablet S.

(Sorry but I couldn't find an option to upload it on Android Central, even on my PC!)

Aoa Bobo says:

use LG Optimus L7

Mother is especially impressed with this sweet dim sum. She's not ready to eat it until I took a photo of it first...

icu says:
Cedar plank salmon 4 ways
Shot with Galaxy Nexus.
Tweaked with with PicSay Pro.

PitifulPyro says:

Good old fashioned home made Sarma.
Taken with a HTC Desire C.

akhobbes says:

Best clam chowder I ever had! Courtesy of Hog Island Oyster Co in Napa while on our honeymoon.

Used my trusty HTC One.

Bowl of breakfast melon with sprig of mint from The Yellow House Bed and Breakfast, Salado, Texas.

Taken with my HTC One.

"Never eat the motel food"
(Galaxy S3, no processing, no filters)

 photo 20130807_204736.jpg

andnej says:

Tabushi ramen, no 1 ramen in Tokyo and also in Jakarta.

Photo taken using jiayu g3s

tabushi ramen