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Some serious prizes await two lucky picture takers this week

We've been getting back into our weekly photo contests, and we're hoping to get even more people involved with a special edition three week long contest this time.

The topic this week is a very fitting one — "back to school". The middle of August is the time when kids are getting ready to head back to grade school, teenagers are heading to high school or college and even adults are getting ready for education be it for themselves or for their children. It's a fun time for some and a not-so-fun time for others, but one thing is certain there are many pictures to be had that can express what "back to school" means to you.

As we teased before, this week's contest has some seriously big prizes to it.

We have two Chromebook Pixel laptops and one of each Google Play edition device, a Galaxy S4 and an HTC One to give away. Two lucky winners from this contest will walk away with both a Pixel and a Google Play edition phone.

We're also giving you more time to enter, given the huge prizes.

Entering is easy. Just drop your entry in a post below. Tell us what Android you used to get the picture, and any back story you want to add to it. We'll pick a winner in three weeks, Tuesday (September 10) night at 11:59 PM ET, and announce them on the blog with next Wednesday's contest.

Enter this week's photo contest

  • Pictures must be taken with an Android device
  • Pictures must be uploaded to the contest thread. I'm not running all over the Internet to track them down.
  • You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine — this is art.
  • You must have used a valid email address to register here at AC, so I know how to contact the winner.
  • Only one entry per contest per person.

Good luck, everyone!

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Is the contest only open to residents of the US, or do Canadians qualify as well?

ameadows252 says:

Eeep! I've been dying to get a Chromebook, winning this would be swell. Time to snap a photo!

descalera181 says:


Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S II. No enhancements

pmcizhere says:


Oh man, you dragged and dropped, huh? XD

ryanlc says:

LOL, I'm thinking that's NOT what was meant when he said he didn't want to go looking all over the web for your photo. It's right there, on your computer!

bcbenton says:

Will the winner be picked at random or are their criteria for a winning pic?

keniisixx says:

I can't wait to get this little guy back to day care.

Taken with HTC one international Google edition rom front facing camera.

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Is the competition international??

Posted via Android Central App

After clicking that pic, can we also edit that picture on the phone or that's not allowed?

Posted via Android Central App in HTC One GE

Cheetah23 says:

Ummm...right from the contest rules in the description:

"You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine — this is art."

Taken with an unlocked AT&T Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile, running CM-10.2-20130819 nightly.

Used Cyanogenmod's new "Focal" camera app to take a quick of the first "back to school" topic that popped into my head: an in-browser pic of a recent NYTimes article on how even (some) masters degrees are now attainable via online courses from reputable schools.

(ran it through a couple filters in the stock Gallery app to vignette, and add a rough border)

i know, u dont.. Lol, epic
I spend a lot for school this year :o
I used sony xperia tipo

Trey Cisco says:

Taken with my LG Nexus 4. Slight tweaks using stock editing. Photo is of my puppy Khaleesi who recently graduated from puppy class!

jsmuli2 says:

POsted to the forum!!

This is huge... will be uploading soon

It is slightly confusing in the article because it says "Just drop your entry in a post below".
That isn't referring to the comment section but rather the forum post that is the link with the title:

Enter this week's photo contest

Hah. Yeah. Easy to miss.
(Debating creating YetAnotherForum account just to enter a contest. I love the easier disqus openid logins for commenting...)

Turns out you don't have to create YetAnotherAccount. They're already linked.

Tough to hold hands much more than we do :P . The giant "Enter this week's photo contest" link is pretty easy to find.

Oh I know... But for some people teh internetz is hard


TheCube says:

Is editing restricted to your phone also? I'm probably going to do some stuff on GIMP...

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tamirda says:

Same day - every day! :'(

Waking up - going to school - listening to borings teachers - doing homework - playing on the computer, surfing for android news (specially in , answer to questions on my rom at XDA - counting the days till the next vacation - going to sleep .

Taken with HTC Desire HD.
Made with Samsung Galaxy Note II S Note Features.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

I hope I win it!

eszklar says:

TCD says:

"Pushing Through" is my own title for this photo taken near Campo, California. One need not look hard to see the face in the rocks that the picture is named for.

Photo was taken with my Samsung S3 phone at through the windshield of our rental car at approximately 55 mph. Only edit was to rotate the photo 180 degrees.

"don't have permission to view this file"

TCD says:

"Pushing Through" is my own title for this photo taken near Campo, California. One need not look hard to see the face in the rocks that the picture is named for.

Photo was taken with my Samsung S3 phone through the windshield of our rental car at approximately 55 mph. Only edit was to rotate the photo 180 degrees.

Kadeemhunt says:

Taken from a Verizon galaxy nexus no editing

docangle1 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Still from Video - Riding a Mechanical Bull Wearing a Pirate School T-Shirt(Pirate + Ship = Treasure)

mark XIII says:

Is instagram allowed?
Beautiful sunset of Belgrade.
Galaxy nexus, sutro effect

TCD says:

Apologies for my double post earlier, not sure how that worked out...

askingandre says:

going to miss this little guy while im gone to school. he was born exactly one month after my 16th birthday. still remember seeing him for the first time.

www . dropbox . com/s/7x72hm02gpoy5q1/tumblr_lp4olx8o721qe0z9ko1_1280 . jpg

taken on Eviant tablet

cropped to just have our faces

sorry about the link i kept getting a spam message

sholzer says:

I need a phone so razr maxx is sooooo on its last leg!!!

Taken with my OLDDDDDD razr maxx!

fcp078 says:

Does doggy daycare count?
https: //dl. dropboxusercontent. com/u/22528230/IMG_20130818_152837. jpg (Getting spam message)
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

Goofypook says:

My Daughters friends are headed back to school and they have two words for them....HA HA!!

Taken with Samsung Galaxy S4-At 5am so I wouldnt wake them lol

On the article page it says one entry per person per contest, on the actual contest thread page it says one entry per person per week... which rule is the accurate one? Don't want to disqualify myself ;)

drmaf894c says:

I agree it does say that... Which is it did any one hear? One picture each only or one per week?

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Taken with HTC sensation xe
Stock Editing Software

My concept is about the point of view from the first day of school that you need to wake up in the morning take a shower and do many thing in a hurry

p.s. sorry for my grammar

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wyseguy77 says:

My wife told me to pack my daughters lunch for her first day of school, which is fine except that the Dodgers were playing. Enjoy honey! Taken with my stock GS4 camera.

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Lynx5217 says:

I've been procrastinating for so long I sort of forgot about my summer homework, so I'd like to call this one "Procrastination". Taken with the stock GS4 Camera in the best shot setting.

Wow people. You have to upload the photo to the AC FORUM, not to this post.

john richter says:

This is "goodbye" to long summer days..

Shot with my HTC One, edited with snapseed

ne0ne says:

Can you change your entry before the end of the contest?

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jmartells says:

Used with my vintage HTC Desire :P
Filtered with instagram
And the picture is just me with my friend captain before I head back to college lol

Oh yes!

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My niece on her first day of school
ZTE blade

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themuffinman says:

Taken with my HTC One from the parking lot of one of my nieces school. He was about 4 feet long.

dugzor says:

"Knowledge Awaits"
Taken with Nexus 7, edited in Snapseed.
(I know, shooting with a tablet is taboo, but my phone was dead at the time.)

mkelleygcsi says:

Who says the Galaxy Nexus cannot take a nice photo.

logan_jinx says:

Here at Texas A&M University, we have a proud tradition of placing pennies at the feet of the statue of former Governor of Texas and President of A&M, Lawrence Sullivan "Sully" Ross. We place the pennies there as a token of good luck before an exam.

Can't wait for this fall semester to begin!

Galaxy S4

dadathepanda says:

Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S3. Ready for school!!!

Pic taken with SG3

Santi Abbate says:

Hi there, took this one with my Nexus 4 on a nice snowboarding day.

From Bariloche, Argentina.

MRWOLF6969 says:

So the ac chat app and tapatalk are both locked for this contest so I guess im out since the pic is on the phone and I have no idea on how to use url as its on my phone not in cloud storage.

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Nexus 7 taken with my galaxy s3.

ready or not, school here I come!

AstroValia says:

Taken with my LG Optimus Elite.
Last family trip of the summer.

dewoin33 says:

She was so ready for school that she could not stop smiling!

Taken with my HTC One

jokeyhaha says:

My then 8th grader last year (we haven't started back yet this year) got bored of me taking pictures. Taken with a HTC Droid Incredible2.

banesfist says:

My life as I know it is now over...
Taken with my Galaxy S3

dharmik28 says: clicked by Intel xolo x900(stock clicked 8MP No editing) this books are with me since my school days and always remind me to study hard :-)

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Chex313 says:

Taken with a Google Galaxy Nexus

Pedro Campo says:

Taken with HTC One X, this was my gift to my little brother and sister two laptops! My old ones, now in the market for an upgrade and a change of OS going back to school. Maybe ChromeOS.

Riyanna_Me says:

Taken with a samsung Galaxy S2. me and my little sister trying to make bad times good because school ended. :):):(

Riyanna_Me says:

Taken with a samsung Galaxy S2. me and my little sister trying to make bad times good because school ended. :):):(

MiguelZarz says:

Saw this beast at the store the other day and just had to take a picture. Taken with my HTC One, no editing needed

MiguelZarz says:

Saw this beast at the store the other day and just had to take a picture. Taken with my HTC One, no editing needed

Chris Raz says:

Wanted to get kind of an ominous army of buses coming to enslave the kids. All the buses where fenced off and surrounded by trees so the composition suffered but i'm a fan of the fence and barbed wire adding to the prison vibe. Taken with my HTC One and tweaked with Snapseed.

Last fishing trip before school went back in!!! Kolob Reservoir in Southern Utah!

Shot with LG Lucid, Edited with Picshop app. Hope you like it!

LucaNestani says:
Sad school days on the great horizon of the holidays.

Taken with Galaxy S3, no editing.

FALI01 says:

The office in all it's glory. Taken with my Nexus 4.

TheWuternal says:

2 miles and a separated right shoulder later I lost my last flag, hence the "Infected" medal. Still, I had fun. The photo was taken with a Galaxy S3.

nvrl8nfntyg8 says:

Chemically inclined studies. Taken from Samsung GS3.

cyanoid says: <

The photo was taken from a motorola razr d1
Drawn with the camera of your own original android
Android 4.1.2

It was taken in my class, following the theme, then good luck to all ...

-iago :)

kunal#AC says:

My Niece's first day to school. Does she look nervous? The guy behind the camera was.

Taken from Galaxy S2

Victor Botas says: - Little guy looking for the best pencil/crayon/pen/marker.

Taken with HTC ONE X , running ARHD 31.1 ROM, Android 4.2.2.

Chex313 says:

Taken with GNexus.

momcat1 says:

My butteryfly garden.
Taken with my Samsung GNexus

I'm all stocked up and ready to go:

Taken with Nexus 4, edited with stock camera editing software

Besjan Malaj says:

Taken while sunning this summer, with my HTC One S and edited with Instagram ;)

rajeshmcashc says:

Nexus 4, GOA swimming pool, "A Photo Editor" app. Here is the link

bengyg says:

Stock Rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus, No editing, Sunset at the University of Maine at Orono:

bionics says:

With Stock Nexus 4 - Stock Camera App - no editing

HTC One with stock camera, no editting.

yoderz says:

Back to school to me means getting my classroom setup for my students. I moved into a new room at the beginning of the year so I essentially started from scratch. Once I had everything setup I snapped this using my Samsung Galaxy S3. I used the Samsung photo editor software to edit the brightness and contrast. 31 second graders started last week. Glad I survived. :)

charles peat says:

Taken with Google Nexus 7 & tinted using the new photo editing on 4.3 Jelly Bean

mohnja says:

This one needs a little explanation, in Australia we have a kid's show called Play School. Our 1.5 year old calls it "School", and she thinks that it means just any TV show (or screen). So, we are pretty much setting her up to be bitterly dissapointed in a few years when she finds out exactly what "school" really is!!!

Nexus 4 with Camera ZOOM

Back to school means a 9 mile commute back and forth everyday for me.

Taken with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, edited with Snapseed

sacz says:

Something's cooking after schooling...

with my precioussss- galaxy nexus... long back

sumner929 says:

Back to school means I get to be here (see pic) while my son is at school.

Taken with DNA. Unedited.

5ive12 says:

Taken with my White Galaxy Nexus :D
no fancy software, just stock android camera app and a bit of photography skill to put in the bokeh effect. :)

Nothing more than sitting in a classroom reminds me of back to school. lol
Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

Who was the winner by the way?

How do we find out who are the winners.

What happened to the contest?

Chris Raz says:

Did you guys announce the winners yet?

coolsomemury says:

What about winners?

cyanoid says:
não foi dessa vez e não tenho a miníma ideia sobre algo relacionado á esportes.