Think about the times you've been away from home, and needed to find the closest place to get your medicine? For most of us, one thing all those times had in common is that there's an Android phone in our pocket or purse, ready and waiting to guide us on our way. WeedMaps for Android would have helped during those times. For everyone not familiar, WeedMaps is a website dedicated to getting those in need to a place where they can get what they need.

Yes, we're talking about pot. We're not going to rehash (heh) the subject of whether or not it should be legal, nor are we going to debate its medicinal value. People in suits were voted into office by people like you and me, and they get paid to do all that nonsense. It's in the Market, dammit, and so you can use Android to find some cheeba.

So anyway, WeedMaps has a website to direct you to legal marijuana dispensaries in places where marijuana dispensaries are legal. Like any website and community worth their salt, they created a mobile app. A pretty good one. Fire up (sorry, I'll stop) WeedMaps and you'll see a menu, with easy to read icons that direct you to things like places nearby to get hooked-up, a registry of doctors to help get you legal, a community board where you can share thoughts on the different types of medicine available, a series of videos, even a coupon area where you can save a few bucks. Who doesn't wanna save a couple dollars?

Navigating the app is easy enough. It ties into the native map client to show you where the dispensaries are, gives you turn by turn directions to get to them, and even presents you with a page showing what's on the menu complete with pricing. It's like Yelp!, except it's for herb. You can leave reviews, rate the shops, and even bookmark the ones you like best. For now, the Freebies section on Android isn't working, but the developers are aware and we should see it soon. If you happen to live where a bag of green is legal, give WeedMaps a try next time you're going shopping.  It's free in the Market. Some screencaps and a download link follow.


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Why an I not surprised that Jerry was the one that posted this?

benthe1 says:

Because he's a Stoner! Haha.

icebike says:

We're not going to rehash (heh)

Had to LOL there Jerry.

Wicell says:

I always forget to check the author of the post, but I could tell by the wittiness it was Jerry.

This app should be talked about briefly in the podcast, I'd love to hear more puns! :-D

mhans311 says:

Wait a minute...why wouldn't cops just use this to bust people? I don't think I'd want to be included in this app if I were dealing.

WindRunner says:

This is only legal locations, in states/provinces where it's legal.

tdizzel says:

If you actually read the article you'd know the answer to that.

Ahhh literacy, how I miss you so

Droid Brick says:

Nice Bob Dylan plug, Jerry! 12x35? Harhar

slayerpsp says:

Damn were i live there are more weed stores then 7-11s still cheaper to buy from your local drug dealer though just not as much choice ha ha

xesso says:

I wish people were dumb enough to advertise on an app where they were selling illegal drugs..... it would make my job a lot easier... lol

fldude99 says:

The app points to LEGAL dispensaries..and btw wbat kknd of job is your job?

wpavlik2 says:

I think he's in the public safety business...

biggy813 says:

Weed is great :-)

wdfalco says:

They should make and app like this one letting you know where N/A metting groups are located

ScottJ says:

Pot consumption should be safe, legal, and rare.

I've never done it. I'm never going to do it. I think it should be 100% legal. I also think potheads are losers.

fldude99 says:

Methinks you protest too much..if the shoe fits...

opec says:

I already used the app last weekend. It works great, and it's basically a yelp clone for the info on the web version. It's funny, because I randomly checked to see if there was an app, and it had just come out.

mackydee1977 says:

As this particular herb is not totally legal in the UK, Do any of these herbal medicine places ship internationally??? heh