Android at the Apple Store

But if we did, we'd probably use a picture of a Droid Incredible, cause you know they don't get the love they deserve. Video after the break. [via Android Central Forums]


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We would never, ever do this ...


I like how he commented that he can't figure out the Macbook Pro because it has no buttons. It's a touchpad. The whole thing is a lots of buttons lol

As for the actual prank, it's not very clever. My brother works in an Apple retail store and mentioned to me once that those floor units are reset and wiped every night and that so many people play with them and change the settings that usually stuff like this goes pretty unnoticed.

So congratulations for wasting enough time in the store to do this, only to have it forgotten moments later.

Also, I'm not sure who this would upset. I'm an Android user (now) and I use a Mac. Also, many of the Apple store employees have Android phones.

dude, no one cares about what your brother does. if you don't like the video then there is a simple solve for this. DON'T WATCH IT!! i mean we come on here to have a good time and sometimes clown on apple, get over it dude. you did nothing with that comment besides make you look like an absolute clown and an apple fanboy. so grow up, no one wants to hear you negativity.

what are you, 12? Oh I'm sorry that you disagree with me, but there's no need for namecalling. Also, my brother working at an Apple store wasn't anywhere near the core of the point I was making. Just anecdotal to support my claim.

This man was walking around like he was the smartest man on the planet because he changed some wallpapers and couldn't figure out how a multitouch trackpad works. My point was that this was an absolute waste of time and energy, as those units get played with so much that the wallpapers and styling settings change pretty much every few minutes.

I didn't say it wasn't mildly entertaining. I was saying it was pointless and hardly worth of the praise it's receiving, and pointing that the pranksters efforts were fruitless.

"Also, I'm not sure who this would upset."

Go to Engadget or similar sight and read the comment section on anything related to iPhone or Android. Yeah, those are the rabid, mongrel idiots this prank is meant to rile up. I love Android, but come on fanboys. To paraphrase Chuck P., you're not your mobile phone, you're not your MP3 player, and you're not your video game platform.

Edit: Or hey, just check out the comment above me. Remember kids, the answer to fanboyism is critical thinking. For the record though, I don't own any Apple products.

Well, according to Apple you are. Have you not seen their "I'm a PC, and I'm a Mac" commercials? Granted Microsoft does those now too, but the copied them after Apple had been running their adds for several months (if not a year).

I love both Apple and Android so this stuff is just retarded. BTW Apple uses a piece of software called Deep Freeze. A restart of the computer gets rid of everything and puts it back to the clean settings they like. The iPad's, iPod Touch's and iPhone's get restored from backup every night. Takes half a second and they are like new.

His girlfriend isn't much on technology. Seems the iPad was so intuitive, she didn't have a problem. :-)

well.. android and other phones can try all they want to, but lets face it no phone will never EVER beat i phone. I have android and i love it, but if iphone ever came to verizon youll see how many people drop android. Not me, only cause i like physical keyboard

I disagree...the only people who will go to the iPhone are people who will not mind it's limitations. And it has many many limitations, especially when it comes to customization (widgets, live wallpaper ect..). But also things like telling people they cant view flash sites.

Are there people who do not care that Supernanny Steve Jobs will dictate to them how they can hold their phone or what sites they can view? Oh yeah. But they will never be a majority. Thats why the iPhone will shrink into a niche product just like the Mac did. The only reason it has had the illusion of domination until now is because it hasn't had any competition till now. Allowing Verizon to carry the iPhone will not really change anything.

Thats def not true. I for one prefer android over apple software. Hell I prefer webOS over apple. Not bashing apple or their products, I just don't personally care for them. I LOVE my evo and I would not trade it in for an iphone. I have always just liked the idea of easily being able to customize my phone.

That was great advertising for the iPad and the iPhone. It demoed the smooth scrolling, the speediness of the iOS 4, and showed the ease of use. Those wallpaper changes were damn fast and easy! Is it the same on Android devices?

Actually yeah, it is. Better in fact, since android devices can use live wallpaper. Just using static wallpaper may be novel for iPhone/iPad users, but Android has had that for a very long time.

Also could not help but notice the lack of widgets on those devices. Icons are all Apple people get eh?

This is pretty funny but kind of obnoxious and not something I could ever condone. It is like spraying graffiti on someone's building. C'mon guys.

Funny for a few seconds, but then it became tasteless, especially when the you kid knocked over a iPhone and didn't even bother to pick it up. Unfortunately there's a lot of kids who haven't learned their manners...

i went into best buy a few weeks ago and changed the homepage on all of the macs and ipads to androidcentral

i win

HAHA!! I totally did that at my local store. Set a couple of them to the default homepage . I doubt this is anything new. As soon as best buy starts selling chrome OS netbooks and laptops, a bunch of them are going to be set to or

What is the point of all this??? Grow up, this site is downhill, this is defiantly not worthy of front page. Have some dignity for Gods sake. The front page is for news not some loser that has nothing better to do than set android wallpapers on devices he obviously cant afford. I agree with the above comment about ease of use. He said "my girlfriends not much on tech....." she sure as he'll got how to set those wallpapers quick. To the guy that thought it was good advertisement , yea Apple products have always had polish to them. Android is most of the time as quick, until it force closes on you.