A quick heads up for you Waze users — the traffic-mapping app just unleashed an update that syncs up with your calendar. It's optional — so if you prefer not to use it you can turn it off in the advanced settings. 

And update to the iPhone version is coming, Waze said. But for now, Android first!

Snag the update at the link above.

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Waze for Android now syncs with your calendar


I'm going to love this feature. I've got this thing where I have to put addresses in every appointment (where applicable) so I can get the "leave in 15 min" notification from Google Now. Being a "Royalty Wazer" it will work great!

Regardless of the feature how many people actually know what Google has done with waze since it was aquired? I would have expected them to merge their features and implement Google plus but instead they seem to have let it be for another day

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I just wish they would put the "vehicle stopped on shoulder" hazard as a quick button. Instead of having to make 4 taps to send it.

Great. Now can I login with my Google userid? Seriously, I'm sick of managing multiple ids across apps and it's kind of embarrassing that you can login with Facebook and not Google in Waze.

This. I have never used Waze. I just downloaded it and when I realized I needed to login with Facebook or a new login, I uninstalled it.

I managed to get it going without a login, but the map was pretty poor.. Embarrassing spelling errors that should have been caught with basic QA and roads missing. Hard to imagine it's a Google product.

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